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from Clark Bailey, ALSITE President

 I am really excited about serving as the ALSITE President this year. I am honored to serve in this position and grateful for all those that have served prior. I’d like to extend a personal thank you to Rod Turochy for his service as President in 2017. His leadership and guidance has been instrumental in guiding me though my board positions. I’d also like to extent appreciation to our outgoing Past President, Jeff Stephenson for his service to the Section. He is one of the key people that makes this section work, and most of what he does is behind the scenes but critical to our success.
We have many exciting things happening in 2017 between preparing for the SDITE meeting next year, to the continuation of our teen driving safety summit, to a new course we are working on to train ALDOT employees in traffic engineering principles. I think we have fantastic individuals in-place on our board and in our section whose service will help us to continue to promote our industry and serve the people of Alabama.

Please plan to join us for our Spring Meeting at UAB in downtown Birmingham on Wednesday, March 8. We are in a great facility with really good line up of presentations that you won’t want to miss. Virginia Sisiopiku has done a fantastic job as the LAC and Cody Long has put together an exceptional technical program. During lunch we will hold the Sixth Annual Student Traffic Bowl. This is always a great time, so come prepared to cheer your school on! Finally, at the conclusion of the meeting there will be the opportunity to tour the UAB Distracted Driving Simulator at the UAB TRIP Lab (Translational Research for Injury Prevention Laboratory). The UAB driving simulator, which was the world's first SUV simulator, was featured on NBC's TODAY Show last year.

As always, our success this year depends on the service and efforts of our members. If you are interested in getting more involved and serving on a Committee, please contact an Officer and we will help you get plugged in. I look forward to working alongside each of you this year as we continue to make the Alabama Section one of the great sections in ITE. 

See you March 8th in Birmingham!
by David Newton, ALSITE Newsletter Editor


Please join us for the ALSITE 2017 Spring Meeting on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at the UAB National Alumni Society House in Birmingham. We have an excellent technical program planned, including a presentation from each of our four ITE Student Chapters.

Early Registration Period Extended – ALSITE 2017 Spring Meeting

UPDATE: At the conclusion of the Traffic Bowl, those interested in participating will head over to tour the UAB Distracted Driving Simulator at the UAB TRIP Lab (Translational Research for Injury Prevention Laboratory). The UAB driving simulator, which was the world's first SUV simulator, was featured on NBC"s TODAY Show last year.

Please indicate if you are interested in attending in the registration form.

Early registration has been extended and will end after Friday, March 3, 2017.

Online registration closes after Friday, March 3, 2017.


2017 ALSITE Standing Committees, Representatives & Liasons
by David Newton, ALSITE Newsletter Editor

Are you looking for more involvement with ALSITE? Contact a committee chairperson or member to find out how you can help!

Rod Turochy*                                    (334) 844-6271
Jim Meads                                         (205) 940-6420
Dennis Dickey                                    (205) 669-6621
Jennifer White                                   (251) 208-2960
Scott Rumble                                     (205) 578-5140
Marybeth Bergin*                              (251) 208-2970
Waymon Benifield*                             (334) 353-6404
Joe Robinson                                     (205) 248-5382
Meeting Arrangements, Program & Site Selection
Cody Long*                                        (205) 655-8855
Scott Holladay                                    (205) 669-3880
Tommy Lee                                        (251) 943-2645
Alicia Rudolph*                                 (205) 349-2100
Walter Dorsey                                   (334) 705-5450
Jim Meads                                        (205) 940-6420
Wayne Curry                                      (888) 346-5463
Kevin Garmon                                   (205) 477-3704
Newsletter and Publicity
David Newton*                                  (205) 298-6074
Rod Turochy*                                    (334) 410-0737
Doug Peterson                                   (205) 942-2486
Dennis Dickey                                    (205) 669-6621
Scott Rumble                                     (205) 578-5140
Nominating – Affiliates
Dan Vincent*                                     (614) 824-0125
Jamie Jones                                       (205) 999-1950
Past Presidents
Rod Turochy*                                    (334) 844-6271
Richard Caudle                                  (205) 655-8855
Doug Peterson                                   (205) 942-2486
Dennis Dickey                                    (205) 669-6621
Scott Rumble                                     (205) 578-5140
Professional Development: ALDOT Relations
Darrell Skipper*                                 (205) 655-8855
Richard Caudle                                  (205) 655-8855
Becky White                                      (205) 940-6420
Professional Development: PDH Records
Scott Rumble*                                  (205) 578-5140
Jeff Stephenson                                (205) 940-6420

