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Essential Oils - Wintergreen

In sports therapy we are not quite as relaxing as they are over in the Aromatherapy department.  But we do appreciate the benefits of essential oils.  Mike uses a special blend of oils that produce a muscle relaxing, pain reducing, restorative effect. 

Following on from last episode's article on AllSpice, another ingredient in Mike's 'secret' pain relieving combination is Wintergreen. 

It can b controversial and some 'experts' recommend avoiding it!.  However, a thorough reading of the research shows that it it is safe for the right people in the right doses. And it is highly effective!

Health Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil

Analgesic: I doubt that I need to introduce this property of Wintergreen essential oil to anyone, since it is one of the major properties for which it is known around the world. When rubbed on the affected area, this oil is readily absorbed through the skin and the presence of Menthyl Salicylate induces numbness and an anesthetic effect on the nerves there. It also increases circulation of the blood and brings warmth to the area. In this way, it fights pain.

Anodyne: This property means that an agent can eliminate pain and induce relaxation. Therefore, it is a combination of an analgesic and a relaxant. Wintergreen essential oil will eradicate pain and drive out stress and tension. This is a very pleasant way of getting a sound sleep at the end of the day for those who often lose sleep due to pain or stress.

Composition of Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen oil is mostly made up of methyl salicylate (85 to 99 percent), which accounts for almost all the healing and health-promoting properties of this essential oil. It also contains 3,7 guaiadiene, a-pinene, myrcene, delta 3-carene, limonene and delta-cadinene.


During the American Revolution, wintergreen leaves were used as a substitute for tea, which was scarce

In future letters I will describe the other contents in Mike’s Sports Therapy Oil. 

Beat The Price Rises.

After several years of steady prices, the prices have now had a small rise.  We did warn you!  But we wanted to give you one last chance - we're good like that! Anyone booking and paying before the end of August, and quoting this Newsletter, can book any treatment at the old prices.

Exciting New Service at Sports Relief Clinic in Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff.

We are very proud to announce a new service in Mike's Cardiff practice - individualised Fat-Loss Nutritional Coaching.  Based on the concepts of Metabolic Fitness - that ensures you are moving and eating to optimise your body's hormones - you will be talked through up to 5 sessions of expert fitness and nutritional counseling.

If weight-loss classes have not worked for you, and you wondered what was missing (after all you could weight yourself at home for free, right?) , well here;'s what's missing. 

Sound professional, individual practical techniques and coping strategies to deal with conflicting emotions.

Your first consultation is just a chat where we asses the programme's suitability for you - and vice versa! - before you decide if you want to commit to the full benefits.

Reply to this e mail to ask me any questions.

New Year's Resolutions.

Why are we talking about this in August?  Why not!  They should last the whole year, shouldn't they?  How are yours going?

Now we're 8 months in, are yours lasing well or did you sack them in March?  Have a serious think about it.

Maybe you've promised yourself  some serious fitness or nutritional changes.  How's it working out for you so far?  Do you need some professional advise just to get those strategies back on track?

If so you know where to come!  Yours truly may just be able to you with that sort of thing!  He has plenty of experience in that area, you know?

If all that seems a bit too ambitious, there are other ways of being nice to your body.  For example, you could treat yourself to an invigorating deep tissue massage to help with all those aches and pains that we all seem to get these days. 

Special Offers.

Also check out the Special Offers page here.

Don't forget about our Gift Vouchers.  You can buy any quantity you want and we can send then electronically if you prefer. See our prices page for ideas. 
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