July 2020

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Happy summer and welcome to the July edition of HPSC Monthly. In this edition, we provide an overview of one of the big projects the HPSC is working on in 2020: the HPSC Registered Contractor project. And, as you’ll read, part of that project includes working with our Sector Councils and our larger network to define the criteria for registration. This month we invite you to comment on the Accreditation Criteria, HVAC Sector Certification Criteria framework, and Insulation Installer Training Draft Outline.

Also – we are happy to report that over 100 residential HVAC installers are currently participating in the HPSC training course: Quality Installation of Forced Air Furnaces and Air Source Heat Pumps Retrofits in BC Homes!  Supported by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, BC Hydro and FortisBC, this course will become part of the program registered contractors mandatory training requirements in the future. While this cohort is well underway, keep in touch with the HPSC to be notified of future self-paced opportunities.

Advancing Home Performance Opportunities in BC.


HPSC Registered Contractor Project

One of the big projects the HPSC is working on in 2020 is the HPSC Registered Contractor project. This is a multi-year effort that is the result of industry consultation beginning in 2015. Read on for details and then reach out to us if you want to learn more or get involved. 

The HPSC Registered Contractor project aims to:

  1. Make it easy for consumers to find a qualified contractor skilled in home-energy upgrades, and 
  2. Increase the number of quality installations, thereby: 
    • Improving home renovation project energy efficiency results;
    • Increasing greenhouse gas emissions reductions; and 
    • Protecting/improving the home durability.

Through this project, a HPSC Registered Contractor system would be developed to qualify, register and monitor a home energy retrofit workforce that includes contractors and installers in HVAC, Insulation, Fenestration, Renovation and Energy Advisory Services.

The system would include both automated online systems and human resource solutions that: 

  1. Collect, verify, track and maintain details on contractor business qualifications and requirements, including but not limited to: 
    • Company and contact information; 
    • Business numbers, licenses and proof of insurance;  
    • Memberships and affiliations; and 
    • WorkesafeBC.
  2. Collect, verify, track and maintain details on contractor qualifications and training requirements including, but not limited to:
    • Contractor trade qualifications; 
    • Training completions;
    • Signed code of conduct; and
    • Results of quality assurance inspections.
  3. Monitor compliance and performance and take action on deficiencies.

The inputs into the HPSC Registered Contractor system are developed by HPSC Industry Sector Councils. Wherever possible, the HPSC aims to make use of existing certifications, licensing, and industry association training providers. Supported by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, BC Hydro and FortisBC, this project integrates with the CleanBC Better Homes Program Registered Contractors.

Please note that successful completion of this project depends on future funding not yet secured. If you, or someone you know has an interest in making it easy for consumers to find a qualified contractor or increasing the number of quality installations, please reach out to us.


Draft Framework for HVAC Certification Criteria - HPSC Registered Contractor project

On June 17, 2020 the HPSC HVAC Sector Council met to discuss the draft framework for the HVAC Certification Criteria. The meeting was well attended with participants from TECA, CIPH, HRAI, Mitsubishi and local HVAC companies. Now it’s your chance to have your say. Please review the draft v2 HVAC Certification Criteria framework below and send the HPSC an email with your thoughts on the following questions:

  • Would you feel confident in saying that a residential HVAC contractor that met these requirements was a “quality contractor”?
  • If not - is there a training or certification that is missing from the Framework? Is there something included that shouldn’t be?

Please be sure to include your name and affiliation in your response.


HPSC Recommended Accreditation Criteria - HPSC Registered Contractor project

Over the past many months, the HPSC has been working with our Sector Councils and our industry network to develop the Accreditation Criteria for the HPSC Registered Contractor project. We invite you to review the criteria here and send the HPSC an email with your thoughts on the following questions:

  • Would you recommend a residential contracting company offering home performance services and solutions if they met these requirements? If not - is there a requirement or element that is missing? Is there something included that shouldn’t be?

