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March 2016 - Flooding and freezing
Flooding - useful information

This winter saw some of the highest river levels we've seen in recent years, and a little bit of anxiety on the part of some residents.

The way that the flood protection is designed means that the river floods to the north first, and comes to within around 1m or so of the top of the floodbank that runs through the village - at that point, though, it then proceeds to flood south, onto the flood plains towards Eggborough and Kellington. Only if those areas are completely saturated is there any risk (a structural failure of the floodbank aside) that the river level on the north side of the river would continue to rise beyond that point and overtop the floodbank. Our floodbank is designed to protect the town of Selby, which is much lower than we are, from flooding from the River Aire.

There are a number of river level monitoring stations in place, whose data is updated hourly onto government websites. The current levels at Birkin Holme Washlands (to the west of the village) can be found here, and the current levels at Chapel Haddlesey can be found here. Note on the former that the highest recorded level is 5.63m in late December last year, which gives you some idea of the sort of levels that it is built to deal with.

If you are not already registered to receive notification of flood warnings by telephone or email, then you can do so for free online here. If you are reading the paper version of this newsletter and wish to be signed up, then drop either Glen (07816572222) or Giles (07766687658) a line and they'll be happy to help you get signed up. Bear in mind, though, that warnings of urgent threats to life and property were issued twice this winter when the flood bank was doing its thing - so it may be a bit of a "cry wolf" situation!
Highways - useful information

At a recent meeting with the Highways Agency, a couple of useful tidbits of information were shared.

The first is the existence of a useful web resource - - which contains information on all current and forthcoming roadworks throughout the country. You can search by area, and see not just what the roadworks are planned and where, but also see who it is (gas, Highways, electricity, telephone, etc.) who is actually undertaking the work which impacts on the road usage.

The second was information on the gritting policy for our roads. Full details can be found here, but in short, the A19 is a Priority One road, and the other roads (through the village, off to Birkin and up to Gateforth, and so on) are Priority Two roads. Priority One roads will be gritted by 7am, and if the weather situation requires it, Priority Two roads will then be gritted by 10am. Other roads will not normally be treated unless freezing conditions are likely to continue for more than 72 hours. There is a Twitter hashtag of #nygrit which you can search for up to the minute information on what's going to be gritted and when - click here for a link to it.
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