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Autism CRC

The Australian Longitudinal Study of Adults with Autism (ALSAA)

Brief update - May 2016

Hi everybody,

As we start to move into the colder months, the ALSAA Research Team is certainly not slowing down! This update lets you know about how our first community event went, introduces a new team member and provides information on where we are at with the study. We hope you enjoy!

ALSAA Update

Currently, there are:
  • 119 autistic adults who have completed questionnaires
  • 54 carers/support people of adults with autism who have completed questionnaires
  • 24 carers who have completed questionnaires on behalf of an adult with autism
  • 50 adults without autism, who have completed the questionnaire as part of our comparison group
If you haven't yet completed your questionnaire, please do so as soon as possible. 

Do you have a non-autistic friend/colleague who can help out with the study?

We are still in need of more adults, both autistic and non-autistic, to contribute to the study. This will allow us to develop a more thorough and accurate understanding of health and wellbeing of autistic adults in Australia. If every person who receives this email finds just one other person to complete the questionnaire, it would make a great difference to the research. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. If you know of ANY adult who is over the age of 25 and living in Australia who would be willing and available to complete a questionnaire, please pass on our contact details to them.

You may send them this link: or ask them to contact the research team. Phone: (02) 9385 0620/ email: 

It is really important we have a large comparison group in this study, because we need to understand what the differences between autistic and non-autistic people are, to improve understanding and ensure services are appropriate for autistic adults!
The Autism MeetUp - Our first community event! 

On Saturday the 2nd April 2016 we ran our first community event. The day was a real success with over 70 attendees including autistic adults and children, families, carers/support people, health professionals and other researchers. Feedback from the day was really positive, and we are definitely planning on running the event again next year. So if you missed out, no need to worry, we will see you in April 2017!

Job opportunity with Hewlett Packard Enterprises

There are exciting job opportunities for Trainee Cyber Security Analysts with one of the world’s most successful IT companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprises. You must be an Australian Citizen over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of autism to be eligible.
For more information about the opportunity, please refer to the link below.
To find out about the method of applying, the recruitment process and timelines for this great opportunity, please refer to the link below.
New Team Member Profile:

Name: Taylor Stacey
Role: 4th year occupational therapy Honours student - ACU
Site: NSW
What do you like most about working on the study? I really value the knowledge I've gained about individuals' experiences of autism.  As I'm not far from graduating, I'll be working with autistic individuals, potentially on a daily basis.  By gaining a deeper understanding through the information obtained through the study, I feel this is truly helping me to approach future practice holistically.  The team are enthusiastic, friendly and willing to explain anything and everything, the passion of each team member is evident and makes the environment feel cohesive and supportive.  I'm so grateful to be part of such progressive research that will provide much needed knowledge in a somewhat misunderstood field.
What impact do you hope this study will have in the future? I feel this study will offer a unique insight into the meaning of health and wellbeing for autistic adults and how they perceive themselves.  After meeting autistic adults and working with some of the data, I personally feel there is a great misunderstanding between autistic people and non-autistic people and currently many services are ill-equipped to work with autistic people appropriately. ALSAA acknowledges that autism is lifelong and that research in the adult population has been neglected.  This study will supply clinicians, researchers, support workers, the general population etc. with a wealth of information about autism in adulthood that has not been previously available in Australia.   

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Kind regards, 

Kitty, Jane, Taylor and Julian

The ALSAA Research Team 

Australia Longitudinal Study of Adults
on the Autism Spectrum (ALSAA)

(02) 9385 0620


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