August 2020

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Welcome to the September edition of HPSC Monthly. Are you a contractor participating in the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate programs? The HPSC recently uploaded key contractor information in a recorded webinar format that details the offers for Air Source Heat Pumps. This comprehensive recording provides an overview of everything you as a contractor need to know about the program. This is the first in a series – so check it out and stay tuned!

Advancing Home Performance Opportunities in BC.


Fall Webinar Sessions for Contractors

The HPSC is pleased to announce our latest webinar sessions for contractors interested in learning more about digital marketing and quality management strategies for your business. This fall, we’re excited to bring two leading presenters from the United States to share their home performance industry experiences with our contractor network. Please join us for these FREE industry development webinars to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of your home performance competition. The HPSC appreciates the ongoing collaboration and support for these sessions provided by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, BC Hydro and FortisBC. 

Digital Marketing – Strategies for Contractors

Developing and utilizing a complete digital marketing tool kit is essential for contractors looking to build a successful business in home performance. During this one-hour session, contractors will learn about the innovations and changes in online marketing and social media, and the ways that you can leverage your digital marketing strategy to remain competitive within your market and among local competitors. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Benefits of a strong website and how an effective website can elevate your business and online presence. 
  • Leverage the latest digital marketing intelligence to improve your lead generation in the home performance industry. 
  • How you can best employ online strategies and tactics to drive lead generation in uncertain times with COVID-19. 

Date & Time: 

  • Thursday, October 15th from 8AM to 9AM  

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Quality Management – Leadership & The Way to Success 

Leadership presents a profound approach for lasting change. Leadership skills will maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your company. This session will present the difference between management and leadership. Both are sorely needed, managers we have, leaders are far and few. Lucky are the rare who have or are a leader/manager.  Anyone can be a leader. Leaders are attending this session. You might be one. One who burns inside to help positive change. This session is for you. This session is about how to sharpen the axe of leadership.   

Learning Objectives:  

  • Learn the difference between leadership and management. 
  • Learn how leadership and culture are linked. 
  • Learn what motivates true change. 

Date & Time: 

  • Tuesday, November 17th from 8AM to 9AM 

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Our Speaker

John Tooley (Owner, John Tooley, LLC)

John is one of the most exciting, humorous, and enlightening presenters in the home performance industry. John started building houses in 1979 and by 1982 had begun to diagnosis and retrofitting homes across the United States.  He was inducted into the Building Performance Institute's Hall of Fame for lifetime commitment and dedication to the Home Performance Industry and was the 2013 recipient of the Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry. 


Home Renovation Rebate & CleanBC Better Homes Program Update     
New Heat Pump Rebate Requirement

Starting October 1, 2020, heat pumps must be installed in accordance with the Heat Pump Best Practices Installation Guide for Existing Homes  to be eligible for rebates. The Heat Pump Best Practices Installation Guide provides guidance on the key steps involved in designing, installing and maintaining a heat pump system. The guide outlines common challenges encountered by heat pump contractors during installation and suggested solutions. 

After October 1, 2020, heat pumps not installed in accordance with the Heat Pumps Best Practices Installation Guide will not be eligible for a Home Renovation Rebate Program and CleanBC Better Homes rebate. 

 All current rebate requirements remain unchanged, including: 

  • Must be installed by a licensed contractor with a valid BC business license for the trade applicable to the installation work.
  • Must have a residential utility account with FortisBC, BC Hydro, or a municipal utility.
  • Must be installed in an eligible home i.e. single-family dwelling, duplex, side-by-side row or townhome, or mobile home on permanent foundation.
  • Heat pump must be found on the Heat Pump Qualifying Product List.
  • Heat pump must serve as the primary heating system for the home.

Heat Pump Best Practices Installation Guide for Existing Homes can be downloaded from the Home Performance Stakeholder Council (HPSC) website.

Watch a recorded webinar to familiarize yourself with the guide

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council hosted four (4) webinars between December 2019 and May 2020 to introduce the Guide to industry. Watch a previously recorded webinar.  

Download your copy of the guide today!



FortisBC Appliance Maintenance Program 

FortisBC is excited to announce the return of the Appliance Maintenance Program for 2020, which includes an increase to the furnace and boiler service rebate from $25 to $50!

