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Finally. Fall.

This was probably the hottest summer ever here in NC. But the air is cooler now. And Target already has aisles and aisles of Halloween stuff. To celebrate my favorite season, I'm giving away a free book this month. I'll put the giveaway on my website on the Writers Resources page, or reply to this newsletter for the direct link.

So whenever I invite an author over for an interview and tea, they bring me fantastic presents. One time I received an English mansion. Another time a gorgeous yacht. And a turtle. And let me tell you about that lamp made out of auto parts... Come over to my author page and see all the... interesting... gifts I've received!
Now brew some tea, scroll on, click, and enjoy!
Why is it a bad idea to invite author John Milton to a game night?
Whenever he’s around, there’s a pair of dice lost.
The last time author Jeanne Blasberg dropped by, she brought me a puppy! She visited again to celebrate her newest release The Nine and set a new gift on the counter.
Stop by and see it HERE.
Spilling the Tea
By Lucy Leaf, Advice Columnist
Dear Lucy:
My partner always wants to watch television while I'm enjoying the next book on my TBR shelf. How can I share the appreciation of a good story from actual pages instead of a flat screen?
A chapter ahead
Dear Chap:
I have found this complex conundrum to have a simple solution. While your pal is engrossed in flickering lights and loud noises, snuggle up close and flip open those pages. Then try these steps: hoot with laughter at ten-minute intervals, read random lines aloud, gasp "No!" and cover your face, tap your partner's arm every few minutes and say "Oh that was priceless!" and then hug your book. Repeat. Often. I can't wait to hear your results.

Raising my teacup to you,
Lucy Leaf
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