MTFOL Newsletter April 2016


"You are in the midst of a Divine Alchemical Transformation"

“Jesus said, ‘If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is in you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.’” 
The Gospel of Thomas

"Release from the carnal structures, the thought processes that dominate and keep you  in the dense, separated structures and limited consciousness. Allow yourself to become that which is source, dissolving into the infinite, free from the limited structures you have bestowed upon you. You are awakening and becoming that which is the truth of your very being. As above the light shines brightest, as it shines below for there is no separation. For you are divine vibration itself. Allow this to flow freely, unhindered. The light brings transformation and alterations beyond any measure. Trust, believe and be open to receive, and in your divine surrender, you become one with the All. The key to your ascension lies in the realisation of your true alchemical vibrational reality. That you are already source, you are already awakened, you are already ascended, but from within your limited belief structures and linear mechanisms you believe you are separate. We are showing you a whole new level of being, through truth, simplicity, surrender, release and expansion. Within your heart lies the truth, the light of the One. Let your vessel now be open receive". 

"No Stone Shall be left unturned"...Metatron has guided us that we are coming into our divine alignment. The journey itself is not always a comfortable one. Comfortable is not really the correct word. As we release more and more we are taking on and holding more light. Its rather like a vacuum for want of a better word. What we hold already within us energetically speaking, is being renewed and uplifted to a higher scale, a higher resonance.

What is being forced out as we align more so to the higher vibration is a pushing out of the old ways, the old energies. As they are forced out, pushed out, up and away, dissolving before us. We are unable to carry or hold the lower vibrations as we ascend. It is just not possible. it is rather like trying to run a car on water, not the usual gas! The light is the gas, the light is the spark. Anything lower in resonance will hinder the process and hinder the journey. So we are unburdening.

We are lilfting, we are taking flight. No longer carrying the burdens of yesterday upon our wings. For they cannot and do not carry vibration of the lower realms. As we move forward in flight we are propelled forward with a new sense of light, airy.

The spinal coloumn in man, from the crown of the head, to the base of the spine itself/root centre, is a column that holds and moves light through it. It transports the light that comes to us through our crown centre. Moving this energy up and down, forward and backwords in a never ending spiral of energy. circular motions creating the vortex that transcends the spinal column, releasing as it moves along.
The spine is taking on more light. As the column of light is strengthened, as we are awakening more and more so we make room for more light. At times this can be felt a little uncomfortable in its origin. That is headaches, shoulder pain, hip pain, a deep throbbing from within the core of the spinal column. As it opens and takes on more light, so much more. Renewing and aligning as it becomes strengthened through the elixir the light brings. This is not always comfortable. For some there can be a lot of aches and pains, severe headaches, neck and frontal lobe pain. Inner head pains, inner spinal pains, almost like growing pains, for we are reminded that is indeed what they are. For years to come the shape of man will alter, more so than it is now. There will be alterations to the shape of man which although a time away, the evidence is with us now as we are able to take on more light.

This is not something we can alter or stop. For it is our Evolutionary process. Man's ability to participate in this process is remarkable. Through the pain, suffering, elation, growth, expansion, connection, love, divine feelings, man feels all of this and so much more, and yet he continues to surrender, to move forward, opening himself to that which he on some level is unaware, but on a higher level he is very much aware and very much in unison with the evolutionary process.

So you are taking on light bountifully and with this process there is a little uneasy period. We are altering in so many ways, and energetically, this is what we are feeling. The result is that we are able to lift higher in our consciousness, as if something has made way for a greater connection to truth beyond our knowledge.

Somehow, through this pain and uncomfortable period, that so many are going through, they can see something so majestic at the other side, coming through to them. Something they cannot put to words for it is not of words, but of feeling, elation, love and connection to all that is.

This is part of our journey. We cannot avoid it. What we can do is to consciously and so opening participate and be open to receive, trust and believe and be open to this higher order that is showing itself upon us in so many fashions right now.

"We do not seek for you to understand, but to feel, and sense and know, and to know this and feel this and sense all that is occurring for you right now, so finely, so infinitely, but so majestic in form, to be aware of the expansion, the connection, the evolutionary process of man. For you are being brought to a time of great awakening, connection, feeling, sensing, expansion, ascending upwards in your vibration. There is no place for the old ways of being. There is nothing you need to do, other than be at peace within yourself and to know that through the alterations you may sense on an energetic level you are altering. For you are the light and the light brings to thee, the formation of light and eternity. Look above, see beyond, to know all things, is to know of nothingness".

(Tammy Majchrzak 29th July 2013)

"It is not that you are opening and awakening to a whole new level of being. It is that you are opening, aligning and awakening from the deep slumber that has cast you away from the true vibrational element that you so divinely are. You have lived so long in a state of suspension/suspended animation that has distracted every essential part of you from the true energetic essence that is your core, true resonance. I am here at this time, as are many guides and helpers in the higher light hemispheres, to assist you in your ascending process. To align you with the true nature of your Being. Your physical vessel (body) at this time especially more than ever before, is beginning to anchor Source light through the physicality that not only enhances and reconnects you to the divine codings, but ultimately is assisting in the great light expansion and evolutionary process for mankind at this time. For life is not stagnant. Energy is not stagnant but ever pulsating and moving forward. In your opening and receiving, trust and surrender you are ultimately connecting with the great truth through Light. We speak of the Golden age and the return to the eternal blueprint that you already hold within your living systems. Returning to the Purity and divinity that you are. Awakening to your magnificence. For you are "transcendental" Beings. You are not bound to the physical.

