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So Others May Thrive!
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Leadership 13 Serves YWAM Colorado Springs


Dear Friend,

MBI’s Leadership 13 team is on a mission to ensure that YWAM locations thrive. They do so by providing participating locations with practical leadership training toward refining mission statements, developing core leadership teams, solidifying core values, and more.

In February of this year, the L13 team met for a week with the leaders of YWAM Colorado Springs. Here is what they reported as their time concluded:

L13 team:  “What a great group of people to work with, and what a great week we had! We had a lot of fun together. We facilitated discussion and planning, helping them to clarify and accomplish YWAM COS’s vision concerning what God was speaking about their next season of ministry. It’s gratifying when you see the lights come on! Once individuals understand how to integrate their gifts into their ministry’s team dynamic, they are better able to participate in building successful relationships.” 

YWAM COS leaders: “The time was very impactful and helpful as far as getting clarity on what God is directing us to do in this season and how to communicate that to our staff. I feel we have become more cohesive, which helps us accomplish our vision as one team.” 

MBI is grateful for your partnership in providing critical training to YWAM locations worldwide. Thank you for praying, sending, and going!

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MBI provides leadership support, practical resources, and volunteer connections to YWAM locations worldwide. Our goal is to help YWAM locations thrive and be empowered to know God and make him known. 
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