The Extraordinary Ordinary
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Connecting Christians to Frontline Missions
Mission Builders International - Summer News 2018

Journey Through Change

Summer Greetings Friend!

Serving alongside YWAM ministries in more than 185 nations lends itself to change, and not just in location. Sustaining and growing a ministry like MBI cannot be accomplished alone (in fact, over 80 friends and co-workers have labored together at one time or another over the past 18 years) and we have prayed and patiently waited for God to release His younger leader(s) in order to pass on the leadership of MBI with the charge to take it to the next level. Read More

The Extraordinary Ordinary

Mission Builders International’s assignment is to help harness one of the most powerful forces on earth—volunteers. We point do-gooders toward global service opportunities, and together, we see lives transformed. Sometimes the amazing things volunteers accomplish are just accumulations of many small, well-done deeds...extraordinary in their collective effect. Read More


Mission builder volunteers never lack for interesting places to serve and life-changing work to do! Here are just some of the ways and places volunteers can make a difference right now. Be sure to visit the “Where to Go” tab at for other amazing possibilities!

Doing Good Deeds Down Under! 

YWAM Gold Coast in Australia takes its local outreach seriously. They want individuals from “schoolies” to Indy car drivers to Muslims on holiday to feel loved, valued, and cared for through their ministries. These YWAMers will “feel the love” as well if you can help with their campus needs, which range from food services and facilities maintenance to IT and communications.  ● YWAM Perth’s ministry touches real lives and meets real needs in real communities both locally and internationally—but they need volunteers to help them keep their home front in order. If you thrive in construction-related jobs, auto maintenance, or working with food and feeding appreciative people, this is a great location at which to serve.  ● YWAM Brisbane seeks to build a good foundation and quality character into those who pass through their doors so that they, in turn, can reach out in confidence to share the gospel. Mission builders are welcome at this location to serve in groundskeeping, facilities maintenance, construction, and kitchen and food services.


Enjoy Serving in Europe!
YWAM Restenas, Sweden, is equipping people to take action and bring God’s truth to all peoples and societies—including Sweden itself, once a great missions sending nation. Could you help these YWAMers realize their goals by assisting with their hands-on needs in facilities maintenance, art, food services, teaching, and more?  ● YWAM Berlin in Germany is full of vision and excitement as it divides its time between training students, hosting outreach teams from churches and other YWAM campuses, and offering music and dance workshops. These folks need your help both with renovating their wonderful, older facility and with food services.  ● Also in Germany, YWAM Bad Blankenburg/PhotogenX, which seeks to be a voice for the voiceless, is housed in a significant, historic building that needs the tender care of mission builders who can tackle construction, renovations, facilities maintenance, and groundskeeping (and, of course, those who can man—or woman—the kitchen are welcome too).  ● YWAM Chatel is aYWAM campus in Switzerland geared toward providing training for students interested in reaching the nations through an integrated approach that includes counseling toward wholeness. Can you go assist them with their auto maintenance, groundskeeping, facilities, renovations, office work (French and English required), and translation needs?  ● YWAM Heidebeek, in Holland, invites mission builders to come help with housekeeping, reception, childcare, web and graphic design, hospitality, facilities maintenance, and more. They’re looking toward construction of new facilities and buildings as well—would you happen to have the skills to give them a hand? Your efforts enable them to continue training and sending students as well as working in partnership with YWAM ministries in Indonesia.


Fabulous Opportunities in the U.S.A.!

YWAM Charlotte, North Carolina, reaches out to nearby Southern cities and across the ocean to Cambodia to transform the lives of individuals, families, communities, cities, and nations. You can be a part of their work by serving on their campus through maintenance, gardening and groundskeeping, housekeeping and hospitality, office work, and more!  ● YWAM Tampa in Florida is new on MBI’s radar. They mobilize and train Christians for the work of the kingdom of God through their performing arts and frontier missions ministries. Besides their urgent need to get flooring installed before their fall DTS, they also have plenty that needs done regarding their building and facilities. Carpenters, mechanics, secretaries, cooks, housekeepers, office workers, and others are very much in demand at this location!  ● YWAM Austin, Texas, helps those suffering from systemic poverty by training and sending leaders who can impact the nations using a business-as-missions format.  At their home campus, they need volunteers who can assist with tasks as varied as communications, videography, construction, surveying, and all-around, every-day, on-campus labor.  ● Don’t forget Rocky-Mountain-high YWAM Cimarron, Colorado! They keep on sending restored and equipped YWAM missionaries to the Himalayas and the 10/40 window with the love of God. Be part of the volunteer family that has supported their vision by helping with services such as food prep, auto maintenance, gardening, housekeeping, and general handyman tasks.
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Mission Builders International is a mobilization ministry that calls Christians worldwide into active service, equipping them to encourage, support and work alongside frontline missionaries to build the kingdom of God.  MBI mobilizes volunteers to provide ministry and facility development services to Christian ministries around the world that promote health, education and economic opportunities for helping hurting people.  
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