HPSC Insulation Installer Training Outline

The HPSC has been working with the Insulation Sector Council for some months now to develop a training outline for the certification of insulation installers. This will be used to develop the training needed for installer certification which will ultimately be required for program participation. We invite you to review the draft outline here and send the HPSC an email with your thoughts on the following questions:

  • In their anything missing in the outline?
  • Is there anything in the outline that is not necessary?
  • What should be the role of installer experience in installer certification?
  • How should current installers who may have taken other training be included?
  • How should new employees entering the industry with no initial training be utilized?



CleanBC Better Homes Windows Municipal Top-Ups 

CleanBC Better Homes has launched a $50 municipal top-up rebate for Tier 2 windows or doors. The municipal top-up rebate is in addition to the window and door rebate currently available through the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program. The windows and door municipal top-ups are only available in participating municipalities. 

Participating Municipalities:

In addition to the municipal top-ups for windows and doors, there are many great municipal top-ups from participating municipalities for heat pumps, electric service upgrades, heat pump hot water heaters and Energuide assessments. For complete details and to view all participating municipalities please visit CleanBC Better Homes Municipal Offers. Municipal top-up rebates are a limited time offer – act now, as they will be approved on a first come first serve basis.


As a reminder, please be sure to check with the training provider to confirm
upcoming in-person sessions and potential scheduling changes.
For additional information about any of the following please visit Training & Events

NAIMA Canada and Building Knowledge Canada
– Air Barriers for Professionals

FREE | Online 

Air Barriers for Professionals is practically oriented information for residential construction workers and renovators who deal with air tightness, insulation, and various control barriers to improve the energy efficiency of homes. It’s self-paced, industry focused learning that will be useful for anyone in the residential insulation business.

Pembina Institute - Reframed Tech Series: Embodied carbon & deep retrofits
FREE | July 22 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. (PDT) | Online

Hear from leaders in embodied carbon and retrofit solutions. Learn about novel ideas and projects underway, and ask burning questions about the opportunities and challenges of implementing embodied carbon solutions in building retrofits. For more information, visit our new website: If you have any questions, please get in touch.

BPA: ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation for Single-Family Dwellings
Online | July 13-Aug 23 | $695 (USD)

Master the best practices for calculating ventilation requirements, optimizing equipment selection, and understanding where the standards are headed. The course includes many calculators and design tools for winning and completing jobs faster and with greater confidence. 

This is a comprehensive, hands-on training course for professionals. Instructor Rick Karg has been a member of the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation committee since 2007 and heads the existing dwellings group. He served as the lead editor of ASHRAE’s Guideline 24-2015, a document that supplements the ASHRAE 62.2 standard. The extensive curriculum focuses on the ASHRAE 62.2-2016 Standard but also addresses the 2013 version of the Standard.

BPI: What the New Post-COVID-19 Low-Touch World Means for Contractors
Online | July 14 | $50 USD

Energy Circle CEO and Founder Peter Troast will discuss ways in which HVAC, home performance, and solar contractors can prepare their business and marketing strategies for this new, low-touch world and the fundamental changes in the customer communication and interaction process of which to be aware.

BPI: Taking Advantage of Facebook: Low-cost, Super-Targeted Marketing
Online | September 15 | $50 USD

Facebook’s advertising tools can be daunting—between myriad options for embarking upon advertising campaigns, an opaque update process and sometimes unintuitive structure, it can feel like Facebook advertising isn’t worth the effort. However, Facebook’s advertising tools can also be powerful and effective when used correctly—and when applying a relevant strategy. In this webinar, Energy Circle Founder and CEO Peter Troast will take a deep dive into Facebook’s advertising platform, including recent updates and helpful strategies you can use to ensure the success of your next foray into social advertising.

