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Sound bites: The U.K.'s ambassador to the U.S. has resigned • the Canadian beef industry is getting $8.3 million from the government • Louisiana is facing a hurricane warning • Denise Nickerson has died at 62.


U (O)K?

The U.K.’s ambassador to the U.S. is the latest to be hit by the Trump train - Kim Darroch has officially resigned.
K, what are you talking about?
Darroch’s resignation came after getting into a war of words with the U.S. prez. On Sunday, documents were leaked showing Darroch calling Trump’s government “dysfunctional,” “clumsy,” and “inept,” among other things. Trump, never one to back down from an insult, hurled back via Twitter, saying Darroch “is not liked or well thought of within the U.S.” and that they won’t be dealing with him any longer.
And what happened next?
Just that. Darroch can't be a very good ambassador in Washington if he doesn’t have ties to Trump. Darroch was set to retire before the end of the year anyway, but it seems Trump forced his hand a bit early. As for the rest of the British parliament, current PM Theresa May defended Darroch and was more concerned about catching the person who leaked the info. Boris Johnson (the man poised to replace May as PM and one of the few people Trump actually likes) had zero chill for Darroch’s comments. But it’s a bad look all around – many worry about the effect this will have on the allied countries, as well as what it means for the next ambassador if they can’t speak frankly and privately like they’re meant to.


The Canadian government is giving the beef industry $8.3 million. And Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says, no, it’s not because of China.
But isn’t it?
The timing is suspicious. Last month, China banned all Canadian meat from being exported into the country. Chinese customs police said they found ractopamine – an added ingredient that is banned in certain countries, but not Canada – in some pork products sent from Canada. Then an investigation found dozens of forged health certificates attached to the batch. It was another step in the escalating political tension between Canada and China (see: Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou). The ban could really hurt Canadian meat producers since China is Canada’s third-largest pork buyer. Most of the funding from yesterday’s announcement will go to Canada Beef, a marketing firm that will use the funds to grow sales internationally.


Parts of Louisiana could get hit by a hurricane this weekend. A storm has been brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, and heavy rain has already caused flooding in New Orleans. Here’s a map of the area to help you visualize. The Mississippi River is expected to reach 20 feet, which is dangerously close to overflow levels. The storm is forecast to turn into a tropical storm (named Barry) today, and by Saturday, it could be a Category 1 hurricane. The state of Louisiana has already issued a state of emergency and at least one county has been evacuated.


A member of the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory cast, Denise Nickerson, has died. She was 62. Nickerson played Violet Beauregarde, the gum-chewing girl, in the cult classic. She suffered a severe stroke last summer that put her in the ICU, and she’s been at risk of additional strokes ever since. On Monday, the actress suffered a medical emergency and was admitted back to the ICU. Through a Facebook page that her family set up last year, Nickerson’s son and daughter-in-law announced that they had taken their mother off life support.


A restaurant in St. John’s, Newfoundland is making its community a better place by offering free meals to the homeless every day between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Big Bite Pita is partly owned and run by Emad Elawwad, who says the daily offerings started after a man came into the shop with $3 and asked what he could get. Elawwad told the man to keep the money and choose whatever he wants. The restaurant’s manager, Alaa Nattouf, is eager to help as she’s experienced going hungry herself. Paying customers are also paying it forward, providing donations for meals for the more vulnerable.


• We woke up yesterday to two new songs by DVSN. Listen to Miss Me? and In Between.

• Oh, and Queen Bey quietly released Spirit off of the upcoming The Lion King soundtrack.

• ESPY Awards were handed out to the best of the best in sports last night. Here’s a full list of winners. Here are some of the most inspiring moments – this was our fave.

• Mississauga, Ontario teen Maitreyi Ramakrishnan will star in Mindy Kaling’s new show.

• #TBT song: JoJo Say Love.

• Out in Calgary for the Stampede this week? Join the ACE Class for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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