November 2021

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"We have to reconceptualize suicide": Author Craig J. Bryan on one of our most pressing problems By Mary Elizabeth Williams

We are in the midst of a public health crisis of suicide, yet our understanding of why it happens and how to prevent it remains frustratingly limited. Our widespread cultural perceptions about it — that there are clearcut depressive red flags before, that there's a lengthy note left behind — only represent one kind of scenario. But not all suicides follow a Kurt Cobain narrative. And treating the problem as if they do that doesn't do much to ameliorate all the other possibilities.

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 Save A Life Award Nominations 

This year, once again, Kevin’s Song will be awarding our SAVING A LIFE AWARD to a person that exemplifies outstanding service to the community in Suicide Prevention. Past recipients have been individuals who have made a significant difference in the lives of citizens in crisis.

This year we would like to extend an invitation to the Kevin’s Song community to nominate an individual to be the 2022 honoree. This award will be presented during our 6th Annual Conference on Suicide, “Equity and Equality in Suicide Prevention, Expanding the Conversation and Offering Solutions,” January 27 – 29, 2022. If you know someone who by their work or act of kindness, you believe should be recognized, please let us know.

Please send their name and story to
Nominations will be accepted through November 30.

In the Community

Listen to Gail in an hour long interview with La Toya Bond on her podcast Speaking of Love.

Book of the Month 

An examination of how suicide prevention efforts largely fail due to the mistaken assumption that greater mental health awareness is the key to saving lives.

Over the last two decades, the US suicide rate has steadily grown despite extensive awareness campaigns, wide implementation of suicide prevention programs and initiatives, and increased mental health advocacy. To the confusion and frustration of researchers, healthcare providers, and many others,
these efforts have largely failed to reverse the trend. Why do suicide rates continue to climb despite our best efforts? Why aren't we better at this? What are we doing wrong?

Rethinking Suicide is a critical examination of what we think we know about suicide, with particular focus on the assumed role of mental illness. Craig J. Bryan, a leading expert on suicide prevention, argues that most prevention efforts have failed because they disproportionately emphasize mental
health-focused solutions such as access to treatment and crisis services. Instead of classifying suicide as a mental health issue, careful analysis of research findings suggest it should instead be seen as a highly complex problem with many risk factors - from personal decision-making styles, to the
availability of lethal means, to financial uncertainty. As such suicide rates will not be curtailed by conventional solution-oriented thinking; rather, we need process-based thinking that may, in some cases, defy or contradict many of our long-held assumptions about suicide. Rethinking Suicide
interweaves the author's firsthand experiences with explanations of scientific findings to reveal the limitations of widely-used practices and to introduce new perspectives that may trigger a paradigm shift in how we understand and prevent suicide.
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Volunteer Spotlight - Sandy Ambrozy

Sandy Ambrozy is a Fellow at the Urban Institute and the Full Frame Initiative.  At both organizations, she works with public and social sector partners to transform and advance a civil justice system that is fair, accountable, and accessible for all.  She is also a Live Chat Navigator for Michigan Legal Help; Board Member of the Michigan Municipal League Foundation; and Project Advisory Board Member for the national Self-Represented Litigation Network, LIFT Dane in Wisconsin, and California's Legal Link.

Previously, she was a senior fellow and senior program officer at The Kresge Foundation, where she developed investments to address critical issues, including access to civil legal support, climate change, and economic mobility, in close partnership with stakeholders.


Support Group for Loss Survivors is meeting virtually through Zoom
First Wednesday of the month and third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. 
If interested in attending,
please email Gail Urso at and she will send you an invitation code to join. 
Kevin’s Song has its very own YouTube Channel where you’ll find a resource library of Kevin’s Song video vignettes, PSAs, short films, documentaries and more that address the complex issue of suicide. We encourage you to comment, like or “subscribe” to our channel so you can stay up-to-date with our compelling and informative video resources that help us promote suicide education, training, prevention and advocacy.
Together, we will work to empower communities to prevent suicide and offer hope and healing to survivors. 
National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) OR TEXT "GO" TO 741741
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