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Sound bites: The Raptors parade shut down Toronto • first-time home buyers could soon get 10% of their home paid for • Gloria Vanderbilt died yesterday at the age of 95 • MasterCard is launching a new credit card for transgender people.



The Toronto Raptors Championship parade shut down Toronto yesterday. Fans were camped out since the weekend to secure good spots on the parade route, which ran from Exhibition Place to Nathan Phillips Square.
How many people showed up?
The city estimated that 2 million people would show up to celebrate this once in a lifetime event – check out this image and this video. Mayor John Tory, Prime Minister Trudeau, and several politicians joined the celebration. Premier Doug Ford was there too – he was greeted with boos every time his name was mentioned. Some of our favourite moments of the day include Kawhi Leonard mocking his own laugh, Kyle Lowry encouraging fans to chant “five more years” for Leonard, and drivers pulling over on the Gardiner (one of Toronto’s busiest highways) and getting out of their cars to snap pics of the parade.
Sounds like so much fun.
It wasn’t all fun and Kawactus plants. Among all the chants of “We The North,” multiple subway stations temporarily shut down, several people got dehydrated from standing in the sun, and the parade was majorly delayed – the team was expected to reach Nathan Phillips Square by noon but didn’t end up hitting the stage until around 3:30 pm. Then, just as things were getting started, a shooting at the back corner of the crowd caused waves of fans to run for their lives. We later found out that four people were injured and two suspects were taken into custody.


The Feds just released the details on their new CMHC program – a program starting in September that’s supposed to help first-time home buyers foot the bill in Canada’s overpriced housing market.
Finally, some relief!
Well, only if you meet the program’s requirements. Under the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, first-time home buyers who make less than $120,000 can qualify to receive up to 10% of their new home covered up-front.
That’s it?
Not quite. To qualify, the price of the home also can’t exceed more than $565,000 (which actually isn’t much in markets like Toronto and Vancouver). And while there’s no interest on the money, CMHC acts as an investor from here on out – i.e., when the homeowner is ready to sell the home, whatever percentage CMHC put in, is what they get back.


Fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt died yesterday at the age of 95. In addition to being an artist and Manhattan socialite, Vanderbilt was also the mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Born in New York in 1924, Vanderbilt began her modelling career at 15-years-old when she was photographed for Harper’s Bazaar. At age 21, now with access to her $4.3 million trust fund, Vanderbilt put on her first art exhibit in 1948. In the 60s, she produced fashion designs that earned her the 1969 Marcus Fashion Award. She got married four times and had a son, Carter, in her last marriage who committed suicide at the age of 23. Vanderbilt wrote about her grief in a book called A Mother’s Story, then teamed up with Cooper to write The Rainbow Comes and Goes.


MasterCard is launching a new credit card that will allow transgender people to use their chosen names on their cards. The ‘True Name’ card will launch in the U.S. first, but MasterCard said it’s already working with banks in Canada to make sure it’s also available here. Many transgender people have reported having negative experiences at the cash register when a worker notices the name of their credit card doesn’t match their appearance. Some people have been denied service altogether. MasterCard said it wants to create a product that allows people to “reflect their true identity.


633 divers just set a world record for all the right reasons. This past weekend, hundreds of divers recovered at least 1,626 pounds of garbage and 60 pounds of fishing line from the ocean, making it the largest group to undertake an underwater cleanup. Ever. The two-hour event held in Florida saw divers from all over the world converge for a good cause – on land and under the sea.


• Taylor Swift dropped a surprise music video for You Need To Calm Down, which features a bunch of cameos, including a reunion with frenemy Katy Perry.

• DDG released Hold Up featuring Quee Naija.

• Chance the Rapper is featured in YBN Cordae’s Bad Idea.

• A Hunger Games prequel novel is coming next year, set 64 years before the original Games.

• FX has renewed Pose for a third season.

• HBO’s new show Euphoria is dramatic and beautiful.

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