Welcome to the MTFOL May 2016 Newsletter
Wow we are already in May, how fast time is going, seeming to dissolve before our very eyes. The human vessel is feeling how dense the old ways are  now becoming as we move into our body of light more and more. And it is just that, a body of immense divine light. That which no longer serves you feel as vibration. If it doesn’t resonate your vessel will alert you to this. For we are vibration. It is all about the vibration.
I have been asked to do a talk soon at the local Theosophical society, and as I pondered upon this I realised that I am not going there to talk, rather to bring in the sensations and vibration of just being. To sense and feel the energies of the One. There is so much out there that our mental body often becomes confused. We must always feel what resonates for us, in a positive way. This is why Metatronia Therapy is moving into silent workshops, silent workings. Talking, chatting, reading etc are great however, when we feel something that is our verification. And Source very much moves us to this vibrational arena. For what good are words and books when we cannot apply truth through feeling to our everyday being.
“Mankind is awakening to the divine truth, that which is brought to him as vibration. Much is lost in words, but much is felt in feeling. Here is where the divine awakens within. When you feel, so you become. The vibrations of the One are brought down and felt within the physical vessel, transformation and transfiguration ensues. Your part in this is to fully surrender unto the higher light formations, which will swiftly elevate you to higher states of being. This state does not come from within the carnal/linear structures of being. This light finds home and emanates from within the soul and heart of mankind. Much has been revealed unto you. For in your divine awakening you are embarking on the journey of the Soul. Enlightening and uplifting codings of light, firing up the human form, all aspects will be rejuvenated. Light works through vibration. Vibration is key to ascending. Mankind is moving into a time where much is being revealed through the elevation and awakening to the divine. This cannot be found in books, this is something that must be felt, through vibrational alignment.  You will no longer be lost in words, or try to fathom, for we guide you to feel, and in your trust, surrender and expansion much will be revealed to you. Is your egoic self ready to surrender? Are you ready to release the separation? Are you ready to fully hand over and release. In doing so the soul will dance, the eternal fire illuminated throughout your being, and great truth will be revealed unto you. Behold, the new dawning of mankind.
"I don't want to talk;
I don't want to debate;
I don't want to fathom;
nor cogitate;
I don't want to seek;
or look to find;
I want to let go;
of the cogs in my mind;
To rebirth in the new;
The simplicity of all;
No longer to be blinded;
Trying to unravel the ball;
I was lost in the Abyss;
of all that I think;
was truth up to now;
in the books, in the ink;
Written over time;
as I have sought to find;
Going round in circles;
the loops in the mind;
No longer to fathom;
No longer to seek;
But to know of the One;
Through the heart and it's beat;
In the silence of knowing;
and the stillness of being;
The truth of the divine;
I awaken, am seeing;
No more must I wonder;
No more must I roam;
For in simplicity in being;
I feel, I am home"

The One light works through electromagnetic frequency. A very high frequency so pure and so fine and divine. The key for mankind is to raise his own vibration to match the vibration of the One Source frequency and then what occurs is joy harmony love abundance alignment equilibrium. All of these things. This is why you feel such bliss in that moment of connection as you become one in frequency like a radio wave. A harmonic frequency, light coding electrical waves pulse through you unhindered by the lower frequency. Every thought is electricity.

The higher the electricity the higher the vibration the higher the resonance the stronger the light connection. In unison- mankind can and must work in unison to be the higher vibration and in doing so the electromagnetic current feeds and heals the world upon which is lived and which is so loved. This is the key revealed to mankind at this time . Albeit it is not new. It is ancient coding. Ancient guidance. It will and does not alter. It is mankind's instruction for rebirth and renewal at a level of understanding that is open to you all right here right now. It is all in the electromagnetic waves. It's application is simple in its form. The difficulty perhaps lying in the understanding of being lighter and higher in vibration. Release, surrender, expand. Trusting.
The One light coding is all around, within, without, in abundance it is within all things. It is felt as vibration. It nourishes, rejuvenates, brings  "light streaming forth into the hearts of men".