Key program details include the following:

  • Valid for services performed between September 1, 2020 and November 30, 2020.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than December 7, 2020.
  • Only valid for residential homes with a FortisBC natural gas account.
  • Strata accounts and commercial properties are not eligible.
  • Customers will receive their rebate as a bill credit.

Rebate details:

  • Furnaces or boilers - $50 rebate
  • Fireplaces - $25 rebate
  • Tankless water heaters - $50 rebate

Note: only one rebate per dwelling for each of furnace/boiler and tankless water heater. Maximum two rebates per dwelling for fireplaces.

For more information including eligibility and exclusions visit:


Stay up-to-date on the Home Renovation Rebate Program and CleanBC Better Homes rebates

Always be sure to frequently check the following webpages to stay current on the latest program requirements. Your customers will appreciate your knowledge!

BC Hydro rebates:

FortisBC rebates:

CleanBC Better Homes rebates:


As a reminder, please be sure to check with the training provider to confirm
upcoming in-person sessions and potential scheduling changes.
For additional information about any of the following please visit Training & Events

HRAI and FortisBC’s BUILTbetter program 
Online | Fall 2020

FortisBC has been working with HRAI to offer some of their online courses at a highly subsidized rate. This offer is open to anyone in BC, and you are encouraged you to share this offer with any of your contacts that you think may be interested. 

The courses listed below are the courses that are eligible for a 80% reduced price – on behalf of FortisBC’s BUILTbetter program! There are residential & small commercial offerings.

  • Intro to Residential Equipment (1 day course at regular rate $475 or subsidized rate of  $95.00 + GST)
  • Basic Principles of Residential Ventilation (an Online Module and prerequisite for the Ventilation course at regular rate of $79 or subsidized rate of $15.80 + GST)
  • Residential Ventilation using Section 9.32 of the Building Code - BCBC Version (2-day course at regular rate of $845 or subsidized rate of $169.00 + GST)
  • Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations (4-day course at regular rate $1,215 or subsidized rate of $243.00 + GST)
  • Residential Air System Design (4-day course at regular rate $1,215 or subsidized rate of $243.00 + GST)
  • Residential Radiant Hydronics Design (4-day course at regular rate $1,215 or subsidized rate of $243.00 + GST)
  • Residential Commissioning (2-day course at regular rate of $845 or subsidized rate of $169.00 + GST)
  • Indoor Air Quality for Residential and Small Commercial (2-day course at regular rate of $845 or subsidized rate of $169.00 + GST)
  • Small Commercial Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculations (3-day course at regular rate of $1,065 or subsidized rate of $213.00 + GST)
  • Small Commercial Air System Design (3-day course at regular rate of $1,065 or subsidized rate of $213.00 + GST)

These courses are scheduled virtual classroom sessions. 

Please feel free to extend this offer to any/all of your contacts. Registration is available at

CESA 1505 - Zero Energy Buildings All-In-1
Online | Sept 15- Dec 17 | $995

This course consists of CESA 1001, 1110, 1120 and 1140 offered at a 25% discount. 

BCIT: CESA 1001 – Zero Energy Building Fundamentals
Online | Sept 15-29 | $195

This course will help students develop their knowledge of building science to support and inform strategies to meet the requirements of the Upper Steps of the BC Energy Step Code including Net Zero Ready and the Passive House standard. The course will first introduce to the performance metrics of both the BC Energy Step Code, Net Zero Ready (using NRCan's EnerGuide Rating System) and the Passive House standard.

BCIT: CESA 1110 - Zero Energy Building Enclosures: Airtightness (Residential)
Online | Oct 6-13 | $350

This course will develop knowledge of building airtightness to meet the requirements of the Upper Steps of the BC Energy Step Code including the Passive House standard.

BCIT: CESA 1120 - Zero Energy Buildings: Assembly Details (for Residential Buildings)
Online | Oct 20-27 | $350

This course will develop knowledge of building enclosures to meet the requirements of the Upper Steps of the BC Energy Step Code including the Passive House standard.

BCIT: CESA 1140 - Zero Energy Building Mechanical Systems (for Residential Buildings)
Online | Nov 10-17 | $350

This course will assist builders, contractors, and designers to advance their understanding of the design, installation, and verification practices needed to realize performance of HVAC mechanical equipment and meet the requirements of the Upper Steps of the BC Energy Step Code including the Passive House standard.

