“Awaken to your Divine Design”

A New Year approaches, and what a time of divine emergence this will be for many as mankind begins to become more consciously aware of his divine design through the heightened light streams of infinite love embracing each and every vessel. We are being assisted by Source to come into our Divine Alignment. We are now more consciously aware of the biological/biochemical evolutionary process occurring at this time. We are in a period of divine transfiguration, transmutation, transcendence and transformation.

“It is a time now more than ever before to expand your light. Your vessel (body) is being filled with the brightest of light - Source. This is happening to the whole of humanity at this time.  This cannot be denied for all are feeling it on some level. Beyond any beliefs, religions or controls, the truth of divine light is revealing itself to you through the vibration within your vessel and this vibrational shifting and uprising will have a most positive impact on the human system and thus altering the current archaic human societal functions”.


More and more we are guided to trust in the expansion, awakening and vibrational preparation of the human vessel as we surrender into the mechanism and dynamics of Divine consciousness. That is, the journey of letting go and trusting in what the universe has in store for us – what we are already part of, but understanding on a conscious, intelligent level. “That which we must now know” - this is our divine surrendering. Perhaps this is part of the Great Mystery of all ages, the awakening of our heart and mind, through vibrational transfiguration, to the assistance we are receiving from source as our “energy and very being-ness” is being altered. This frequency, coming to us directly from Source, is assisting our ascending process. It is awakening us and bringing our awareness to that which we have been truly designed to be. 

“Within your vibration you may be feeling a sense of bewilderment at what is occurring on Earth at this time. Many systems are breaking down and shifting and there is great uprising. There is much work being done "behind the scenes" on earth and in the higher realms, to assist mankind in this monumental shift. All through divine vibrational mechanisms. Divine plan, divine order. Everything is shifting in line with the divine and ordered universal plan. You are in the midst of the "Great Peak" within human evolution”.



“Within the physical form (Vessel) there is a requirement to expand your light so that this vibration is not "coming back into you" but being expanded out from you, like a beacon that shines so bright. Vibrational expansion is key at this time so that you enable more "capacity" within your vessel to literally hold more light. There can be a heightened state of awareness or a surfacing/great cleansing/purity within the human systems (mental, emotional, physical, and indeed spiritual). The vessel is being "released" from that which no longer serves the vibrational uplifting which is occurring within every living form”.

"When mankind becomes more consciously aware of the inter-action and assistance from Source, there will be a great connection and stabilization within all human systems". 

This light is the purest, divine, loving, powerful, transmutational light. It requires expansion in order to positively align. If you are experiencing feelings of density, depression, over-sensitivity, even down to wanting to no longer be here in the physical, this is a sure sign that your vessel is asking you to expand into the light. Externalizing, expanding, awakening, aligning. The vibration requires you to feel the emptying within the vessel so that what takes the place of the old thoughts and density mechanisms, becomes the opening into the very presence of the omnipresent light. Making way by the removal of density and old functionality. Making way for the new, that is programmed within your very DNA. Those that are in slumber are becoming awakened. Renewed, refreshed, reprogrammed.


Gino Severini
Expansion of Light (Centrifugal and Centripetal) - ca. 1913-14


Humans have an innate ability to bring their vessel to the lowest vibrational point. This is a pre-ordained programming within the separated consciousness. So much has been built up over time in the mappings of the mind/thought process where there is an element of "de-pression" that arises, due to societal internalization. Vibration becomes limited as thoughts implode on the central nervous system thus effecting/affecting all systems within the human form. The vessel functions in a state of slumber, unconscious of the eternal living light. This is where the vibrational altering is coming into play. To expand the consciousness back into the awareness and functionality of the living light. All aspects of the living vessel will then once again begin to function in harmony with divine light. Ascension (rising up/lifting out) begins. The rising into the true consciousness of man.


Allow the residual of this shifting to take place, expanding your light into the infinite, seeing yourself dissolving into pure light, will assist this process tremendously. Do not hold yourself so tightly within yourself. Expand and open to the All. For some there can be a little hesitancy as you literally want to hold onto what you know for dear life. Take a breath, breath, and allow the expansion. Clearing the mind and just allow yourself to slip into the very essence and expanded light of Source. It is vast, so vast, it will engulf you with the most divine love that you will feel in every part of your being.

So, if at this time you are feeling great density or feeling disparaged, consciously become aware of yourself as a beaming vessel of the purest, highest vibration. This only takes a few moments of your time and is very important for you, especially as we are moving into 2017 'the year of the becoming". See this light emanating out to the whole of the Mother Earth and magnifying this vibration into the very heart of all that reside upon her. For the mind is being cleansed and the thought processes being released, and this can keep perpetuating until you surrender to the expanded lightbody. You are raising up and out of the density of the human vessel, as it so has been resided in through separated consciousness. You are now shifting into unified consciousness, with all of humanity and a great unification with Source.

The human vessel and all its functions occur due to the connection to light. Now is a time more so than ever before that we must become consciously aware of this so that we can begin to align more fluidly with Source. Restriction and density are old patterning. You do not have to believe in Source to feel the vibrational shifting that is occurring right now. Beliefs and programming are instantaneously over-written with divine truth and wisdom from the eternal Father/Mother consciousness. The consciousness of pure Source felt as vibration. Waves of the eternal light.


