June 2022
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Gender Non-conforming communities have continued to be persecuted, attacked, excluded, and more throughout history. Though advancements have been made, suicide risk is higher amongst LGBTQ people of all ages. Kevin's Song is PROUD to support #pridemonth. 

Protective factors include family support and acceptance, culturally competent care, and accessible mental health services. As community and family members, we can and must do more to oppose violent acts that harm our fellow community and family members. 

As community and family members, we can offer our love and pride by being fully present. Making room for those in our lives to live honestly, building up their self-esteem by supporting them as they explore their identity, safely and without judgement. The ability to live life honestly. Fostering closer, more authentic and genuine relationships. We do this not only for pride month but every day.
- written by Amelia Lehto, Kevin's Song Advisory Council 

What's on my mind . . . from the desk of Brian Dilworth

Not even a few weeks in as the Executive Director of Kevin's Song, and I have found a consistent theme. So many people care. They care about our mission, events, programs, and partners. Most of all, they care about each other. What I am learning is that no one is alone. It may sometimes appear that life's challenges are insurmountable and overwhelming, but trust me – there are people out there, everywhere, that care about YOU. Identifying who these people are is a great place to put our energy.

Having a tough day? Kevin's Song has listed several resources, support groups, and areas of inspiration that I encourage you to review on our website. Looking for more direction? Reach out to us, and we will try our best to connect you with the ideal area of support. Having an incredible day? There are multiple articles that share amazing success stories that will make you smile even more brightly.

Every day, our board, advisory council, volunteers, and staff – are working to provide a stronger and more effective beacon of support for those in need. I can guarantee that we will spend today working to empower communities to prevent suicide and offer hope and healing to survivors. That's more than our mission statement. It's who we are. No matter who you are – you are on our minds. Don't ever forget that.

Supporter Spotlight - Rory Sullivan 

A Conversation with Rory Sullivan….

Brian had the privilege to chat with Rory recently about her donation drive for Kevin’s Song during her last three birthdays.  Here’s some snippets: 

Q. What motivated you to become involved with supporting Kevin’s Song?

A. I was a long time acquaintance of Brian Urso (a son of Kevin’s Song co-founders, John and Gail Urso). When I heard the news about his brother Kevin, it just went straight to my heart.  I know first hand the challenges that accompany anxiety and depression.  I just wanted to find a way to help – to be part of the answer.
So, I decided for my birthday a couple of years ago that I would take advantage of Facebook allowing you to post about a fundraiser on your page and invite your friends to “gift” support.  I was a bulldog with reaching out to all of my friends every day about contributing, lol.  I made sure they knew it wasn’t about how much they gave (Facebook allows a minimum donation of $5.00) – just that they pitched in.

I think the first year (2020) I raised about $2,200.  The second year was still very successful, but I fell short of the $2,000 goal.  Now, for 2022, I was determined to achieve that goal!

So, I doubled up on my efforts and outreach to my friends.  I’m lucky they like me so much, because I was relentless. But, as I mentioned, suicide prevention is such an important cause and mission.  It was important to me to not only raise funds to support Kevin’s Song – but to let my friends know that this topic was important to me. It worked, because I was getting near the end of my fundraiser, and I was short of my goal. A close friend of mine must have been watching and knew what my goal was. Because, bam, the money to help me reach the goal was sent in one fairly large gift by him right before my deadline.  I ended up raising about $2,500.  I was overwhelmed by how generous he, and everyone, was.  He just shrugged it off and said he wanted to help me.  I guess that is what this is all about.  Helping others in any way you can.

Q. Any last thoughts you want to share?

A. Yes!!  I might have to start doing this more than once a year on my birthday, lol. Christmas fundraisers, Easter fundraisers, July 4th……

All of us at Kevin’s Song want to thank Rory, (and her friends) for making a difference with our mission and our programming.  If you would like to support Kevin’s Song, please visit our website at

Thank you, Rory! You are an angel.

Starry, Starry Night - September 22 

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A Conference on Suicide - Building Roads to Tomorrow 

Book of the Month 

Guns and Suicide: An American Epidemic 1st Edition 
by Michael D. Anestis 

The majority of gun deaths in the United States are suicide deaths, and the majority of suicide deaths are gun deaths. Most people are unaware that suicide, at nearly 43,000 deaths per year, is more common than homicide and other widely publicized tragedies. And yet, suicide is typically
absent from discussions of gun violence. As such, the national conversation on gun violence is inadequate and unrelated to the majority of gun deaths in this country.

In Guns and Suicide, Michael Anestis reframes our perspective on gun violence by shifting the focus to suicide. Guns play a uniquely profound role in American suicide, and Anestis explains how they have this effect-not by making otherwise non-suicidal people want to die, but by facilitating suicide attempts among suicidal individuals.

He reviews the evidence - in suicide and other public health concerns - that focusing on specific means for contracting an unwanted outcome (e.g., HIV) can successfully reduce the frequency of that outcome. With suicide, this could mean the passage of legislation related to firearm ownership and storage, non-legislative encouragement of safe storage of private firearms, voluntary and temporary removal of firearms from the home during times of distress, or a combination of these factors. Importantly, this is not a book about gun control. Anestis does not argue in favor of tighter restrictions on ownership, assault weapon bans, or longer waiting periods for purchase because these will not substantially reduce the staggering gun suicide rate. Rather, Anestis aims for a cultural shift towards suicide-specific safe gun ownership and puts forth unemotional suggestions in hopes of leveraging common ground in the pursuit of a lower suicide rate.
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Support Group for Loss Survivors is meeting virtually through Zoom
First Wednesday of the month and third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. 
If interested in attending,
please email Gail Urso at and she will send you an invitation code to join. 
Kevin’s Song has its very own YouTube Channel where you’ll find a resource library of Kevin’s Song video vignettes, PSAs, short films, documentaries and more that address the complex issue of suicide. We encourage you to comment, like or “subscribe” to our channel so you can stay up-to-date with our compelling and informative video resources that help us promote suicide education, training, prevention and advocacy.
Together, we will work to empower communities to prevent suicide and offer hope and healing to survivors. 
National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) OR TEXT "GO" TO 741741
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