Do not see your earthly life as just physical for this bounds you to the carnal structures and limited systems. Embrace and open to the divine, all that lies already within you. For the gates of the eternal Sun are opened before you. The physical vessel is going through major shifts at this time as it is anchoring and becoming amplified by sacred light photonic waves. There is no Human omitted from this evolutionary light transference. There is much work that is being done in the higher realms to assist humanity in this divine process. In the stillness and silence, and acceptance, you are thus opening the vessel to the divine connection and deep transformational processes that are currently being undertaken. Expand into the infiinite. Let your mind be still, let the heart be open, let your thoughts diminish, let the mind be free as your vessel opens to eternity. And from here you will begin a whole new level of Being". 
- Archangel Metatron/Trilogy Masters - March 2016


9TH APRIL 2016

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27th APRIL 2016
Only for all those who are already at MT Master Practitioner Level

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(Passcode issued once payment received via Eventbrite link)

1st June 2016
7-8pm GMT UK Time


Awakenings Center For Conscious Living
Laguna Hills
21ST AUGUST 2016
Hosted by: Valorie Farber & Tammy Majchrzak

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The dropbox facilty is open to all Active Practitioners. The dropbox holds all materials/files in updated format. If you do not yet have the link and you are an Active Practitioner please email in the first instance and the Dropbox file will be emailed to you. Please stipulate in email what level of attunement you are at.


Here is a copy of the MT Attunement flowchart available for all those at Master Level which will assist in understanding of the Attunement cycle. It is also available in the Master Practitioner Dropbox Facility. Just refresh your Dropbox link to bring in updated materials updated as of today.



The MTFOL are now offering Metatronia Massage Modality. Full details are available at

Metatronia Massage is the application and integration of Source vibration into the physical vessel (body) through hands-on vibrational massage application. This also works through Distance application - massage through distance. The MT Massage application differs slightly from the Metatronia Healing modalilty in that the light is used more specifically to deeply penetrate the muscles, tendons, ligaments – all the physical aspects of the human body. MT Healing being more Ethereal/ascending application and MT Massage being a more therapeutic/cleansing of the physical vessel. Dealing with the physicality in preparation to hold the higher light vibrations. "Preparation of the physical vessel for higher light integration".

Metatronia vibration works deep to release, align, relax and rejuvenate. This energy will also assist with injury, disharmony and any areas of discomfort. This is often silent but deep work, with the gentle placement of hands, where the vibration begins to work immediately upon the physical form.

The MTFOL recognizes that different countries and/or the states within, each have their own laws and requirements where massage therapy is concerned. So, with that said, it is the responsibility of each individual applying and/or practicing the MT Massage module, to check with their local state and/or national initiatives and requirements as to if you are required to hold a massage therapist license to offer massage.

The Massage Modality can be taken by Metatronia Active Practitioners who hold a certificate already in Massage and have undertaken Anatomy & Physiology training/Certificates held.

The MT Massage Modality is £100 to purchase and enables you to use this modality alongside Metatronia Therapy or stand alone to apply Metatronia Massage to clients.

Metatronia Massage Training/Workshop Facilitator Package is also now available for those at MASTER METATRONIA THERAPY PRACTITIONERS LEVEL ONLY. This will enable Metatronia Therapy & Massage Master Practitioners to carry out workshop facilitation and one on one Training for Metatronia Therapy and Metatronia Massage. This will come under the umbrella of MT Workshop Facilitator. This package is £395 and further details are found on the shop page of - This will enable you to hold MT Workshops in MT Introduction/MT Attunements/Lightbody Vehicle workshops and also Metatronia Massage workshop to train others in this modality as well as Metatronia Therapy Healing Modality. This is the full package. This package is the workshop faciltiator package.

The MTFOL are also offering full training from Novice up to Workshop Facilitator. This package includes full attunements (Active up to Master level, full training package, MP3, Recordings of Webinars, Workbooks, Presentations and Metatronia Massage Pack. This full training package is £595.

There is also the option to become attuned to Metatronia Therapy Practitioner and MT Massage Practitioner - this option can be purchased for £200. This will enable you to work in an active capacity to offer MT Healing and MT Massage to others in a professional practitioner capacity. Full certification is issued upon completion.

The MTFOL are accredited and approved training providers -

There are great shifts that come with working with Metatronia vibration so these training packages are open to those who feel that they are ready to work with this divine energy. Those who are drawn to it, will feel it resonating deep within for we are "Assisting mankind in his light evolotionary process ".

The Workshop Facilitator package comes with responsibility and so only those who are truly ready for this will be eligible for this training.

For further details please email or visit the main Metatronia Website.

With Love

Tammy Majchrzak

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