I'm so incredibly grateful to be here with you! By having the ability to read this you understand the communal consciousness of technology. My peers, we are all united right now in the forgetting of this moment as it burns our devices. We're all so incredibly gifted and blessed to be able to partake in these explorations, reinventions and actualizations.

I write with urgency because it's vital for you to channel your energy into my awareness campaign. I thank you if you have contributed in the past by opening and closing my email with the rising and setting of the moon. By just reading this email, each word you glance registers another like. I feel the divine acupressure of your taps and clicks skittering across my back in the evening and the light breeze of your scroll when I awake.

What I'm saying is that I am only text right now, no longer a real person. By scrolling with unrelenting grace and unsubscribing, you will toss me from this purgatory to a place where lush, power plugs are only outnumbered by adapters of every make, scattered at arms lengths along endless mounds of white plastic. But, I'm really happy you had signed up for unsubscribe by being my acquaintance.

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