It is what beats the human heart, ignites the vessel/body, electrifies the soul and spirit of all. It is eternal. It is omnipresence. It is the light that lights all things. It is the bearing in the heart , the pulsing in the blood, the source that feeds and brings life to all things. Mankind must know the simplicity of this connection. In raising his vibration higher to that of unburdened bliss , harmonious balance, releasing g of self preservation and self importance. Unified consciousness meaning the same that pulses through each vein . Each heart. Connected in unison with the same current , wave and frequency with the One. It's all in the vibration. And you feel it and you know how it feels and so make this the set programmed electro wave of your vessel.
"What would you do if you were to realise and wake up to the fact that it is all about vibration - a vibrational key - that unlocks the truth of your being, as a light Being, dancing light of Source - when in this specific vibration there is the alignment, balance, joy, harmony, all of this resides and awakenings at this point of frequency, your natural rhythm. You see, within you there is a "fixed rhythm", an "attuned star light", call it your soul, that is tuned into the harmonics of the Universe, the highest vibrations, it knows only home here, anything outside of this frequency/vibration is actually "alien" to you, it resides outside the beating of the heart, this is why density and lower emotions as you call them perturb and bring misalignment and disharmony/disease and even end of "living" life. The Creator created you in this image, of divinity, why do you not let yourself be that divinity, in all its simplicty and blissful, unified, aligned flow? Now in the simplicity of it all, is where the key lies, in the simplicity of you just to know this and be this.....let yourself flow, letting go, rising up, simplicty, and let that vibrational key be known unto you as LOVE".
"What you do does not so much define you, but how you vibrate is what more so defines you. It is not what you are achieving that defines you or makes you you, it is rather how you resonate.
It is not what you control that defines you or makes you important but rather finding the simplicity in the connection to the One. This is what defines you, if you require to be defined. This is what becomes you, this is what you are, as you are part of all that is.
You are not separate and so why do you perpetuate the separated consciousness by the need to define who you are by what you do? The need to feel important by defining yourself as this, as that, with labels, with dressings and more.
Instead, be aware of your vibration, your energy, your flow, for how you vibrate links into all of your Being. If you live by the necessity to constantly feed yourself about yourself to define you then you are feeding your separated consciousness.
You are perpetuating old control mechanics and behaviour patterns. If you feel hurt by the action of others, it is not the action of others but often the fragile state of your energy matrix within the physical lower form/body/vessel.  For you hurt, you bleed, you take on and you feed the lower emotional states and so you take action to perpetuate the need to feed your definition of yourself by ruffling feathers and having a lower vibration and thought form feed your every move. Which is very instantaneous, very reactive to the moment that something seemingly brings you out of alignment.  This is because you are still so very fragile and are dependent on the separated consciousness to be your guide.

This is the old way. This is what is altering. This is where you are shifting, that is, if you truly wish to surrender all that you know, to all that is opening up to you now, for you to find and feel that new way of being. Lower vibration emotionally fed actions and thoughts - This is not your true reality. This is not your true divine source vibration. For when you are truly connected to Source none of the above matters. For you are whole and complete within your energy and lightbody, so much so it feeds into the lower physical, mental and emotional body so they in turn become almost invisible. In Sync with the vibration of the One that pulses through you. For you resonate at a much higher vibration/harmonic tone that you feel complete, so much so that you are Oneness itself and the need for separation and plumping up of your feathers no longer matters. 

