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Sound bites: The second round of Democratic Presidential Debates aired last night • Ticketmaster made customers pay excessive fees • Air Transat agreed to a deal with Air Canada valued at $520-million • France is expected to hit 45°C today.



Last night was the second round of the first Democratic Presidential Debates. Reminder: there are 25 Democratic candidates vying for the White House in 2020, but only those who got more than 1% in the polls got air time. 10 candidates went head to head on Wednesday and another 10 took the stage last night.
What are the big takeaways?
Democratic voters just want a representative who can beat President Trump, and this will be the most talked about moment from yesterday. Last night’s debate featured many of the candidates leading in the polls. Keep your eye on Joe Biden – former VP to Barack Obama and recently in the news for this shoulder rub; Bernie Sanders – famously lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and wants to implement a system that covers health care for all Americans; and Elizabeth Warren – wants free public college for everyone, wants to get rid of private health insurance and is the senator who Trump called “Pocahontas.” The Dems have 12 scheduled debates in total. 12! The second set will be held on July 30th and 31st. Noteworthy: Republicans might not have any debates at all.


Ticketmaster is being ordered to pay up $4.5-million after the Canadian Competition Bureau found the ticket selling company misled customers about its pricing. 
No way. 
Way. Three companies owned by Ticketmaster, including Ticketmaster Canada, were found to have falsely advertised ticket prices that became unattainable after buyers were forced to pay excessive fees. And we’ve all seen it - unexplainable fees at checkout that practically double your ticket price. The investigation revealed that the extra fees added as much as 65% to an advertised price. So, anyone else who’s felt personally victimized by Ticketmaster, please raise your hand.
Right here! So, what’s being done?
In addition to a $4-million fine and $500k the company has to pay to cover the investigation’s costs, Ticketmaster must create a compliance program that ensures its advertising practices obey the rules. And the company better be on its best behaviour – this latest discovery comes less than a year after a CBC News and Toronto Star investigation found the company was using its own scalpers to scoop up tix, sell them at insane markups, and take a cut.


Air Transat has agreed to sell to Air Canada for $520-million despite receiving other (larger) offers. The companies will continue to operate as two separate brands, keep their head offices, and avoid major organizational cuts. But the Montreal-based companies, who started exclusive talks back in May, still face several hurdles. Some Air Transat shareholders still aren’t on board with the sale, and Canada’s Competition Bureau still has to review the deal – after the merger, the company will dominate 60% of the market. Air Canada’s biggest rival, WestJet, agreed to sell to Onex Corp. earlier this year for $3.5-billion.


France is expected to hit a record high-temperature today of 45°C. A heatwave in 2003 that hit 44.1°C killed thousands of people. Several countries in Europe, including Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic are experiencing extreme heat, hitting record high temperatures in June. Experts say the heat could be coming from northern Africa. In France, hundreds of schools have been closed and residents have been warned to avoid risky activity like jogging outside.


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• New Ed Sheeran and Khalid just in time for the long weekend. Check out, Beautiful People.

• November can’t come soon enough. The new Charlie’s Angel looks badass.

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• An injured Klay Thompson stepped onto the set of Space Jam 2.

• Happy Canada Day long weekend, friends! FYI, no Pressed on Monday. We’ll be somewhere watching fireworks by a lake.

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