When you become consciously aware that you are light above all else, a magical experience will follow, automatically, systematically and validation will ensue. This is not about religious beliefs or the harboring of systems that you hold so closely to you. It is an opening an expanding to light. Without barriers, without beliefs, without structures and without rigidity. In the higher realms, divine truth shines upon us through the purest of light. It is this very light that is within you and assisting you at this time to awaken to divine truth, through vibrational expansion and conscious awareness. It only requires an awareness, a simple acceptance above all that you may currently believe in. It is a time to open to divine truth.

Many structures are being broken down and built up again from new, like the essence of a child. Purity and innocence, with the knowledge that all will be well, above what may be occurring right now. For this is a shift, a great shift and the time is coming when all will settle into the new dawning.

All you need to do is allow yourself to be open to receive. Without judgement, without controls, beyond any beliefs and structures. Trust, believe and be open to receive.

“The best things in life are unexpected. Release your expectations. Let Source reveal itself to you through your divine surrender”.


Recently I was in the garden preparing for the winter months ahead. As I was cutting back the Ferns I noticed a little Caterpillar on the floor under the Ferns. I scooped it up and placed it in a dish with some vegetation etc. and placed it in the back room where it was warm. In the morning, it had shed its outer skin and was in a deep sleep. This really felt quite poignant to me in that over the last few weeks I had been feeling and sensing a "shedding of the skin" type experience. Letting go of layers upon layers and what was emerging underneath all the "stuff" was something very divine and "infinite". Something that didn't need the old stuff and labels, old designs and controls. Something that just is, in this very moment. Something that is so infinite and magical that it took my breath away. I was looking at life from a place beyond any form. I was looking from a place without structure and restriction and I began to see how the mind had been used as a sort of house to hold all the memories and identity.

I was told "you are no longer identity; you are freedom in form". This made my heart race. This was so freeing and I felt totally unburdened. I realised how there can be "trappings of the mind, and programming that we live from have lived from, do live from, and that we no longer need this to identify us. That we can fully surrender into the magnitude of source, start creating, manifesting and write our own journey. Be at the wheel, allow ourselves to just surrender into the arms of Source and let it flow "let it flow to you, as it will, unhindered".  To begin to flow, and be like a leaf on a breeze. Just effortlessly flowing and consciously living as one with Divine Universal order. It feels very magical indeed. I want to say it is so tangible but that would not be the right word, but it feels as if I can literally reach out and touch this energy - Source.

"The time is approaching for that which is truly divine to be revealed in all its glory". 


I was realising that we do not have to be all the stuff that we think we are that we have accumulated along the journey of life up to this point, but that we can let go, unburden, allow the light in to shine and release that which is no longer required as we evolve into our higher conscious Beingness. That we do not have to be the old ways or harbour or hang onto and have that which we think we are, be who we are in the many muddled up and layered existence, and that we are designed so divinely so to be "momentary" Beings. We are not designed to hold onto and be that which we think we are, but to totally let go and emerge as a Being that just is, and is free from all the ties that have binded us and kept us in the dark.

Source is assisting our very light evolution. We are experiencing so very vividly the brightness of this divine light as it illuminates our very soul. We are feeling the great awakening and shift more and more. This is not something to be believed in or held away from us as separate or to be "attained". This is the very mechanics of the Universe, working right into the heart and soul of mankind. A very ongoing and "alive" vibrational evolutionary process that cannot be denied. Part of our journey is the awakening to this divine truth, as it resides and works in the very heart of man.

Through the light codings of Source we are expanding into the truth of who we are. For we are altering at the very core of our being, through and as one with the very core of all Creation. Assisted by the hand that created all things, the very hand is assisting our process as we are experiencing and waking up to our light advancement. 

This is the time of "Light Emergence". Mankind is now ready to fully awaken to the reality of Source and all the divine dynamics that entails. Source is constantly and physically connecting and working "diligently" with humanity at this time, which has come to a pinnacle, a great and high point. Energies are running high as the recalibration is in process.

Soon the old ways and structures/wiring of the mind will not be able to function as there will be new mind-mapping in place (the best way that this can be described), new links within the brain system/wiring that functions purely from Source without the "intervention" of the human thought process (releasing of the separation/separated identity). Those whose "vessel" (body) has already taken on this new light "consciously" are already "functioning" in this way, from this new wiring, new program, new "hard-drive".  For those where there is some resistance still, those who choose to slumber, this may take time but mankind's light emergence will come to conscious fruition. 


"So were we not ready before?"

It is not so much that you were not ready, it is more so about divine timing. All is part of a divine plan and ordered universe. Mankind's ascension, his light evolution, is part of this divine plan, order and structure. This is why you are feeling it more and more, and so tangibly so. There are some aspects that are not open to or that mankind is privy to, rather he is experiencing this vibrational shift and sensing something is altering in the very air around him and within his very geneticism. 

“Perhaps at this time the faith of mankind waivers. This waiver comes from the decompartmentalization that occurs from within the mentality of his being. When he releases from the mentallization then there will become a true realization of the divine essence that he is. Faith becomes no more as it then exists as an actuality through his vibrational becoming. The mechanism of Faith, becomes the physical living embodiment of that which the faith was initially based and placed upon. He becomes that which he once revered”.

"As the Caterpillar undergoes the alteration in form, structure and design to the most exquisite of forms, so too is mankind experiencing a similar shift. He is awaking and will be reborn unto and into his true divine design. That which he will experience through vibrational expansion and light emergence.



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Know from what wonder you are created and embrace the New Year with all that you so divinely are!

With love

Tammy Majchrzak

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