BPI: Taking Advantage of Facebook: Low-cost, Super-Targeted Marketing
Online | September 15 | $50 USD

Facebook’s advertising tools can be daunting—between myriad options for embarking upon advertising campaigns, an opaque update process and sometimes unintuitive structure, it can feel like Facebook advertising isn’t worth the effort. However, Facebook’s advertising tools can also be powerful and effective when used correctly—and when applying a relevant strategy. In this webinar, Energy Circle Founder and CEO Peter Troast will take a deep dive into Facebook’s advertising platform, including recent updates and helpful strategies you can use to ensure the success of your next foray into social advertising.

BPI: Strengthening Your Brand: Ways to Measure the Unmeasurable
Online | September 29 | $50 USD

Local search success continues to be one of the thorniest challenges for service area businesses–and Energy Circle's dataset increasingly shows that exceptional local search performance is closely tied to a company's brand strength. "Brand strength" is one of the most important elements of a strong business and is remarkably correlated with digital marketing success. In this webinar, Energy Circle CEO and Founder Peter Troast will discuss ways to quantitatively define your company’s brand and improve its strength—and how to apply those assets to strengthening your local search success.

TECA: Heat Recovery Ventilator Design & Installation
Online | Sept 16, 18 | $549 (members)
Online | Sept 28, 30 | $549 (members)
Online | Oct 7, 9 | $549 (members)
Online | Oct 26, 28 | $549 (members)

TECA's Quality First Heat Recovery Ventilator course encompasses the proper design, installation, and commissioning and balancing of a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). This course expands on the BC Building Code 9.32 and 9.36 requirements, and participants will leave with a comfortable understanding of the function and purpose of a balanced ventilation system.

TECA: Ventilation Guidelines
Online | Sept 20, 21 | $499 (members)
Online | Oct 5, 6 | $499 (members)
Online | Oct 12, 13 | $499 (members)

TECA's Quality First™ Ventilation Guidelines course covers the latest (December 2018) requirements of BC Building Code Section 9.32 Mechanical Ventilation.

  • The 4 acceptable methods to provide for the intake and distribution of the "Principal" air;
  • The requirements for make-up air for large kitchen exhaust appliances and the code acceptable alternatives;
  • The requirements for crawlspace ventilation;
  • The requirements for the insulation of ventilation ducts and this course

TECA: Heat Loss/ Heat Gain 
Online | Sept 21, 22, 24 | $325 (members)
Online | Sept 28/29 Oct 1 | $325 (members)
Online | Oct 5, 6, 8 | $325 (members)
Online | Oct 12, 13, 15 | $325 (members)
Online | Oct 19, 20, 22 | $325 (members)
Online | Oct 26, 27, 29 | $325 (members)

The course is intended to help participants perform accurate and code-compliant heat loss and heat gain calculations. The BC Building Code calls for CSA F280-12 for calculation of heat loss and heat gain, for Part 9 buildings. The TECA Heat Loss / Gain software has been designed to give users an accurate and simple way to calculate heating and cooling loads by the CSA F280-12 calculation methods.

Orientation Quiz Only. No Final Exam for this Class / Participants receive a Certificate of Completion

Manual and courier charges included in registration fees.

TECA: Forced Air Guidelines
Online | Sept 25/26 Oct 2/3 | $549 (members)
Online | Oct 16, 17, 23, 24 | $549 (members)
Online | Oct 27/28, Nov 3/4 | $549 (members) 

TECA's Updated Quality First™ Forced Air Guidelines course includes basic Heat Loss Heat Gain theory, appliance selection, duct layout and sizing.

Efficiency Canada: Retrofits – not if, but how!
Online | September 18 | Free

The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) has been working on energy retrofits in buildings for nearly a decade. We knew the old barriers and now we know how to deal with them. There is a lot of work to do if we intend to retrofit all of Canada’s homes and buildings by 2050. Listen in to learn about TAF’s vision for a new kind of retrofit agency to get the work going.  

