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Director's Note
Feature Article: Promote HSB in Your School

New! HSB Promotional Video
Happenings at HSB Schools Across US

Annual Self-study Coming Soon

New! Poster Promotes Business Careers
Director's Note
Lisa Berkey, Program Director

Did you watch the Super Bowl? For the game or for the ads? (This year it was the ads for all of us!) I love watching the ads every year and thinking about the strategies behind them. Particularly when it's a brand that spends its entire annual budget on one spot, like Loctite Glue did in 2015. 

Promotions are just as important for your High School of Business™ program. If your students, your incoming junior high students, their parents, and your business community don't know about the program, how can they investigate it, recommend it, or enroll in it? That's where you come in. 

This quarter's newsletter focuses on promoting the program. We'll share a new promotional video, a career-focused poster, and lots of tips from HSB schools across the country. And I'll suggest a planning process to help you think strategically. Because why should your students' education be less important than a bottle of glue?
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Promote HSB in Your School

Steering Team Charge #4: Promote the program in the school. 
If they don't know about it, how can they participate? Promotions are the lifeblood of your program. You can give your program the best teachers, best laptops, best college credit options, but they are useless to those who haven't heard of the program. 
Because it's that important, I'd suggest promotions planning become a permanent part of every Steering Team meeting agenda. Roughly, here's what that looks like.
  1. Create goals based on your needs. For example, if your school mandates every section must have at least 20 students enrolled, then your goal is to ensure you have at least that many enrolled. 
  2. Once the goals are set, create a plan to achieve them. These are the strategies, a.k.a. "how" you reach those goals. One strategy for the goal above could be to ensure that "Every student in grades 6-8 hears about HSB at least twice each year." Keep in mind, you can have more than one strategy for achieving a goal.
  3. Select the tactics. These are the details. In the example above, tactics for reaching students in grades 6-8 could mean that a current HSB students writes about her experience for the junior high newspaper. Or, HSB students could teach the younger students public presentation skills. You get the idea. The tactics are probably the easiest part. You have access to promotional resources we've created on our website and your HSB teachers have access to tactics used by other HSB schools (such as t-shirt designs and open house plans) on the teachers' Wiki.
  4. Map the plan. Create a calendar or project plan that outlines exactly what will be done, by whom, and when.
  5. Work the plan. At every Steering Team meeting, spend time on the promotions plan. What needs to be done before the next meeting? How did the last tactic work? Should we do it again? 
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New Video Promotes High School of Business™

This 3-minute video explains HSB and its benefits. Special thanks to the students at Washington Senior High/Great Oaks satellite and their HSB teacher, David Penwell, for starring in our production.

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Happenings at Schools Across the Country

See what schools are doing in their HSB programs! Project-based learning gets students out of the classroom and into their communities. You can always find the latest HSB News on our website. It's a great place to find inspiration for your school's program. (Recent highlights below.)

Students Talk Investments at Marquette University

Wisconsin high school students got an inside look recently at Marquette University's Applied Investment Program. The college students, who manage real cash in the course, talked about the process of researching investments and how to pitch proposals. This experience was a perfect complement to the High School of Business curriculum used by West Bend East/West High.  Teacher Allison Holzer's students in the Principles of Finance class will learn techniques for building profitable portfolios using modern methods, such as BetterInvesting's Stock Selection Guide.
Engaging students from Day 1 
Students in Rachel Frydlewicz's Eastern High School (KY) class start their Business Economics course by planning a snack sale on Day 1 and executing it on Day 2. This quick activity accomplishes many goals for teachers. It gives students a taste of business experience that Frydlewicz can refer back to all semester as students learn about supply and demand, pricing, incentives, profit margin, etc. It also proves her High School of Business™ course isn't going to be a "traditional" class. 

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Annual Self-study Coming Soon

Just a reminder that you will soon receive your school's annual self-study to complete as a team. This tool helps you objectively evaluate your HSB program and set goals for next year. It provides us with national data to improve and expand the program in meaningful ways for you.

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Poster Promotes Business Careers

Hang this poster in public areas of your school to show parents, students, and visitors the value of business education.

Eight Charges of the Steering Team

  1. Advise of current education needs for business professionals in the workplace 
  2. Mold the program to fit your community.
  3. Promote the program in the community.
  4. Promote the program in the school. 
  5. Bring real business into the classroom. 
  6. Find observational internship opportunities for students.
  7. Ensure that students graduate with more than a diploma.
  8. Support teachers!
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Lisa Berkey 
Program Director
614-486-6708, x-222

Stephanie King
Project Manager
614-486-6708, x-221
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