Dan taught leaders of several local churches in Barbosa, Antioquia, Colombia last week. 
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Eight participants attended our first workshop in Barbosa, Colombia last week. All currently serve as leaders in three different local churches. One will become the new pastor of the church where we held our meetings. They ranged in age from twenty-eight to seventy years, and work in a variety of vocations: business owners, watchmen, a farmer, an engineering student and a church planter. Also, two students and a faculty member from the Latin American Reformed Seminary in the nearby city of Medellin joined us as our translators throughout the week.

Our topic was Knowing God: knowing him personally as he is revealed in Scripture, not merely knowing about him. Each day, we studied together, discussing the attributes of God and asking and answering many questions.

Below are some of the participants' comments at the conclusion of the workshop: 

"It's short and clear teaching, easy to memorize, easy to apply."

"The material puts things in the right place, it helps me see the differences between God and us, and it's good for discipling other people." 

"Knowing God gives me security and peace and motivates me to be diligent."

"The method of meeting in a small group helps us because many questions arise in our minds. Many passages are harder to understand, but by talking together in the group many things are clarified." 

"Studying the attributes of God fills us with joy and gives us an understanding of the purposes of God for our lives."

"I felt more confidence to share within a small group."

"I now have the assurance of the knowledge of God. It gives me peace, confidence and consolation."

"I have studied the Bible on my own, but doing so in a group helps me understand many things in my life that were hard to understand." 

"The workshop helped me understand many more things. I haven't even known what questions to ask till now. My mind is no longer full of doubt; it is clear now."

"We already know many things about God, but we have ignored many other things about him. Because of this teaching it is much easier to 'fall in love with God' now that I know him better. I can now see one God, all-wise, all powerful, yet loving and merciful - that blows my mind."

"I learned many things in these days, many verses that were hard to understand, it encourages me to study more."'

"This workshop has 'broken the model of this town' by opening it up to members of other churches. Up to now this kind of teaching has been closed to other churches." 

"I give thanks to God for sending people from other countries to teach and preach his word to us." 
On Tuesday, one of the participants (below) invited us to have lunch with him and his wife and her mother at their farmhouse located near the top of a mountain a short distance outside Barbosa. 
On Wednesday evening, we were invited to have dinner with one of the more elderly families of the church (top left below), and I was invited to preach for the church's mid-week prayer service with the help of an interpreter. 
Click the video above to hear congregational singing in Spanish. 
As the week drew to a close, I returned to the Latin American Reformed Seminary in Medellin with my student interpreters and was invited to preach for the Saturday evening devotional service. The seminary is four years old and is sponsored by Gospel Through Colombia, which currently provides most of the 34 students from Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala and Panama with full scholarships to be trained in Reformed theology, original languages and preaching in order to serve as the next generation of pastors in their countries. 

Volunteer instructors, including EPC Pastor Don Galardi, Richard Pratt of Third Millennium Ministries, and this week, Don Kistler of Timothy Two, as well as many others, teach week-long intensive courses scheduled by the seminary's interpreter. I may have the opportunity to teach a week-long course there sometime in the future as well.
With students and staff of the Latin American Reformed Seminary in Medellin, Colombia
Preaching at the Latin American Reformed Seminary in Medellin
(From left) Student translators Jose Guercia and Felix Cahuao, seminary translator Pablo Aguirre and workshop coordinator Alejandro Zapata in front of the host church 
Click the video above to hear the seminary students singing in morning worship

We are happy to report that Beth's hip-replacement surgery has been healing well the past eight months. We are hopeful that she will soon be able to accompany me on a future trip so that she can begin training women's and children's ministry leaders.

I am scheduled to share about our ministry with Timothy Two during morning worship at 10 a.m. this Sunday at Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC. 

Many thanks to those of you who provide continued encouragement, prayers or financial support to us. Our participation in this ministry would not be possible without your help.

If you would like to partner with us in this ministry by receiving our newsletter, praying for us, or donating to our ministry, click the link below for more information. 

In Christ, Dan and Beth


"And the things you heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."  2 Timothy 2:2
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