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WEEK 38 | 10/6-10/9
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The end of the sungolds, veronas, & red slicers is near - this week, if not next, just a couple hundred pounds on hand :)


Asian pears from Oriana's Orchard
Bosc pears from Mick Klug
Concord grapes from Carandale Farm
Plums from Seedling


Bok choy from our farm
Chard, kale, & lettuce mix from our farm
Lettuce head mix (red head, romaine, & magenta) from our farm


Blue potatoes from Driftless
Chioggia beets from Springdale
Hakurei Turnips from Lovefood

Red & yellow onions from Springdale
Shallots from farmer Levi via Fifth Season


Red & greenish bells from Wild Coyote
Cayennes (spicy) from Lovefood
Habaneros (super spicy + sweet) from Lovefood
Lemon drops (super spicy + citrus) from Driftless
Poblanos (mild) from Wild Coyote
Shishitos from Lovefood (1 in 10 packs heat)
Super sweet peppers from our farm & Wild Coyote


Apprentice pumpkins from Smits
Butternut squash from Springdale
Pie pumpkins from Smits
Pumpkemons from Smits


Bunched basil, chives, flat parsley, lemon verbena, lemongrass, mint & oregano from Smits



Fresh herb chévre from Door County Creamery
Go Go Gochujang from Co-op Sauce
Sobrasada from Underground Meats
Spent grain shoyu from Co-op Sauce
Blueberry kombucha from Arize
Lavender goat's milk soap from Door County Creamery
Organic Blue Hopi cornmeal from Severson 
Shawarma pickles from Bushel & Peck's

Can't get enough? The above products are available in our storefront.



Aronia berries (frozen) from Bellbrook
Blueberries (frozen) from Joe's
Cheese curds (plain, garlic & jalapeno) from Farmer John

Coffee from Gaslight
Eggs from Finn's

Ground beef from McCluskey
Mushrooms (crimini & portabella) from River Valley Ranch
Rolled oats from Brian Severson
Popcorn from Brian Severson
Sour cream from Deerland
Sourdough from pHlour

Tamales (frozen, portabella & southwest) from River Valley Ranch
Yogurt (plain, blueberry, vanilla, strawberry) from Deerland

lettuces in the hoops

Maybe it's the shorter days, maybe it's that we now have pumpkins (decorate, carve or eat) and squash of all kinds - we're a bit nostalgic this week just reflecting on how far we've come along. It wasn't that long ago that this program was operating from basically a garage and a handful of folks working around the clock to stay ahead of everything. It's been a long journey - and we're not the settling types - but we have to say, it feels good to pour ourselves into sourcing more kitchen staples for you all, and planning for the year ahead...instead of trying (again) to fix an aging cooler and running ourselves ragged working the markets in the margins. It's big thanks to our awesome, dedicated team, and to you all for being such supportive Tomato Mountaineers.

Back to business - greens season is upon us! We've got tons of greens, and we know you're ready for them because we've been a little light over the last few weeks. Meanwhile, we are thrilled to have gotten our hands on the last of Seedling's plums - gosh these are so great. We should have Asian pears for the next few weeks, but folks are scooping them up so go ahead and get yourself a bunch and they'll last well through the winter. Another round of concord grapes (you're welcome), and some blue potatoes from Driftless to keep your palate colorful. And let's not forget the peppers - tons of them. On the mild side we've got poblanos, bells, and super sweets. On the spicy side, lemon drops!!! These are so fun to add to a stir-fry - the citrus quality is really present in a lemon drop pepper, just be sure not to use too many so the heat doesn't mask the taste.

Easy being green,
Tomato Mtn




Are you as excited as we are by the pillowy greens and juicy peppers arriving in your box? Aside from making lettuce beds with pepper pillows to sleep on, we've got a few options to share for using up this crunchy cornucopia.
Say hello to your new favorite chard party: cheesy grits+eggs+greens. Or bring your chard TO a party in this dip or buddied up with those beautiful eggplants from last week on this pizza.

Pies can be for dinner AND dessert, especially this kale pie. We're also gliding into roast season, so perhaps let the kale join potatoes under your next roasted chicken and round out the meal by spotlighting your tender, perfect herbs in a kale pesto

Just a reminder that these lettuces can be: juiced/blended into smoothies, blitzed into pestos and soups, made into infinitely delicious salads, and layered into any and every bite of food. They are so good and so good for you and it is our biggest, bestest wish that you live your best lettuce life. 

