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Sound bites: Trump announced new sanctions on Iran • migrant children were finally moved out of the U.S. Border Patrol station • Team Canada dropped the ball in the Women’s World Cup • Sidewalk Labs submitted its proposal for a smart city in Toronto.



President Donald Trump announced a fresh round of sanctions on Iran. ICYMI, the U.S. and Iran aren’t even pretending to like each other anymore. Last year, Trump pulled the U.S. out of a 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and five other countries, then hit Iran with sanctions that cut off a large portion of its oil revenue. That crippled the economy. The U.S. went on to blacklist Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a foreign terrorist organization.
How did Iran respond?
Iran declared the U.S. a "state sponsor of terrorism." Things got worse last month when the U.S. accused Iran of blowing up two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The climax came on Thursday when Iran shot down an American drone flying over the Persian Gulf. Iran says the drone ventured into Iranian airspace. The U.S. says it was in international airspace. President Trump threatened to strike Iran after the drone attack, then pulled out at the 11th hour saying the casualties weren’t worth the risk. On the same day, the U.S. cyberattacked an Iranian intelligence agency.
Whoa, that’s a lot.
It doesn’t end there. Yesterday, Trump slapped new sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his allies, denying them access to oil and financial resources. This is how sanctions affect people and the economy. Trump is hoping the latest economic pressures will bring Iran to the bargaining table with the U.S.


The U.S. government was called out for holding migrant children in inhumane conditions. The majority of the kids were finally moved out of the packed Border Patrol station yesterday.
What do you mean “inhumane”?
The facility was described as unsafe and unsanitary - children had little to no access to basic needs like bedding, soap, a toothbrush, food and water. Some of the children also caught the flu. And sadly, that’s not all. Many of the older kids were reportedly taking care of infants and toddlers. Some of the 300 kids - who were taken into government custody after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border - have been held at the border facility in Texas for almost three weeks. But by law, children can’t be held by Border Patrol longer than three days.

How did this happen?
A statement from Border Patrol officials explained their “short-term holding facilities were not designed to hold vulnerable populations.” And it doesn’t help that Democrats and Republicans are fighting over the cash that's needed to help. Dems who control the purse strings don’t want to release the money unless Trump and his Reps agree to only use it for aid, and not the border wall. Reps aren’t making any promises.


Canada bowed out of the Women’s World Cup yesterday after losing to Sweden 0-1. It was a heartbreaking loss, as both teams struggled to find the back of the net. But Sweden’s Stina Blackstenius finally scored in the 55th minute. Canada had a chance to tie it up at the 69th minute, but Janine Beckie wasn’t able to cash in on a penalty kick. Sweden will face Germany in the Quarter-final. Meanwhile, on the hardcourt, Raptors head coach Nick Nurse was officially named coach of the Canadian men’s team ahead of the World Cup of Basketball later this year. And Raptors Pascal Siakam won the Most Improved Player Award at last night’s NBA Awards.


Sidewalk Labs finally submitted its proposal for a high-tech community along Toronto’s waterfront. The 1,500-page document proposed a project that would stretch across 190 acres of land and feature heated sidewalks, self-driving cars, and affordable housing. Sidewalk Labs (which is owned by Google's parent company, Alphabet) said the community would also have video cameras and sensors to collect data; all in the name of making life more efficient says the company. Skeptical? You’re not alone. In April, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association sued Waterfront Toronto and all three levels of government over the plan. But Sidewalk Labs says the community would “dramatically” reduce carbon emissions and create 44,000 jobs. Next up: Waterfront Toronto will hold public consultations, and a vote is planned for December or January.


Need a good laugh? Canadian funnyman Ryan Reynolds had us laughing out loud after we read a hilarious Amazon review he wrote for his gin brand, Aviation Gin. Moonlighting as Champ Nightengale, Reynolds has the review start out normal enough, but then things get weird and a little bit wild when we learn ‘Champ’ miiiight’ve overdone it.


This is how far Pixar has come in changing the digital animation game.

• We’re not completely over the Toronto Raptors yet, so we’re flipping through the pages of The Kings of the North.

• It’s 1969 and everything is changing. Summer of ‘69 is New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand’s first historical novel.

• Iggy Azalea released the cover art for her second album, In My Defense, available July 19th.

• Amazon released the trailer for Free Meek, an original docuseries about Philadelphia rapper Meek Mills’ journey from prison to his fight for justice reform.

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