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Stay Fit All Year Long

Hello Everyone! It's Jeff. You know, that guy who got you out on the water stand up paddleboarding that time;) . I have some really exciting news to share about a new focus at Cascadia SUP. One that will continue to complement the joy of gliding along our beautiful waters.  Thank you for taking the time to read about this exciting option for you, your family and friends to take real control over your health and fitness.  First I would like to share my story and approach to fitness with you all. 

Over the 30+ years of honing my craft as a waterman and natural athlete, I have developed a deep love of actively reconnecting to the natural world. Sharing that love with others is what drives me to improve, to grow. When I was younger, it was surfing, soccer, fishing, hiking, climbing, and skateboarding that commanded my attention and whether I knew it or not, being flexible, strong, conditioned, accurate, agile and clever were all essential to doing what I loved in and out of the water.  

I have always had an unconventional interest and approach to fitness. Mostly working outdoors in a natural setting, I have always paid keen attention to being and coaching others to be better humans. We are natural animals that are meant to climb, the push, to balance, to pull, to crawl, to swing, to lift, to swim, to be fit, naturally. We are born to problem solve, to be resilient, to overcome challenges, to work together, and to grow.  Fitness to me is about living a meaningful, healthy, active lifestyle and being capable in any and all situations.  And I see fitness training as means to that end. Being capable to handle, with a cool head, life’s challenges and whatever nature throws our way is paramount.  I have put and found myself in some extremely challenging places, whether facing up to the ocean’s fury and power or up hundreds of feet on a rock wall.  For me as a trainer, it’s not about aesthetics or being strong for the sake of being strong. It’s about strength and mobility with purpose.  How can we be, physically, the best humans possible? It’s not about training to train. It’s about training for life. It’s about being there when our family and our community needs us. It’s about coming out of tough situations better than when you went in.   To be honest, I never thought I would be a personal trainer but now that I’m here, I can’t imagine a more natural and important place for me to be, helping others realize their fullest potential.  

Your fitness story is a journey. It’s a long term process that needs to be trusted. There are no quick fixes, no magic solutions. There is only hard work and dedication. If you would like to invite me to guide you on this journey, I will be your greatest supporter. If you are ready to be that better human, I will be your greatest fan. 

Cascadia FIT Services
  • Solo Personal Training Sessions
  • Personal Training Packages
  • Custom Workout Planning
  • Youth Training Options
Outdoor Training Sessions
Please, step OUT into my office. There is concrete evidence for the benefits of spending time outdoors with nature surrounding you. It’s here when you can reap these benefits to maximize your fitness and actively reignite the best you imaginable.  Each workout will be designed to blend the best of natural movement and mobile fitness tools to get you exactly the results you hoped for and even some you didn’t expect.  Let's work out on an SUP on the river or in the woods at a park. It'll change your life. 
Indoor Training Sessions

Whether we want to admit it or not, the weather here in the northwest as already begun to shift. Before we know it, we'll be in our finest hoodies and rain jackets. While Portlanders love getting outside and usually aren't phased by an adventure in the raw elements, sometimes we just want a nice, warm and dry place to get a workout in.  With Cascadia FIT, we also have the option to train at a great private fitness facility in SW Portland.  RD FiT has the latest in fitness equipment for us to utilize for your training sessions. This way I can custom tailor each session with you and your fitness and lifestyle goals in mind. 

What to Expect During Your Initial Consultation

  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Expectations of Training
  • Discussing Your Health Lifestyle Story
  • Initial Physical Movement and Posture Assessments
  • Discussion of the Best Way to Fit Cascadia FIT Trainings Into Your Life 
  • General Nutritional Chat 

What NOT to Expect

  • Before and After Photos (unless requested)
  • An intimidating experience. 
Initial Consultations are ALWAYS Free!  Call 971-808-2787 to set up an appointment NOW!
We hope to hear from you soon! Spread the word!
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