Growing our networks, safely and with gratitude, this season. 
Making Strides Toward Positive Change in 2021
2020 has been a year of learning, introspection, frustration and open conversation in the pursuit of progress. To continue the dialogue, join our virtual networking event designed for small groups to reflect on recent events. The session will also facilitate discussion about continuing issues around diversity, equity and inclusion within our industry and action items to make further strides toward positive change in 2021. 
Partnership Turns Paved Lot to 2020 Night of the Stars Winner
Located in the heart of Seattle’s Central Area, the Jackson Apartments is a vibrant residential community that pays homage to the neighborhood’s rich cultural heritage. Formerly a sprawling paved parking lot dotted with concrete buildings, the site has been transformed into a 532-unit sustainable, mixed-income apartment complex providing a wide array of amenities including a grocery store, micro retail kiosks for small businesses, extensive artwork by local artists and more than one-acre of open space.
Continuing Education for CRE Professionals with NAIOPMA
This is an ideal time to spend a morning online building your professional skillset! NAIOPWA has partnered with our fellow chapter in Massachusetts to offer member pricing to you for critical skill-builders.

In Negotiating Skills: Art, Science or Luck, you'll learn how to identify the appropriate tactics and counter tactics employed for any type of negotiators to reach a more leveraged position (even when you think youre at a disadvantage).
2021 Sponsorships Now Available! 
Create awareness for your business among the region’s leading firms in commercial real estate development. Our structured sponsorship program offers you the opportunity to make an investment in year-round visibility by writing just one check. Depending on your level of investment, your company receives points to spend on items such as event, app or online sponsorships, or event tickets. To sponsor NAIOPWA, complete the commitment form and send it to
Go Deeper on 2020's Sustainable Development Winners

What does it mean to go first? In celebration of NAIOPWA’s Night of the Stars inaugural “Sustainable Development of the Year” category, we get a closer look at the two nominees, each of whom elected to be on the front edge of sustainable real estate development. Both projects, Watershed and INSPIRE, sit at the center of the universe, also known as Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, and earned special recognition from the judges for their efforts. Read more on the Sustainability Mindset blog. 

Avoid Closures and Layoffs: Protocol Reminders for COVID-19
We can’t afford to ignore increasing COVID cases. To avoid another round of construction closures and layoffs, everyone involved with active development projects must continue to adhere to stringent safety protocols. 

Click here to get COVID-19 resources specific to our industry. 
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