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Sound bites: A Capital One hack exposed the data of 6 million Canadians • a 23-year-old was charged in a quadruple murder in Ontario • at least 57 people were killed in a prison riot in Brazil • a plane crash in Pakistan killed at least 17 people.



In yet another data breach – one of the largest ever – 6 million people in Canada and 100 million people in the U.S. had their information stolen from a hacker. Capital One said the hack happened in March and was discovered on July 19th. Stolen data included personal info like names, addresses, and phone numbers, but also consisted of financial info like credit scores and payment history. About 1 million Canadian social insurance numbers and 140,000 American social security numbers were also stolen. Fortunately, login info and credit card numbers were not compromised.
Who did it?
The suspected hacker, Paige Thompson, was arrested over the breach. The former software engineer got caught posting on GitHub about stealing info from Capital One’s servers. If found guilty, Thompson could face five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank said he is “deeply sorry for what has happened.” The credit company will offer free credit monitoring and identity protection to anyone affected.


A 23-year-old was charged yesterday in the first-degree murders of four people after a gruesome scene was discovered in Markham, Ontario this past Sunday. 
What do we know?
On Sunday afternoon, police were called to a home in Markham where they found the suspect, Menhaz Zaman, standing at the door. Police discovered the bodies of four victims inside – three women and one man – presumed to be Zaman’s mom, sister, grandmother, and father, all of whom Zaman lived with. Their causes of death and Zaman’s motive are still TBD. We also learned yesterday that Zaman posted pictures of the murder scene on an online gaming server called Perfect World Void, and wrote that he had been planning the murders for three years to keep his parents from feeling the “shame of having a son like [him].” Zaman will remain in custody until he appears in court via video call on August 2nd.


A deadly prison riot in northern Brazil killed at least 57 people. A fight erupted in the morning at a prison in the city of Altamira between two rival gangs: Comando Vermelho and Comando Classe A. Leaders of Comando Classe A set fire to a cell that contained members of Comando Vermelho. The fire spread quickly, preventing police from entering the building for hours. Two prison guards were held hostage (later released) and 16 of the victims were decapitated. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who was elected earlier this year, promised to bring down violence in the country’s prisons, which are often overcrowded and overrun with violence. Case in point: the Altamira prison held 343 detainees in a facility with a maximum capacity of 163.


A plane crash in Pakistan has left at least 17 people dead. A small military plane was on a routine training flight when it crashed into a residential area in the city of Rawalpindi. Five crew members on the plane and 12 civilians on the ground were killed. Another 12 people were injured, some in critical condition. The cause of the crash is TBD.


Are still on the loose.


In a story that’s just too cool to miss, an old boulder was just unearthed during one of Toronto’s never-ending construction projects. And when we say old, we mean old AF – try 1.1 to 1.4 billion years old! The granite boulder was dug up at Major and Bloor streets in the 6ix over the weekend. As for how it got there, experts think the rock hitched a ride in an iceberg from Georgian Bay between 12,000 and 15,000 years ago. When the iceberg melted, the rock got lodged in its spot 150 feet below a lake bed that’s now Toronto’s Annex community. And now, the rock will become a centrepiece to the city’s newest parkette.


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