Building your creative muscles...let's play
"Let's Play" by Kathryn
Hello friends,

Did you play today?

I've been on a mission to digitize all our photos. This week, I came across a picture of our three children putting on a play, costumes, and all. At 10, 8, and 6, they had no inhibitions or lack of creativity in their play. I vaguely remember the day, but what stuck in my mind was the hours they spent scripting, rehearsing, choosing just the right costume and makeup.

I watched many days like this with Legos, blankets, and makeshift speedways that started on the top bunk and ended somewhere in the middle of the messy heap in their room. 

When did we stop playing?

When did we stop believing in our innate creativity?

I want to challenge you and myself today to consider our creative power. We forget that artists don't hold a monopoly on creativity. All of us can bring our unique perspective and playfulness to life and work.

Scott Barry Kaufman argues, "that we are all, in some way, wired to create and that everyday life presents myriad opportunities to exercise and express that creativity." Cooking, gardening, knitting, inventing, accounting, and anything else you can imagine become gateways to releasing our inner spirit of playfulness and creativity.

Imaginative play leads Kaufman's list of ten things highly creative people do differently. "Play and intrinsic joy are intimately connected, creating a synergy that naturally leads to greater inspiration, effort, and creative growth."

Let's play!


Inspiration worth sharing . . .

  1. I'm always trying to unlock the mysteries of creativity and shared some thoughts in "Find Your Inner Artist to Be Your Best."
  2. Whenever we think of art whether it's paintings, music, poetry, or crafts, we envision a finished piece of work. But creativity is always a messy business. Austin Kleon often writes about the process, the play, of art. He gives us a glimpse of the "residue of creativity."
  3. The brain and music have a powerful connection and affect creativity. You can find some examples here. What songs or music gets you in the groove to play and justcreate?

Inspiring words . . .
"We don't stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing."  

—George Bernard Shaw

With gratitude,

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