Every December 26th, my father starts counting down the days until the next Christmas. Maybe that's where I get my fondness for long-term thinking. While I'm nowhere near as, um, proactive, as Dad is, I do try to avoid the annual holiday shopping stampede (of gray rhinos, perhaps?). If you'd like to do the same, please consider giving copies of THE GRAY RHINO as gifts this year. Email Karlyn Hixson at St. Martin's Press to arrange bulk discounts for larger lists. I'd be happy to sign and send you personalized book plates to include for your friends.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming... actually, a rather special announcement. Read on!

Announcing Our New Website and Quiz

Drumroll please... the official Gray Rhino & Company website., is now live! Please stop by and take a look and let me know what you think.

The Horn (pun intended) is my new blog, where I'll regularly share comments on clear and present dangers, new research that sheds light on how to better wrangle our gray rhinos, and more. I've launched The Horn with a third-quarter update on the Top Global Gray Rhinos of 2016.

My Gray Rhino is the new guest blog featuring posts from people who have faced down their gray rhinos and experts whose insights can help us all own our gray rhinos. Because our personal habits inform the decisions we make in work and policy, I chose an essay about personal gray rhinos to kick off the series. As with The Horn, I'll share some posts in this monthly update, but you'll want to visit the site often or sign up for the RSS Feed to get them all.

Gray Rhino & Company also has launched our first digital educational tool, the Gray Rhino Readiness Quiz. Are you a Game Warden, Tourist on Safari, Ostrich, flattened Pancake or Chicken Little? Take the quiz to find out how rhino ready you are in life, work and the world. Share with your networks for a chance to win a free autographed copy of THE GRAY RHINO for you or a friend. (Did I mention holiday gifts...?)

You can also find videos, ebooks, and other educational tools on the new website, including a Slideshare on the 5 Stages of a Gray Rhino

Stay tuned for the exciting new features to be added in coming weeks, including the formal announcement of my terrific team of advisors and partners. You'll be the first to hear about everything here.

Thank you for Gray Rhino Tracking!

PS: Nifty as it is, the new website isn't smart enough to figure out that you're already a subscriber so will implore you to sign up again. Apologies for the bother. Just click "Never see this again" when the popup comes up and it should stop pestering you. 

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On Confronting Personal Gray Rhinos
My Gray Rhino, September 18, 2016
By Regina Rodriguez-Martin

The easiest gray rhinos to see are those of other people. You can probably remember times when you wanted to shake someone and say, “Stop pretending everything’s going to be okay! If you don’t do something, this is only going to get worse!” What’s much harder is to acknowledge the gray rhinos in our own lives.

Third Quarter Global Gray Rhinos Update
The Horn, October 8, 2016
Europe risks are rising again with Italy’s constitutional referendum, a wobbly pound, and the resumed IMF-EU tug-of-war over Greek debt forgiveness. The danger level in the Middle East is up as well following the collapse of another Syrian cease-fire and dramatic downturn in US-Russia relations.

The 5 Stages of a Gray Rhino
Slideshare, October 1, 2016
A deck summarizing the characteristics of each stage of a gray rhino and a framework for addressing risks before they become crises.

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November 8-9
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Bristol Hotel
November 22
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