BPI: Strengthening Your Brand: Ways to Measure the Unmeasurable
Online | September 29 | $50 USD

Local search success continues to be one of the thorniest challenges for service area businesses–and Energy Circle's dataset increasingly shows that exceptional local search performance is closely tied to a company's brand strength. "Brand strength" is one of the most important elements of a strong business and is remarkably correlated with digital marketing success. In this webinar, Energy Circle CEO and Founder Peter Troast will discuss ways to quantitatively define your company’s brand and improve its strength—and how to apply those assets to strengthening your local search success.

Retrofit Canada Conference
Vancouver | Sept 15-16 |Varying Prices

The first annual Retrofit Canada Conference will focus on the opportunities for innovation to achieve greater sustainability and energy efficiency through retrofitting Canada’s infrastructure and buildings – commercial, industry, schools, government and residential. It is the most prominent platform for key players in the energy efficiency, sustainability and retrofitting sectors to meet, network and exchange ideas on achieving Canada’s 2050 goal.

Efficiency Canada: Advocac-EE series: Learn to lead the sector
Online | July 15, 22, 29 | Free

For sector members, advocates, business leaders and energy enthusiasts alike, this series will teach mobilization and advocacy strategies for the efficiency sector. Each week will explore a different topic.

  • July 15: Communications - How do you talk about energy efficiency? What language is most effective?
  • July 22: Best practices - A case study in past victories, looking at the creation of Efficiency Nova Scotia.
  • July 29: Engagement tools - How do you reach decision makers? Coaching on how (and where) to share your story.

TECA: Forced Air Guidelines
Online | August 17, 18, 24, 25 | $549 (members)

TECA's Updated Quality First™ Forced Air Guidelines course includes basic Heat Loss Heat Gain theory, appliance selection, duct layout and sizing.

TECA: Heat Recovery Ventilator Design & Installation
Online | July 28 + 30 | $549 (members)

TECA's Quality First Heat Recovery Ventilator course encompasses the proper design, installation, and commissioning and balancing of a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV).

TECA: Ventilation Guidelines
Online | July 22 + 23 | $499 (members)

TECA's Quality First™ Ventilation Guidelines course covers the latest (December 2018) requirements of BC Building Code Section 9.32 Mechanical Ventilation.

Passive House: 120 Series
Online | August 4 | Varying Prices

This series will be comprised of three courses: 120A, 120B, and 120C (a $3525 value).

  • 120A: Passive House Design and Construction
  • 120B: Understanding & Working with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)
  • 120C: Exam Preparation for Designer/Consultant Exam

Passive House Online Conference 
Online | November 18-20 | Price TBA 

The 2020 Passive House Canada Conference will be going virtual! Stay tuned for more details on how you will be able to participate.

Passive House: Building Conversations Weekly Webinars
Online | July 15, 22, 29 | Free

Want to listen to industry experts discuss how they have successfully designed and built Passive House buildings? Now you can.

Join our free, Building Conversations webinars series hosted weekly by our CEO, Chris Ballard. Each week, Chris will interview experts from the Passive House community as they share their stories of what they have learned from their experiences. We will then open the discussion for you to ask Chris and his guest any questions related to the topic.

Heatspring: Deep Energy Retrofits
Online | Self-study | $395 USD

Learn how to incorporate transformative energy upgrades in existing residential and commercial buildings up to 45,000 square feet.

Forget the theory. This course will fundamentally change the way you approach retrofit projects, while build your network of like minded professionals. Your practice will never be the same.

Fine Homebuilding: Heat Pumps and Cold-Climate Applications – Designing for Comfort and Resiliency
Online | Free

Heat-pump experts Chad Gillespie and Kimberly Llewellyn of the Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Performance Construction Team provide methods and application training to help designers, installers, and builders avoid failed installations and misapplications of heat pumps.

Construction Instruction: Online Resources
Online | Free

Online videos and written materials on a wide range of topics, including Building Science, Foundations, Insulation, Ventilation, Heating + Cooling and more.

This list of training and events is compiled for your information. The HPSC is not affiliated with any of the organizations providing training or hosting events.

Know of other professional development opportunities? Let us know.
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