For you are whole, complete and at One with all that is. There is no need to be guarded, to be hurt, to be emotional, to be reactive, to pull away or withdraw, for what do these actions this say about your vibration? That you are very much still very separated in your consciousness.  So the more that you can come from your true aligned divine vibration/resonance, the more truth you will live from, within yourself. The more connection you will feel and the more synchronised your whole vessel becomes. You are no longer part of the fight or flight, you are no longer part of the feather ruffling, you are no longer living from the lower emotional thought fed process that you have lived by for so many lifetimes.  You have simplified it all, as you are One with all that is. And you can look from love, all around you and smile. That you no longer have to feed into the lower vibrations or react or have emotional responses, as they to begin to slip by the wayside, as your vibration becomes at One with the One. This is ascending, this is shifting, this is One Source Vibration being fully integrated into the human vessel.  You will know when you are here, as you are just living from a divine state of bliss in all that you do, and what used to perturb you no longer has any affect on your vibrational aligned state".
As we ascend we journey on up the ladder of light. One rung at a time. Each step opening us, expanding us, lifting us, higher and higher. For we cannot carry the burdens we so carry, each of us, in energetic form, holding on to the past, keeping that blanket of security we feel we need from our emotions/experiences. Some serve us well, others not so well. We cannot carry these burdens as we step up each rung of the ladder. We must trust in the great unfolding, unravelling, releasing of all that we believe we are at this moment, into the truth unveiling within us as we step higher and higher with each small but magnificent step. We trust as we move higher. We unburden and unfold to our truth that light which lies within us. Our new garment of light is being created with each moment that passes that we are more and more in light. The light is the fabric, the trust we have is the silk that binds the garment together. Majestically weaving as we trust and move higher. Creating our new Oneness with the garment which lifts us to the higher realms and higher consciousness of Being. Trust in the process for we are unable to shift higher if we are so burdened by the past or holding onto the lower vibrations. It is just not possible. Through our conscious expansion, letting go, releasing and unburdening that higher garment is created and purified, bringing us to the higher light resonance and higher consciousness that brings us oh so much closer to our true resonance. For we are vibration and the higher vibration beckons each of us to be in that place of higher light so that we can experience our ascended state. The bliss, the peace, the love, the purity, the harmony, the completeness and our true aligned state of being.

Metatronia Metatation Webinar
18th May 2016

8-9 pm
Cost: £5.00
Join us for 45 minutes of journeying into the blissful Transmissions of Light. This is a time of great Oneness and Unity, where we are transported to the point of the All. Suspended and dissolving into divine Source Light insciptions that will assist the alignment and Ascension process. Please remember to register with Eventbrite & GoToWebinar Links below:
(A passcode will be issued to you once payment received through Eventbrite and GoToWebinar Registration)

Metatronia Therapy Practitioner Training Gathering
1st June 2016

7-8pm BST UK Time
(Open to All)
Free Event
Join us for the Quarterly MT Practitioner Training Webinar Gathering. A time for discussion, guidance, Q&A and healing light connection. This is open to all, to experience the light and to find out more about MT.

Metatronia Therapy Introduction & Attunement Workshop
3rd July 2016

Cost: £150.00
Hinley Hall
62 Headingley Lane
West Yorkshire
Join me for the Metatronia Therapy Introduction and Attunement Workshop in Headingley, Leeds. This price includes Attunement, MTFOL Membership, Certification, 2-Course Buffet Lunch, Tea/Coffee/Water. You can stay over at the Hall but you would need to book this before the event, direct with Hinley Hall on 0113 261 8000.
Eventbrite Link:

Metatronia Therapy Introduction & Attunement Workshop
21st August 2016
Awakening Center For Conscious Living

25260 La Paz Road #D1
Laguna Hills
CA 92653

Cost $144.00
Join Valorie Farber and Tammy for a one day Metatronia Introduction and Attunement Workshop at Awakenings, Laguna Hills. Wonderful venue, Divine energies. You can take the Active or Non-Active Attunement or Master Level MT if you have already taken the Active MT Practitioner Attunement. Lunch is not provided but plenty of places available for lunch. Please bring with you a mat to lie down on and a blanket, along with water to drink. Places are limited and filing up fast. Booking Fees are non-refundable. Visit the Eventbrite link to book your place. 20 Places only.
Eventbrite Link:
Metatronia Massage is the application and integration of Source vibration into the physical vessel (body) through hands-on vibrational massage application.  The massage application differs slightly from the Metatronia healing modalilty in that the light is used more specifically to deeply penetrate the muscles, tendons, ligaments – all the physical aspects of the human body. MT Healing being more Ethereal/ascending application and MT Massage being a more therapeutic/cleansing of the physical vessel. Dealing with the physicality in preparation to hold the higher light vibrations. Metatronia vibration works deep to release, align, relax and rejuvenate. This energy will also assist with injury, disharmony and any areas of discomfort. This is often silent but deep work, with the gentle placement of hands, where the vibration begins to work immediately upon the physical form. Metatronia Massage works through divine Light waves (sacred geometric codings/harmonics) bringing assistance into the human vessel. The frequency is felt very strongly and is verification of the support that we have from Source. 

