A Strong Community Connected to the Sea

One of the most important things, the guiding force, of Cascadia SUP is getting people outside actively experiencing the splendor of the natural world. We are fiercely dedicated to connecting people, organizations and companies to through this neat little sport we call Stand Up Paddleboarding. When life throws it's curveballs, you know that you can always get away, even just for a bit and find joy on the water.   While the Cascadia bioregion is the primary locale for our operations and the rivers, lakes, and ocean here on the left coast are our main focus, we cannot ignore the magic of other parts of this planet.  

 Last season, we built a true immersion into the ocean lifestyle called Water People. This 5 day 4 night journey to the Rincon, Puerto Rico was a deep dive into SUP and Freediving for all skill levels.  Unfortunately, due to the intensely destructive hurricane season last year, the island and it's people were highly affected. Once these storms came through, things were changed and tragically, as we are now finding out, many lives were lost in their wake.  What hasn't changed is the strength of the island and the people who are still there are continuing to recover, to rebuild their lives. 

We decided to postpone the 2018 trip and move it to 2019 so that the island communities could focus on recovery and rebuilding. While there was significant damage, Rincon's surrounding area was not one of the hardest hit areas of P.R.  Before long, in Rincon, stores were restocked, crops were growing again and tourists were coming back. 

We weighed the decision of how to assist in this recovery from afar and what we kept hearing from friends and other locals there was the repetition of an important point, "Come Back."  

Before these terrible storms, Puerto Rico had a thriving tourist economy that was a primary source of revenue for local communities. Puerto Ricans are very proud of their unique culture, their island and their important contribution to the cultural diversity of the United States. 

An important component to Puerto Rico's ability to continue that process is a return to normalcy. We all are comforted when we can get back at it, whatever the "it" might be.  And so we have decided to make a strong push to connect and be a part of the recovery in this way.  We consider it a mission, while partnering with local businesses and professionals there, to bring our small group of dedicated Water People to experience this part of Puerto Rico. 

We have not only created a fantastic journey into SUP and Freediving but we have designed our February 24-28th, 2019 journey with the specific goal of providing visitors the opportunity to be a part of the economic recovery of the island. Each afternoon, will be free to spend as you see fit, connecting with the local area.  Whether you want to go for a hike with a local guide to a nearby waterfall, go enjoy an awesome local dinner at a nearby restaurant or even spend an afternoon picking up trash at a nearby beach, we will facilitate a deeper connection to P.R.  

There is more to this journey than just stand up paddleboarding or freediving or morning yoga or delicious food or an amazing house or expert nutritional guidance;) There is a drive to do good where good can be done and have a positive impact in any way we can.  

La Casa at Maria's Beach

This incredible 8 bedroom villa will be your home during your Water People journey. With Maria's Beach located right out front, it is the perfect venue for our time in beautiful Rincón. 

Fuel Up!

With locally sourced, fresh breakfasts and lunches provided, you'll have plenty of fuel for our water sessions and be able to enjoy dinner at local establishments nearby. 

Yoga and PaddleFIT 

Most mornings you will be invited early to a yoga flow with Certified Yoga Teacher, Aaron Vitali to get your day started in the right direction.  One of our day's will kick off with a fun and challenging PaddleFIT workout to get the blood flowing before you hit the water. 

There are only 4 spots left at the "Early Bird" pricing of $1999! 

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