ISSUE 1 - JUNE 2016

Welcome to the Gray Rhino Tracker

I'm delighted to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the Gray Rhino Tracker. Each month, I’ll share with you insights on how to better deal with the obvious dangers in your work, life, and the world; news about upcoming appearances, and links to articles by yours truly as well as some by people whose work should be on your radar. I’ll include thoughts on some of the gray rhinos I’m tracking.

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For this first issue, I thought I'd share with you some tales from the whirlwind recent weeks since the publication of The Gray Rhino: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore. The book tour so far has included a standing-room-only launch at the Upper West Side Barnes & Noble in New York City and a Milwaukee reading that got THE GRAY RHINO on the bestseller list at Boswell Books. CSpan Book TV taped my conversation with Global Environment Fund CEO Jeff Leonard at Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute in Washington, DC. I also delivered keynote addresses and moderated a breakout session and workshop for the Financial Planning Association in Phoenix and Association of Language Travel Organizations in San Francisco. Last week I was delighted to speak at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Carnegie Council for Ethics and Global Affairs.

One of the first questions at nearly every event has been, "Is Trump a Gray Rhino?" My answer has been a qualified yes: he's certainly coming right at us, his inflammatory rhetoric is very scary, and many efforts by people to stop him have come to naught (though as more recent news coverage has shown, he may end up being his own Gray Rhino). But though he's better at getting media attention than the other gray rhinos whose power he's harnessed, we'd continue to ignore at our own peril stagnating wages, widening wealth and income inequality, disconnects between voters and both major political parties, a sad decline in standards for civility in public debate, and people's feelings that they don't have the power to change things. Even if the Trump campaign doesn't overcome its recent setbacks, those issues will still be there.

I love the way people have been making the Gray Rhino their own, applying it to obvious threats from the Puerto Rico debt crisis to the end of a marriage to academia to financial markets and beyond. I've compiled some of those stories in this LinkedIn Pulse post. I've included some other articles in the "Reading" Section below.

Nothing would make me happier than to hear your reactions to the book and your Gray Rhino stories. If there are any Gray Rhinos you'd like me to write about here or elsewhere, please drop me a line with your request.

I'll be back in July with some insights on muddling, aka kicking the can down the road; and share some insights from some of my favorite Gray Rhino spotters.


3 Questions to Make Sure Your Startup Can Thrive With Change
Inc., May 23, 2016
The best companies are the ones that see opportunity in adversity, and are always willing to change

Why Do We Ignore the Obvious?
NY Observer, May 26, 2016
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Editor's Choice: The Gray Rhino
In the Books, 1 800 CEO READ, April 7, 2016
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