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Sound bites: Hong Kong protests continued • NHL and NBA teams made major free agency deals • Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to visit North Korea • a freak hail storm hit Mexico • a person fell out of a Kenya Airways flight.



Protesters in Hong Kong broke into the Legislative Council building (i.e. city hall) yesterday. Half a million people marched through parts of the city, angry about a bill that was proposed last month. At least 54 people were injured.
Catch me up.
A few weeks ago, Hong Kong proposed a controversial new law that would allow mainland China to extradite (transfer) people from Hong Kong to be put on trial in China. Protesters argued the bill goes against the two-systems, one-country policy – which basically says that Hong Kong can operate under its own political, social, and legal system.

What’s so bad about the bill?
After Hong Kong was handed back to China by the British in 1997, China agreed that Hong Kong would be allowed to operate in a semi self-controlled way. Still, China has applied pressure in many ways, and Hong Kong residents fear that if the bill passes into law, it will leave people vulnerable to arrests by Chinese police. FYI, the Chinese justice system has been accused of human rights abuses. Hong Kong’s government eventually gave in to the mass protests and said it would suspend the bill. Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, apologized for proposing the bill in the first place. But it was too little too late.

What were yesterday’s protests about?
The protests continued yesterday on the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s release from the British. Protesters took over the Legislative Council building and occupied the seats where politicians typically sit. People want Lam to resign, they want a total retraction of the proposed law (instead of just a suspension), and they’re demanding the release of arrested protesters.


The NBA and NHL made big moves this weekend in preparation for the 2019/20 season. Teams are trading, strategizing, and spending major coin (almost $3 billion on the first day of NBA free agency!) to give themselves the best chance at a championship.
So, is Kawhi staying?
TBD. But the rumour mill is saying he’ll either sign a short-term deal with the Raptors or head home to California and sign with the L.A. Clippers or L.A. Lakers (to play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis). Big news you should know: Damian Lillard resigned with the Portland Trail Blazers for a supermax $196-million deal, Canadian Jamal Murray signed a deal with the Denver Nuggets that will make him the highest Canadian player in NBA history ($170-million over five years), and Kyrie Irving (formerly Boston Celtics) and Kevin Durant (formerly Golden State Warriors, currently injured) are going to the Brooklyn Nets. This is a big deal because the Eastern Conference – where the Nets and Raptors compete – has historically been considered the weaker conference. Now, not so much.
What’s happening on the ice?
The Columbus Blue Jackets, who stunned the Tampa Bay Lightning in a first-round sweep in the playoffs, lost three star players this weekend. Goalie Sergei Bobrovsky signed a 7-year, $70-million deal with the Florida Panthers, Artemi Panarin inked a deal with the NY Rangers worth $81.5-million, and Canadian Matt Duchene is heading to the Nashville Predators on a 7-year, $56-million deal. In Canada, the Toronto Maple Leafs traded Nazem Kadri (who spent his entire NHL career with the Leafs) to the Colorado Avalanche, and Sebastian Aho signed a five-year, $42.37-million offer sheet from the Montreal Canadiens.


President Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to set foot in North Korea. During a trip to South Korea after the G20 summit in Japan, Trump tweeted at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, asking to meet him for a quick handshake. And it worked! Kim accepted the request and together with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Trump met with Kim at the DMZ – a neutral area between the two Koreas – on Sunday. During the meeting, Kim invited Trump to cross the line over to North Korea. The photo-op had some critics accusing Trump of making a “TV moment.” Others thought the meeting was a great way to progress the ongoing negotiation in the denuclearization of North Korea (which stalled after talks went sideways in February). Trump and Kim have agreed to restart negotiations.


Mexico got hit with a freak hail storm that dumped 4 feet of ice in the Guadalajara region this past weekend. Not exactly what you’d expect to see in a country used to sunshine and hot weather around 31°C this time of year. Thankfully, no one was hurt in Sunday’s storm, but homes and windows were damaged and cars got buried under ice. Flooding is also a concern after ice clogged drainage pipes. Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro called out climate change as a probable culprit, and while the area has seen hail storms in the past, it’s never seen anything like this.


A body fell from the undercarriage of a Kenya Airways flight on route to London, England moments before it landed at Heathrow Airport. London police are trying to ID the man who was a stowaway on the nine-hour flight from Nairobi to London. A bag, water and food were discovered in the plane’s landing-gear compartment.


A Dutch company called Lightyear has revealed the world's first long-distance solar-powered car. Called the Lightyear One, the four-passenger vehicle can travel up to 800km if driving under full sun. If there’s a cloudy day and you can’t charge it using sunlight, the car can be plugged into an outlet to get enough juice to take it up to 400km. Cool, now let’s ride!


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