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Happy 4th!
The 4th is many things to people: BBQs, Fireworks, History, a day off work.   For me, it is a day of remembering that what makes us great (as a city, a country, a human race). And that's when we are our most welcoming, our most inclusive, our most compassionate to others who need our help. In other words - what we should be doing every day. 

And of course, there is yarn.  I'm taking advantage of an unexpected day off to cast on a sweater.  A sweater for me, and not for the shop - something I haven't done in more months than I care to think about.  I hope to finish it in time to go on a little trip at the end of the month when the shop is closed from July 27th through August 12th.  See what I did there?  Real smooth segue, no?  

Before we go on break, there are a few things on the horizon. First off, our big annual sale will be the week before we close. More than that in a future newsletter, but it is going to be epic!   Also, I talked about it last week, but it is super important - so I'm mentioning it again:
Because I truly believe we need to walk our walks as much as talk our talks.  And because there are a lot of people and organizations doing a lot of really good work right now, but they need our help.

We're throwing a Fundraising Party.   Here is how it will go:

Admission is $5 (or more if you're able!). Woolyn will match all funds we receive.  And we're not even putting a cap on how much we'll match - so please, be generous!  

Money will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center and RAICES.  Both are fighting a really good and important fight.  

There will be treats and drinks, and of course great company and yarn crafting! 

If you can't make it, but would like to donate, please call or stop by the shop - we'll be matching ALL donations we receive up until the party.   It would be great if the event was standing room only, so please share our FB event and let others know.  And if you want to help out by bringing a baked good or drink - let us know!
Summer Holiday Schedule
Thursday, July 4th - Closed

Saturday, July 27th - Monday, August 12th - Closed for Summer Holiday

Check the website calendar for other Classes + Events!
Be kind to each other and yourself this week.

❤️  Woolyn

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