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WEEK 43 | 11/10-11/13
Adjustments & additions deadline is Saturdays at 11PM.

Asian pears from Oriana's Orchard
Fresh pressed, UV pasteurized apple cider from Mick Klug
Gala, Jonathan & Jonagold apples from Seedling


Lettuce mix from our farm
Magenta lettuce from our farm
Mixed Asian greens (bok choy, koji & komatsuna) from our farm
Purple tatsoi from our farm
Spinach from our farm

Carrots from our farm
Fennel (topped) from Driftless - last of the season
Gold potatoes from Angelic Organics
Green cabbage from Angelic Organics
Hakurei turnips (topped) from our farm
Kohlrabi from Angelic Organics
Red beets from farmer Levi via Fifth Season
Red daikon from Lovefood

Red, white & yellow onions from Springdale
Red, purple & fingerling potatoes from Springdale
Shallots from farmer Levi via Fifth Season
Sweet potatoes from farmer Levi via Fifth Season

Green sweet peppers from our farm (just like a green bell pepper), Wild Coyote, & Angelic Organics
Poblano peppers (mild) from Driftless Organics

Carnival squash from Springdale
Butternut & spaghetti squash from Angelic Organics
Pie pumpkins from Smits


Lightning Fix hot sauce from Co-op Sauce
Blueberry pie kit from Ready to Roll
Canola oil from Saffi Foods

Organic uncured beef weiners from McCluskey Bros.
Raspberry kombucha from ARIZE
Peach raspberry jam & Pickle relish from Bushel & Peck's
Honey sugar body scrub from Chicago Honey Co-op
Organic Hemp (CBD) extract from Springdale Farm

Can't get enough? The above products are available in our storefront.

Aronia berries (frozen) from Bellbrook
Bacon from Jake's

Blueberries (frozen) from Joe's
Cheese curds from Farmer John (plain, dill, garlic, jalapeno)

Coffee from Gaslight
Eggs from Finn's

Rolled oats & popcorn from Brian Severson
Salsa (garden tomato, tomatillo, chipotle, fire-roasted, & habanero) from our farm - the end of our salsa! We're not cooking anymore!
Sour cream & yogurt (plain, blueberry, vanilla, strawberry) from Deerland
Sourdough from pHlour

Strawberries (frozen) from Mick Klug
Tamales (frozen; portabella & southwest) from River Valley Ranch
Tart cherries (frozen) from Mick Klug
Tortillas (spelt, white, & wheat) from Gitto Farms
Whole chickens from Avrom Farm

green fields and blue skies at the farm
So many produce updates now that things are really looking like fall. Tons of greens from our farm, and the green peppers still coming in strong. Meanwhile, this is the end of the Hakureis and poblanos. There are just 300 pounds of organic Asian pears left in the Midwest, they are in our cooler, and we're guessing once you know this they will also be gone next week or so.

This is the last week for fennel, so if you were hoping to have them for your upcoming holiday season, we recommend grabbing some now and preserving them. Of course, when one door closes, another opens - this is also the first week of sweet potatoes! We know you're stoked. Expect plenty more of those for all your upcoming roasts.

Meanwhile, we're getting super stocked and planning away for your Thanksgiving extravaganzas. Your delivery date for the week of Thanksgiving has changed. Instead of receiving your box between 11/24 and 11/27, you'll receive your box between 11/22 and 11/24. You can see which day your delivery has been reassigned to in your member dashboard. Not sure where to find it?
Here's a quick set of instructions for how to view your updated delivery schedule. It is likely you will not receive your delivery at the same time you usually do; you will, however, receive your usual text upon delivery.

One last bit of housekeeping - Arcadia decided to extend their promotion with us! It seemed like a bunch of you might have been close to pulling the trigger and then forgot about it, LOL - same! - and they really like you. Yep, that's right, folks! That thing where you get a $200 credit for switching to solar and being a Tomato Mountaineer runs through the end of November now. Signup is super easy but don't wait until the very end, it takes a day or two for them to process and get you the document to sign.

Happy harvests,
Tomato Mtn

PS - We just got our Yelp page looking super duper snazzy - would you mind leaving us a review? Not a Yelper, still want to review? We would also deeply appreciate a Google review! Simply type "tomato mountain" into your google search bar and it will come up on the right-hand side. It makes a huge difference for us!

PPS - Can't get enough of the pie kits? Thank fellow member Scott and his parrot because we now have the savory and sweet ready-to-roll pie dough in stock for everyone.




While we're lamenting the eventual end of fresh fruit season (load up on those apples, friends!), we're also celebrating the foresight of Klug Farms for freezing their finest summer cherries and strawberries for you!

We know you have infinite ideas on how to use your fruits, but may we suggest this easy, six-ingredient gelato? You don't even need an ice cream maker! 

