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Sound bites: The search for two teen fugitives in Canada has ended • Cyntoia Brown was released from prison • the USA Today head office was evacuated after a report of an armed former employee • over 600 immigrant workers were arrested in Mississippi.



The search for Kam Mcleod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, the suspected B.C. murderers, has ended. Yesterday morning, B.C. police found two bodies believed to be Mcleod and Schmegelsky in a dense forest not far from where items belonging to the fugitives were found on Friday.
Remind me.
The teens became suspects in a triple murder after 64-year-old Leonard Dyck of Vancouver was found dead near the Dease Lake, B.C. area last month. A few days before Dyck was found, a young couple on a road trip to Alaska was found shot dead on the Alaska highway. The teens fled from B.C. to Manitoba, where they were last seen in the Gillam area. There, police found a burnt Toyota RAV4, the last known vehicle linked to the fugitives. Police have confirmed that the car belonged to Dyck.
What happened next?
It was a tour guide’s sharp eye that spotted the missing clue. Clint Sawchuk saw a blue sleeping bag tangled up in some willows in the Nelson River on Friday. That led police to a wrecked tour boat on the shoreline which eventually led to the discovery of the bodies. This doesn’t necessarily mean the case is closed, but police admit it will be “extremely difficult” to figure out the pairs’ motives. Autopsies are scheduled to confirm their identities and cause of death.


Cyntoia Brown was released from a Tennessee prison yesterday after serving 15 years behind bars. She was sentenced to life when she was just 16-years-old, but yesterday was freed at age 31.
What’s this about?
In 2004, 43-year-old real estate agent Johnny Allen picked up Brown, who was only 16 at the time, at a Sonic Drive-in, soliciting her for sex. Brown said Allen took her back to his place where he became violent and allegedly reached for a gun. As an act of self-defence, Brown shot Allen then took his wallet and a pick-up truck and left to meet her abusive boyfriend who had forced her into prostitution. Police arrested Brown two days later. She was charged as an adult with first-degree murder and robbery and given two consecutive life sentences.
And now?
In recent years, Brown’s case has gained the attention of celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West, and LeBron James, who have shared her story and championed for her freedom. Former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam granted full clemency (mercy) to Brown in January. Now, Brown, who got a college degree in prison, said she looks forward to using her “experiences to help other women and girls suffering abuse and exploitation.”


Staffers at the head office of USA Today in Northern Virginia were forced to evacuate their office building yesterday after a call from 911. Police said a former employee armed with a weapon was in the building.
What happened?
Thankfully, nothing. Officers later confirmed that the reports were “mistaken.” The person they were looking for was reportedly found in another location and police said there was zero evidence that a crime had actually been committed. While this story had a happy ending, Americans are no doubt on high alert after a deadly weekend of mass shootings in the country claimed the lives of 31 people.


Seven food processing plants were raided by U.S. immigration officials yesterday and about 680 workers were arrested. The mostly Latino group is suspected of working at the plants illegally. Yesterday’s raid is one of the largest stings in America and came just hours before President Trump visited El Paso, Texas, where a man killed 22 people on Sunday after posting a racist statement online about immigrants and Latinos.


Here’s why your friends are boycotting SoulCycle and Equinox.


Ben Perrin is the kind of hero the internet needs right now. Perrin is a bitcoin expert and educator, and when he was targeted by an online scammer, he decided it was time to turn the tables. A scammer recently slid into Perrin’s DMs, asking him to transfer bitcoins as an investment, with the promise of a doubled return if he did. Perrin played along and convinced the scammer to send him $50 as a way to test the process. When the scammer sent the money, Perrin called them out and told them he donated the money to Bitcoin Venezuela, a charity that helps people buy food using cryptocurrency.

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• Disney is rebooting 90s classics for its new streaming service, Disney+. Think remakes of Home Alone, Night at the Museum, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

• The creators of Game of Thrones are leaving their long-time home at HBO to start new with Netflix. The duo signed a $200-million deal to develop new projects over the next few years with the streaming giant.

• The Emmy Awards is going hostless, following the same format as the Oscars, which also chose to go without a host. The 71st Emmy Awards airs on Sept. 22.

• For all you Fleabag lovers, Phoebe Waller-Bridge isn’t done just yet. She’s making the play-turned-TV show into a book called Fleabag: Scriptures.

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