Efficiency Canada: Tiered energy codes best practices for code compliance
Online | September 25 | Free

Building energy code compliance is critical to achieve long-term sustainable results and help achieve part of Canada’s climate action plans. Andrew will discuss the evolution of energy codes, provide an overview of different compliance regimes, and provide recommendations to assist in the compliant expansion of advanced tiered energy codes nation-wide.

Efficiency Canada: Full disclosure — Industry leadership on building performance
Online | October 20 | Free

The absence of building data transparency in Canada prompted the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) to launch the Disclosure Challenge in 2019

Join us to learn about our second year of activities and how industry can take the lead on disclosing benchmarking performance data, jurisdictions across the country can provide a missing foundational piece that will help supercharge the building retrofit economy, and how sharing performance data can reduce costs and improve asset value.

Heatspring: Ventilation for Single Family Dwellings
Online | Sep 21- Nov 1 | $695 (USD)

Master the best practices for calculating ventilation requirements, optimizing equipment selection, and understanding where the standards are headed. The course includes many calculators and design tools for winning and completing jobs faster and with greater confidence.

Heatspring: Deep Energy Retrofits
Online | Self-study | $395 USD

Learn how to incorporate transformative energy upgrades in existing residential and commercial buildings up to 45,000 square feet.

Forget the theory. This course will fundamentally change the way you approach retrofit projects, while build your network of like minded professionals. Your practice will never be the same.

HAVAN: Unlicensed Builders + De-enrollments: a BC Housing Presentation (September Builders’ Breakfast Series – WEBINAR)
Online | Sept 24 | $110

For this month’s Builders’ Breakfast Seminar, BC Housing will be hosting a panel of speakers to discuss three important licensing and home warranty topics that all builders in BC should know.

HAVAN: Breakfast Networking Event
Coquitlam | Sep 29 | Free (members)

You're cordially invited to attend this Breakfast Networking Event to learn how to make HAVAN Resources work for you as you enjoy making some new contacts in a low-key and informal setting.  

Join us to meet committee chairs and volunteers, learn how to take advantage of our many association offerings, and meet current Board members, long-time members, new members and HAVAN staff.

Sustainable Buildings Canada: Green Building Festival
Online | Oct 14-16 | $50

The 2020 Green Building Festival presents some of the most innovative approaches for buildings and cities to both mimic and nurture ecosystems. Explore Biodiversity, Biomimicry, Biogenics, Bioresources, Bioeconomy and other generative processes that strive to achieve circularity and the enhancement of nature in the built environment.

Support for managers, leaders: how to respond to your team’s psychological needs during COVID-19
Online | October 15 | Free

An expert workplace Psychologist will cohost this session where you will learn the key elements to manage others who are experiencing mental health impacts.  You will learn how to recognize distress, and the parameters of your workplace role.  Specific examples will be reviewed and various tools will be shared.

BC Municipal Safety Association: Industry Leaders Panel
Online | October 29 | Free

In this session, Diana Vissers will host a panel of industry leaders who will provide their lens on COVID-19 and the effects on mental health and wellness in the workplace. The panel will include representatives from the municipal, construction, forestry, trucking, hospitality, arts and entertainment and agriculture sectors.

Passive House Online Conference 
Online | November 18-20 | Price TBA 

The 2020 Passive House Canada Conference will be going virtual! Stay tuned for more details on how you will be able to participate.

COVID-19 Training Series for HRAI Members

HRAI is offering an on-line, three-module series to assist HVACR companies in adapting their business to the new health and safety challenges that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The course will provide best practice protocol advice for HVAC In-field and Office Staff, as well as policy considerations for Owners and Management, to support providing customers with advice to improve the health and safety of their home. 

The course has one self-guided and two live instructor lead learning modules and will result in a Certificate of Completion from the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) for each attendee upon satisfactorily passing tests.

More info: 

CHBABC: Renovation Fundamentals
Online | Access Anytime | $349 (25% for CHABC members)

The goal of this course is to provide renovators like you with an introduction to the basic knowledge needed to perform your job as a business owner or manager. By completing this course you'll gain a foundational understanding of the best practices for running a professional and successful renovation business in Canada. Note: there is a final exam at the end of the online course.

This list of training and events is compiled for your information. The HPSC is not affiliated with any of the organizations providing training or hosting events.

Know of other professional development opportunities? Let us know.
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