Service Projects
Lauana Brochears*                            (205) 940-6420
Livia Ryan                                        (205) 254-2459
Clark Bailey                                       (205) 655-8855
Christy Cahalan                                  (205) 970-1443
Rocky Garrison                                   (256) 751-1338
Julie Lenoir                                        (205) 655-8855
Larry Jones                                        (205) 254-7779
Greg Ogles                                         (205) 254-7779
James Thomas                                   (205) 969-3776 
Cody Long*                                        (205) 655-8855
Stacey Glass                                       (334) 242-6277
John McCarthy                                    (334) 241-2821
Jeff Stephenson*                                (205) 940-6420
Rod Turochy                                      (334) 844-6271
Welcoming Committee
Julie LeNoir*                                      (205) 655-8855
Christy Cahalan                                  (205) 970-1443
2017 Representatives & Liaisons
ALSITE Scholarships, Inc.
Richard Caudle                                  (205) 655-8855
Associated Business Division
Todd Koniar                                       (251) 943-2645
Alabama Safety Coordinating Committee
Waymon Benifield                               (334) 353-6404
Alabama Technology Transfer Center
Jeff LaMondia                                     (334) 844-6284
ITE Student Chapters
Stacey Glass (AU)                               (334) 242-6777
James Thomas (UAB)                          (205) 969-3776
Cody Long (UA)                                   (205) 669-3880
Shane Bergin (USA)                             (205) 471-2000
SDITE Education and Student Chapters Committee
Cody Long                                           (205) 669-3880
SDITE Young Member Programs Committee
Virginia Sisiopiku                                  (205) 985-4906
SDITE Member Services Teams
Leadership Development
Becky Rogers                                       (205) 912-8540
Information, Communication and Outreach (IC&O)
Jeff Stephenson                                   (205) 940-6420
Technical Knowledge
Rod Turochy                                       (334) 844-6271                                              
Workforce Development
Jim Meads                                            (205) 940-6420
Annual Meeting (SPAM)
Scott Holladay                                       (205) 669-3880

*Committee Chair
**Committee Co-Chair
2016 Fall Business Meeting Minutes

by Cody Long, ALSITE Vice President

The 2016 Fall Meeting was held October 18, 2016 at the GulfQuest National Maritime Museum in Mobile, AL. The Business Meeting Minutes are as follows:

The meeting was called to order by President Rod Turochy.

1)    Approval of June 10, 2016 Annual Business Meeting Minutes 
The Annual Business Meeting Minutes from June 10, 2016 were approved by voice vote.

2)    Officer’s Reports
a)    Treasurer – Cody Long announced the Treasurer’s Report which covers June 2, 2016 to September 30, 2016 as follows:

Beginning Balance    $19,863.53
Expenses    $  6,424.33
Income    $  4,707.67
Ending Balance    $ 18,146.87

b)    Vice President – Clark Bailey reported recent Board actions as follows:

The Board accepted the membership of Basil Hall for Affiliate I.

The Board voted to contribute $450 to HMR ALSITE Scholarships as reimbursement for tax preparation fees.

The Board voted to contribute $500 to DSITE for their flood relief efforts.

The Board voted to enter a 2 year contract with the Beach Club for the Annual Meeting location.

The Board voted to execute a contract for the room block with Marriot Riverview for the Fall 2016 Meeting.

The Board voted to comp registration to the Fall Meeting for Hollis Loveday, the current Southern District ITE President.

c)    Immediate Past President – Jeff Stephenson had no report.

d)    Section Representative – Becky Rogers reported that:
There is a Southern District ITE Board meeting scheduled for 11/6-11/7 in Mobile at the Marriot Riverview.

The 2017 Southern District Annual Meeting will be held on March 26-29, 2017 in Columbia, South Carolina.
Action is needed on Committees. 
e)    Affiliate Director – Dan Vincent had no report.

f)    Assistant Affiliate Director – Daniel Driskell had no report.

3)    Committee Reports
a)    Awards – Jeff Stephenson had no report.

b)    Historian – Marybeth Bergin reported the following had no report.

c)    Legislative –Waymon Benefield reported the following:

The all passenger seatbelt bill is being pursued.

The future of the gas tax bill is unsure at this time.

If there is a bill that ALSITE wishes to pursue, please let Waymon know.

d)    Meeting Arrangements, Program & Site Selection – Clark Bailey reported that a total of 33 registrations had been received for the meeting on October 18 in Mobile.

The Spring 2017 Meeting will be held in Birmingham, and the UAB Student Chapter will be hosting.  Dates to be determined.

The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held in Gulf Shores at the Beach Club on 5/31-6/3.  

e)    Membership – Alicia Rudolph had no report.

f)    Newsletter & Publicity – Jeff LaMondia had no report.

g)    Nominating – Greg Dawkins had no report.

h)    Nominating – Affiliates – Darrell Vines had no report.

i)    Past Presidents – Jeff Stephenson had no report.

j)    Professional Development: ALDOT Relations – Dr. Dan Turner had no report.

k)    Professional Development: PDH Tracking – Scott Rumble had no report.

l)    Service Projects – Lauren Nickles had no report.

m)    Technical – Clark Bailey reported the Fall Meeting had 2 Technical Sessions, with 6 presentations involving 7 speakers for a total of 3.5 professional development hours.

n)    Website – Jeff Stephenson had no report.

o)    Welcoming – Julie LeNoir had no report. 

p)    ALSITE Scholarships, Inc. – Richard Caudle presented a general report and status update.  He also noted that Matthew Danneman (one of the 2016 Scholarship recipients was in attendance).

q)    Associated Business Division – Todd Koniar had no report.

r)    Alabama Safety Coordinating Committee – Waymon Benifield had no report.

s)    Alabama Technology Transfer Center – Jeff LaMondia had no report.

t)    ITE Student Chapters – Stacey Glass (AU), Cody Long (UA), James Thomas (UAB) had no report.