So flavorful and snackable, you can just sauté these babies in some olive oil and season with salt+pepper (or your favorite spice blend) and snack on down. It's the easiest appetizer to whip up in a hurry and never fails to bring a big flavor blast to the start of your meal. If you want to get even more impressive with your shishito game, try this leveled-up garlic herb char or make this romesco and put it on everything.

Roast these dark green darlings and puree them into a dressing to toss your greens in. You can also stuff them in countless ways, or settle into Fall with a rich, snuggly chili.

Do you like football season? Or maybe just an excuse to eat the foods that are associated with football season? Roasted peppers and sausage are the answer. You can also start your day the sweet pep way with spicy braised peppers+eggs  or make a really cute plate of sunshine for someone special with this take on egg-in-a-hole



Not only is this nutrient-dense, visually stunning rainbow chard delicious when cooked into a recipe, it's also ready to hold together any number of tasty rolls. Use smaller leaves for the recipes we told you about in the beginning of the newsletter, and save your big leaves for rollin'!

Cut off the bottom part of the stems, then add your leaves to a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds. Transfer them to a bowl of ice water to cool, then gently remove them, spread them out on a kitchen towel, and blot them dry.

Once you've determined your fillings (inspo below), load them onto the wide end of your chard leaf, then roll the large end toward the small end, tucking the sides in to create a nice seal. You now have the ultimate veggie roll - enjoy. 

Spicy tofu roll

spicy mayo (Go Go Gochujang+mayo)
lettuce mix
shredded carrots
thinly sliced lemongrass
Asian pear sticks

Herby squash roll
Door County herb chévre 
roasted pumpkin or squash
parsley + basil leaves
chopped white onion 
lettuce mix

Crunchy creamy eggplant roll
roasted eggplant
crispy shallots
Shawarma pickle
shredded carrot
lettuce mix
torn mint leaves
Co-op shoyu



There are some seriously great grains growing just 80 miles southwest of Chicago at Brian Severson Farms. While most of the flours and grains you find at the grocery store were commercially grown, shipped to giant steel mills, and stripped of their naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, the goods at Severson live their whole life on the farm - planting, growing, and milling - before arriving in your box.

Brian and his family take great care in tending to organic/transitional plants, many of which are heirloom (varieties developed before WWII when ammonia became available and plants were selected for consumption of nitrogen-heavy fertilizers), and everything is small-batch stoneground right at the farm, which means you're receiving fresh, nutritious flours and grains that will make your recipes oh-so-good and good for you!



There are few meals on planet earth more nourishing than a creamy squash-based soup. Just so happens it's also one of the most hands-off things to make. Simply roast your squash or pumpkin. Let cool, then puree with some broth and your favorite seasonings. No broth? Add coconut milk, milk, cream. Or do a mixture of something creamy with your broth. It's really hard to go wrong, and the vegetable will do all the talking for you. Add some salt and pepper, maybe some crushed nuts or croutons or shaved cheese, fresh herbs, and enjoy. Lasts about a week in the fridge, freezes super well.

Please note that the contents of your box are subject to change based on a variety of factors. The majority of what we provide is harvested after we send this email, farming is an inexact science, and we feel strongly about the importance of sending only the best produce your way. Regardless of variety, we are sure to meet the expected value per week in each box, and will do our best to provide reasonable substitutions whenever possible.


We recycle boxes, freezer sleeves, & plastic bags

If you cannot or do not leave a cooler out for your delivery, please be sure to leave out for your delivery driver both the wax boxes your produce arrives in and any clean freezer sleeves you might receive with your items.

Boxes, freezer sleeves: are not recyclable and they may be used dozens of times. Returning your boxes and freezer sleeves enables us to provide more accessible pricing and helps the earth.

Plastic bags: please rinse, dry, and leave for your driver. We will recycle them for you at the appropriate facility.

We greatly appreciate you recycling all other items on your own.


Your delivery date is based on your address.

Your delivery date is based on your address. Deliveries happen from 10AM - 7PM on Wednesday - Friday and 7AM - 3PM on Saturdays. We will text upon arrival. If you are not home during your usual delivery time, please contact us to make additional arrangements.


Please prepare for deliveries.

If you will not be home to receive your delivery, please leave out a cooler (with an ice pack)! It protects the veggies from excess heat and freezing cold, keeps them safe from critters, and allows your driver to empty your box and return it to the farm.


Please be in touch right away with any issues. 

Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions? Please let us know. Urgent issue? Please
let us know right away. We'll do our best to address the problem immediately.


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