Metatronia Massage can only be carried out by an Active Metatronia Therapy Practitioner as it is an enhancement to the Metatronia Therapy Healing Modality.
Practitioners must already have a recognised Massage Therapy Diploma/Training Certificate which can be in any massage discipine/technique. 

Metatronia Massage can be integrated with all other massage techniques but works well as a "stand alone" therapeutic application due to the vibrational intensity. Practitioners must have  basic knowledge in Anatomy & Physioligy either as part of a training study or already hold a certificate for this. Practitioners must already hold Indemnity Insurance that covers Massage. Metatronia Massage will be covered and  incorporated under whatever massage the practitioner is already insured for as it will integrate into that methodology. It does not require its own individual insurance cover although practitioners may want to put this in place.  Massage cover is adequate although some insurers will recognise Metatronia Massage.

The MTFOL recognizes that different countries and/or the states within, each have their own laws and requirements where massage therapy is concerned.  So, with that said, it is the responsibility of each individual applying and/or practicing the MT Massage module, to check with their local state and/or national initiatives and requirements as to if you are required to hold a massage therapist license to offer massage.
Metatronia Massage is a recognised modality and approved/accredited with IICT.  It comes under the training of the Metatronia Foundation of Light.

Cost for Massage Module: £100.00 which will include Certificate and Training/Presentation.

To apply - Metatronia Practitioners must forward a copy of their current indemnity insurance (if applicable) that covers, MT and also massage if insurance is required in country of residence, along with confirmation of massage training/certificate and anatomy and physiology. The MTFOL will validate each application before it is processed. 

Metatronia Massage Training/Workshop Facilitator Package is also now available for those at MASTER METATRONIA THERAPY PRACTITIONERS LEVEL ONLY. This will enable Metatronia Therapy & Massage Master Practitioners to carry out workshop facilitation and one on one Training for Metatronia Therapy and Metatronia Massage. This will come under the umbrella of MT Workshop Facilitator. This package is £395 and further details are found on the shop page of - This will enable you to hold MT Workshops in MT Introduction/MT Attunements/Lightbody Vehicle workshops and also Metatronia Massage workshop to train others in this modality as well as Metatronia Therapy Healing Modality. This is the full package. This package is the workshop faciltiator package. The Workshop Facilitator package comes with responsibility and so only those who are truly ready for this will be eligible for this training.


The MTFOL are also offering full training from Novice up to Workshop Facilitator. This package includes full attunements (Active up to Master level, full training package, MP3, Recordings of Webinars, Workbooks, Presentations and Metatronia Massage Pack. This full training package is £595.

There is also the option to become attuned to Metatronia Therapy Practitioner and MT Massage Practitioner - this option can be purchased for £200. This will enable you to work in an active capacity to offer MT Healing and MT Massage to others in a professional practitioner capacity. Full certification is issued upon completion.

The MTFOL are accredited and approved training providers -

There are great shifts that come with working with Metatronia vibration so these training packages are open to those who feel that they are ready to work with this divine energy. Those who are drawn to it, will feel it resonating deep within for we are "Assisting mankind in his light evolotionary process ".

Insurance for Metatronia Massage can be obtained in UK from DSC Insurance and also IICT. See for full details on insurance. For Canada Metatronia Therapy Practitioners can use: Holman Insurance Brokers who will cover Metatronia Massage under Category C rates. website holds full insurance information.
If you are no longer working or practising Metatronia Therapy please unsubscribe from this newsletter. Your details will then be deleted in their entirity from the database. We only show those who are actively working as practitioners on the global register. Please also take the time to visit the register on the site to make sure your contact and website details are up to date.

This recording from the 27th April 2016 Master Practitioner training event is now available as a recording for £10. You can purchase this from the main website.

All active MT Practitioners who are listing or mention Metatronia Therapy on their personal website must show the following details in line with the accredited and approved training standards we hold: - Tammy L Majchrzak - 2010 - All Rights Reserved

With love

Tammy Majchrzak

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