Shane Bergin (USA) reported the USA Chapter is in its first Semester.  They asked to send money for the Student Chapter to make it to the end of next year.

u)    SDITE Education and Student Chapter Committee – Cody Long had no report.

v)    SDITE Young Member Programs Committee – Virginia Sisiopiku had no report.

w)    SDITE Member Services Teams – Representatives had no report.

x)    SDITE IC&O – Jeff Stephenson reported that there would be a new Southern District website coming soon.  Jeff also asked that if anyone wished to have an article in the newsletter to get that to him for inclusion.

4)    Old Business
a)    2018 SDITE Annual Meeting Update – Jennifer White noted that ALSITE would be looking for volunteers for the various meeting committees.  It is also requested for volunteers to staff the 2018 Annual Meeting table at the 2017 SDITE Annual Meeting.  Those planning on attending the meeting should contact Jennifer White to sign up for times to be at the table.  

b)    Teen Driver Safety Summit (#urkeys2drv) – Jeff Stephenson noted the dates of the Summit’s are as follows:

10/20 in Bessemer
10/27 in Montgomery
11/2 in Florence

5)    New Business 
a)    The 2017 Traffic Bowl Competition will be held in Birmingham at the Spring Meeting.  

6)    Site Selection
a)    2016 Fall Meeting
Gulf Quest – Mobile, Alabama
    October 18th
    LAC  Samantha Islam

b)    2016 Spring Meeting –
UAB Campus/Birmingham
Date TBD
LACVirginia Sisiopiku 

c)    2017 Annual Meeting
Beach Club in Gulf Shores, AL 
May 31st- June 3rd
    LAC  Todd Koniar

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Cody Long
ALSITE Secretary/Treasurer

Association of County Commissions of Alabama proposes a 3 cent gas tax increase

The ACCA has proposed to increase the statewide gasoline and diesel fuel tax by 3-cents per gallon effective July 1, 2017 and levy an increase in tag fees for those vehicles that utilize alternative fuels.  The legislation would utilize the resulting gas and diesel fuel revenue for the debt service for the ATRIP-2 Bond Issue. Tag fee revenue would be divided among ALDOT, counties and cities.

ATRIP-2 Bond Issue -- $1.2 Billion (approximately $100 million in annual debt service)
--Total of $1.2 billion in bonds would likely be in two issuances to take advantage of savings and shorten the repayment schedule.
--Bonds will be issued by a “cooperative district” composed of each of the 67 county commissions. The proceeds of the 3-cent increase in gasoline and diesel fuel taxes will be pledged to repay the bonds.
--Bond proceeds would be divided among the counties using the gasoline tax formula.
--Twenty (20) percent of the revenue allocated to each county would be spent within municipalities within the particular county. 
--County projects would be let at the county level using the Low-Volume Road Standards for those roads with less than 2,500 vehicles per day and using ALDOT standards for roads with higher traffic counts.
--Municipalities would either let contacts themselves, utilizing the ALDOT standards, or would combine projects with the county commission and let the contracts through the county’s process.
--A portion of the bond proceeds, not to exceed 20 percent of any local government’s allocation, could be utilized for matching federal funds, should such funding be available.
--The revenue to fund the bond service would sunset on June 30 following the repayment of the bonds. An extra allocation will be made, following the repayment of bond proceeds, to ensure that all counties receive a minimum of $10 million.
--Following this extra allocation, any remaining revenue will be distributed using the same formula for bond proceeds.
--The restrictions on the use of the revenue, development of annual plans and transparency from SB 180 are included in this bond issue.
More information on this proposal can be found at the ACCA website ( and

Becky Rogers, our SDITE representative, keeps us up to date with the latest news!

The 2017 SDITE Annual Meeting will be held March 26-29 in Columbia, SC.  Online registration and additional information can be found at this link:
  •  Voting is open to select the 2018 SDITE officers.  Ballots have been emailed to all SDITE members.  If you did not receive one, please contact Scott Walker at Candidate information is available at this link:
  • Several SDITE committees are looking for new members.  Joining a committee is a great way to get involved at the next level of ITE!


•    ALSITE Annual Meeting: Wednesday May 31 - Friday June 2, 2017; Gulf Shores, AL
•    Southern District ITE 2017 Annual Meeting: Sunday March 26 - Wednesday March 29, 2017; Columbia, SC
•    Joint ITE / CITE 2017 Annual Meeting: Sunday July 30 - Wednesday August 2, 2017; Toronto, CN
•    Gulf Region ITS 2017 Annual Meeting: Sunday October 1 - Wednesday October 4, 2017; Florence, AL
•    4th Annual Rural Road Safety Conference: Tuesday October 3 - Thursday October 5, 2017; Guntersville, AL

Visit the ALSITE webpage for more information.

We greatly appreciate your support and commitment to ALSITE.  If you would like to become an ALSITE NEWS Sponsor, please contact David Newton by email ( or phone (205.298.1769).



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