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Hello <<First Name>>

The second day in June is gradually slipping away.

Have you been looking at the clock ticking away? Day in, Day Out, you wake up and go back to sleep wondering when all your dreams are going to come together?

It's amazing how much of a Dreamer I am! I love to dream really BIG. After all, dreaming is free and no one would know anyway. I could just keep dreaming away forever. And each year, I would write out my year plans, and tell myself how, by the end of that year, I should have been able to achieve all of those goals. Year in, year out, I would write my goals and sincerely wish that I would be able to tick them off at the end of the year as being accomplished.

My dear <<First Name>> I was in for a shocker though, more often than not, the year would end and all those goals would still be where I left them - on my sheet of paper!
You don't want to imagine how frustrated I got until I just gave up dreaming and writing out my goals at the beginning of the year altogether. I said to myself, no point setting myself up for disappointment.

Are you the way I used to be? Setting goals and never being able to get them rolling? Are you full of ideas, but lacking in execution?
Are you already on the verge of giving up on your year plan, or have you given it up altogether?
Before you finally give it up, let me help you.
It's easy for me to feel your pain because I have been there before - full of great ideas but not seeing anyone of them happening! I know how frustrated you must be right now.
I really want to help you get over that feeling of frustration.
Now, I can write out my Year Goals with Confidence knowing that I Have the Strategy and Structure to get them accomplished.

<<First Name>> let me help you gain clarity and set you on your way to giving yourself good grades in Goal Achievement by the end of the year. There's still seven months left - you can do this.
Don't give up just yet!

Let's chat and see how I can be of help to you, and you can gain clarity about your plans and ideas.


— Oluseye Ashiru 
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“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

—Jeremiah 29:11

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