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Hi <<First Name>>, what’s stopping you?

Let’s reflect … how was 2020 for you? Did you get de-railed because of the pandemic? Boy, I sure did - so many changes; so many new offerings over the internet; people want to stay home, people want to go out; people want to be safe and still have community; we all need healing and self-care. And with all the changes, my thoughts were with you - how do I bring you the studio experience virtually; how do I keep you safe while visiting, if you choose to; how do I ensure my own safety, health, and wellness? Of course you know, we are still in the middle of it and I continue to consider the best ways to move forward, to shift and make changes that will support you - the student, the practitioner, the one who needs self-care - with the safe, healthful practices offered at Nadi Om Wellness - your local yoga studio.

You may have noticed I took some time in January to reflect on where the studio was headed. I initially wanted to send this mid-month and time got away from me. But here we are, pressing forward now and I have a lot to share with you.

By now, we know there was no way we could have prevented the events of 2020. That’s OK! What we take away is the lesson - realizing the only thing in our control is our actions and how we react to the events that are happening. It really was and continues to be a lesson in “how do I take care of myself?” while struggling with the “new” normal? And this “new normal” is the “now normal.” So how did you do with your own self-care? Were you successful in making the transition and finding ways to take care of yourself, while everything shifted around you?

If you haven’t done as well as you’d like through this transition, then consider the practices (yoga, meditation, breath work, and sound healing), self-care routines (reflexology, Ayurvedic consults, therapeutic massage, Reiki healing), and courses (yoga teacher training and Reiki training) offered at Nadi Om Wellness. All of these offerings support a healthy lifestyle that help to prevent dis-ease in the body. They help to increase body awareness which opens the path to a stronger connection to the mind and spirit.

So, what’s your intention for 2021, <<First Name>>? I’m hoping you say it includes adding a healthy habit (or two or three) to your routine! And trust me, there’s no doubt that embarking and instilling a new habit in your life can be tough. Nadi Om Wellness is here to help. I’d love to talk to you about your intentions to be more healthy this year - not just for your body, but elevating your body, mind, and spirit connection. Contact me HERE!

And now that you’re thinking about what you might want to do for yourself, let me share what’s coming to the studio:


New classes AND more instructors are coming in March - keep an eye on the class calendar so you can sign up at the earliest possible moment to attend IN STUDIO and LIVESTREAM classes. (And yes, LIVESTREAM continues for now… and maybe, forever!)


Nadi Om Elemental Yoga Teacher Training (NOEL YTT) continues in its new BLENDED format - delivered Virtual each month with recorded video classes and a variety of homework assignments. There’s more to this program than meets the eye - let me share more about NOEL YTT…

NOEL yoga teacher training is not just for those who’d like to learn how to teach yoga to others. This training experience is for those who want to expand their own understanding of the practice of yoga along with elevating their yoga practice. If you want to move from yoga student to student of yoga, then let’s talk about how we can make that happen. You’ll find the program requirements (financially and academically) to be very support for every BODY! All right, a little play on words there, but seriously, if you’ve waited to start this journey, now is the time!


Self-care is NOT selfish! Taking care of yourself ensures you can take care of all those in your life who need you. This month I’d like to introduce you to an Ayurvedic treatment called Abhyanga massage. Abhyanga massage is a luxurious Ayurvedic oil massage that supports the myofascial level of the body. The oils used are meant to soak in and support joint function while the massage techniques support lymphatic drainage.

Thanks for letting me share! There’s definitely a lot going on right now, the calendar is being updated, and the studio is moving forward into 2021 with some exciting new opportunities for you and for me!

See you soon… on the mat! ~Grace


Everyone can practice yoga! In that light, Nadi Om Wellness offers Yoga to overcOMe - our program supporting those who’d like to explore yoga as a healing modality to help with trauma they’ve experienced. You may already be familiar that we offer Yoga for Vets - five (5) free classes to any veteran or first responder who’d like to try yoga. This year, there are plans to expand and invite more people to the mat! You can help by supporting the program through class attendance, self-care appointments, studying with one of our training programs, or direct donations…

Thank you in advance for your never-ending support!

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