1 1/2 lb frozen cherries or strawberries, defrosted and drained
2 tbsp maple sugar
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
2 cups heavy cream
2 oz cream cheese, room temp
1/2 tsp fine sea salt

Purée half of your fruit with sugar, then stir in the condensed milk and remaining fruit. In another bowl, whiz together your cream, cream cheese, and salt until stiff peaks form.

Fold your brilliant fruit soup into your fluffy cream clouds until everything is well-marbled, then pour everything into a loaf pan (or preferred freezer-proof container). Cover tightly with beeswax wrap, then freeze for about four hours.

When you're ready to scoop your masterpiece, let it thaw on the counter for about 15 minutes first. We recommend serving with a decadent drizzle of dark balsamic or a dusting of shaved chocolate.  



We are here to bust the myth of kohlrabi as an eye-rolling CSA offering and instead tell you a little about it and how tasty it is!

This bulbous brassica, whose name literally means "German turnip," shares a family tree with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale and boasts that same sweet-and-peppery flavor profile. This means you can sub kohlrabi into any recipe calling for its family members! 

Pair your kohlrabi with some of the season's best apples in a salad. Turn it into a slaw to top this week's add-on beef weiners. Roast it with some parmesan. Whatever you do, know that with every bite you are showering your body with Vitamin C and fiber, and it'll thank you for it!

Editor's note: these Angelic Organics kohlrabi are lovely and tender, but you're welcome to peel off the skin to get right to the flesh for faster cooking!



Perhaps we're telling you something you already know, but perhaps we're dropping some new news when we tell you that apples were originally not so great for eating. Much like the cutie little crab apples you see adorning trees everywhere you go, the apple trees of yesteryear produced fruits that were far too tart for consumption and were instead pressed for their juice, which was then fermented into a potent potable. 

Once apple cultivation led to consistently sweet and juicy fruits, non-alcoholic cider made its debut, and we think that this one from Mick Klug Farm is top tier. 

Unlike store-bought ciders, this one is fresh-pressed from 100% apples and is not heat-treated but instead UV light-treated*.

This means that once your cider arrives you'll need to pop it right into the fridge and make sure to enjoy it within five days of opening it. You'll gulp it down before that time is up, guaranteed. It's that good.

Editor's note: UV light treatment is a method used to sterilize food while keeping as many nutrients as possible. Read more about it here.  



So many new goodies in store for you all! That's right - we've got ham in stock from Avrom farm - it's so delicious you could skip it on a sandwich and have it with your main course. Did you ever eat those appetizers back when, the cream cheese bite wrapped in a slice of deli ham? It's basically Midwestern sushi that we think would be actually super good if you subbed the cream cheese for goat cheese and added some veggies. Your call, though, this stuff is made with just Kosher salt, brown sugar, and celery juice powder. It comes frozen, so defrost when you're ready to eat it.

Avrom raises Berkshire and Tamworth breeds of pigs because they are excellent foragers and are able to supplement their diet of non-gmo barley, flax meal, corn, and oats with lush grasses and other plants they grow for them in their pastures. They also feed them vegetable scraps from the vegetable side of their farm. The bedding from their pigs is composted and used to fertilize their vegetables so that they don't have to rely on purchased organic fertilizer, oftentimes coming from industrial poultry operations! Super cool.
These pigs don't just have "access to pasture". They are rotationally grazed through small field paddocks weekly to make sure that they have access to lush vegetation to eat. Although this takes quite a bit more time and management, the ethical and sustainable effects of these practices make it a no-brainer for Avrom, and same for us. We have a feeling we'll be keeping this in stock for quite some time.

Please note that the contents of your box are subject to change based on a variety of factors. The majority of what we provide is harvested after we send this email, farming is an inexact science, and we feel strongly about the importance of sending only the best produce your way. Regardless of variety, we are sure to meet the expected value per week in each box, and will do our best to provide reasonable substitutions whenever possible.


We recycle boxes, freezer sleeves, & plastic bags

If you cannot or do not leave a cooler out for your delivery, please be sure to leave out for your delivery driver both the wax boxes your produce arrives in and any clean freezer sleeves you might receive with your items.

Boxes, freezer sleeves: are not recyclable and they may be used dozens of times. Returning your boxes and freezer sleeves enables us to provide more accessible pricing and helps the earth.

Plastic bags: please rinse, dry, and leave for your driver. We will recycle them for you at the appropriate facility.

We greatly appreciate you recycling all other items on your own.


Your delivery date is based on your address.

Your delivery date is based on your address. Deliveries happen from 10AM - 7PM on Wednesday - Friday and 7AM - 3PM on Saturdays. We will text upon arrival. If you are not home during your usual delivery time, please contact us to make additional arrangements.


Please prepare for deliveries.

If you will not be home to receive your delivery, please leave out a cooler (with an ice pack)! It protects the veggies from excess heat and freezing cold, keeps them safe from critters, and allows your driver to empty your box and return it to the farm.


Please be in touch right away with any issues. 

Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions? Please let us know. Urgent issue? Please
let us know right away. We'll do our best to address the problem immediately.


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