SCREEN_ [read "screen space"] is an email-based art "space" that produces monthly artworks, sent/received via email. Participating artists create a unique project for each installment.

We are excited to announce the first round of participating artists, they are ::
Jeffrey Scudder
Dina Kelberman
Cecilia Salama
Cristine Brache
Vanessa Thill
Will Rahilly
Lizzy de Vita

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Subscribers will receive an emailed artwork on the last Friday of every month starting January 2016. 

We encounter art related emails almost daily, but these emails are mostly cropped and reframed as show announcements. In some ways our inboxes already constitute private, unorthodox spaces for viewing art. SCREEN   takes advantage of this, while thinking about the history of mail art and alternative networks for art dissemination and reception. 

SCREEN   is organized by Ada Wright Potter