"Bring me the light eternal...that I may know myself as the am that I am. That I may know my light as the truth that is I...I am that I am.....Eternal light of the One Source".


"When we are attuned to higher vibrations, such as Metatronia Therapy we will experience a time or a lull in our energy where we may feel out of sorts. For some this can become a time of deep questioning and doubt. We are guided that in these times the greatest key is for us not to look but to find that place of stillness within that is always there, above the turmoil, above the carnal structures, above the vibrational alterations. With this explanation many begin to sense the higher frequencies more and so come out of the mindset that brings in doubt and limitation. This releasing and deep trust brings them into frequential alignment. When we are attuned to higher vibrations there is a time of adjustment and especially when we work with Archangel Metatron he will bring us to a kind of "peak" where we may feel totally ungrounded and not knowing what is occurring. It is at this point many begin to doubt the energies and connection and withdraw back to the old ways. They do not want to journey over the "threshold", the point where our earthly body meets with the empowering and magnificent light codings of divine light and does not want to release and align. For it wants to hold onto the old ways of being, that feels safer for some, as it is learned, comfortable and they know who they are, to a limited extent.

They often fear the greater aspects of themselves as they feel they will lose something, and so their energy expansion retracts back to a place that feels comfortable. Rather like the ship in the harbor, not wanting to journey out, but it is built to journey out and explore the majestic seas.........what do we learn of ourselves if we remain in a self-limiting existence, where the mind is very much the culprit, keeping us safe and secure in what we know, rather than to let go, surrender and open up to the expansive Universe and all it has to offer us. This can only occur when we are ready to let go and open ourselves up to all that we truly are. Beyond Limits. Beyond Structures. Source is assisting us in becoming more light, taking on more light so that we can experience this, in this lifetime. We literally become fully awakened to our Light. And when the human vessel (body) takes on more light, this will effect/affect all our systems. Working into the very heart of our Being, DNA/RNA/Electrical systems enhanced by the pulsating Rays of the Cosmos. This we call "systemic rebooting" akin to rebooting your computer system/upgrading it/increasing the memory capacity/RAM etc. So there is a period of "uncomfortableness" where we are guided if we experience this, to allow the system to settle itself. Metatronia vibration shifts and aligns all aspects of not only our physical vessel (Body) but the frequency is greatly increased within the lightbody. We won't get too technical here but it is rather like streaming lights/pulses/electromagnetic recharging and so this can make us feel a little out of kilter.

The key is to not doubt or question but to allow the vibrational settling period, for some this can take a while. We will not work with exacts because this is not possible for each divine soul is unique and has its own vibrational symphony already playing. When the higher light harmonics are introduced, then new notes are introduced to the song! so there is a new learning behavior that comes into play. We are guided that our part in this is to trust, believe and be open to receive, without doubt, without question, and to go with divine flow. The more we trust and expand, opening the vessel to the higher light, the greater the connection and swifter the alignment. The rebooting phase can make us feel a little wobbly. But it soon passes. When we release from the limited lower dense carnal structures and allow our vessel to surrender unto the divine light symphony, we become used to the higher positive vibrations and these work "beyond limitation" which Metatron guides us "are beyond thought process/beyond thinking, beyond analysis, beyond the old limited structured way of being, thinking, so it just becomes, it just is". The more we begin to live from the simplicity of being and become none reactive to what the physical/emotional and mental bodies may be throwing our way as they experience the higher shifting, we give way to the greater all, the higher conscious expansion begins. We literally become a new Being, as in the old ways no longer fit with the new garment of light, that has a totally different programming and reality/realization to the old, controlled and limited patterning. We find the new way of being lifting up from the old structures. No longer living in the mind and thought led reality. We begin to live beyond conditioning. This is open to us all. Source will only bring to you, that which you are so divinely designed to be".

AZ-ORE-RA© - Sacred Lightbody Spray - BOTTLED FROM SOURCE

New batch and new look. Shake it to wake the alchemy! Little gold nuggets and divine essences. The Az-Ore-Ra lightbody essence spray is created to assist not only the Human Vessel/body but the lightbody light frequency integration. This Divine, quintessential ”Ora” spray is designed to assist the integration of the One Light Evolutionary Codings into the human form.


"The human vessel requires the assistance of the Elemetal light codings, Gold especially, and this is given in its earthly physical form within this energy spray. The gold awakens and aligns the deep divinity and Source energetic matrix that is within each and every living soul, bringing you to that place of divine serenity and peace. The alchemical structures of this vibrational spray work from the higher light plateau bringing this frequency into the human physicality"

Visit the Az-Ore-Ra page on for full details. Cost £14.99


"Above all be your authentic self, for anything layered on top of what is authentic is bound to only crumble. Divine truth lies in authenticity. It can be no other way. For only truth flows as Source, Only Source flows as truth".

"You remember the structure of an esoteric school. There is something in those that create a magnetic attraction. Now you come in with a dual nature. Part of you is attracted to some of the ideas. Part is repelled. There should be some discomfort at the physical level - nausea, vertigo, apprehension, stupefaction. I don't know what the last one means. This is natural and the closer that you come to an esoteric school there is a part that is attracted and a part that is pulling away. Can't be any other way. It has to be like that because the elements that keep you in the sleeping state begin to work so you don't go into the waking state. The closer you come to the waking state, the more that they confabulate. If you want to find a useless school in that it won't help you to wake up, find one in which you feel completely comfortable." – Teachings of a Toltec Survivor - Koyote the Blind.

"If something is stretching you, beyond your boundaries and comfort zone, then this is here to show you all of who you are, without limitation. It is surely assisting you in more ways you could ever imagine. You may wish to retract at times, hide away, stop, go back to before, but that is not possible. You are here to experience all of who you are, your true magnificent, divine structure. So go with it, bend, flow, expand, evaporate, dissipate, go beyond limits, for you are just that, in your true form, beyond limitation".


"Oh fragility release, as you awaken to the All;
Releasing one by one, that which no longer serves;
Embrace the light within, as the new codings are entwined;
Releasing from the doings, from the thoughts and from the mind;
Embrace what is becoming, that is occurring naturally;
In the light you are evolving, becoming One, Eternally;
Dwell not on how you will embark, or what shall to become;
Only to know, that soon, all fragmentation is becoming ONE;
Throughout space and time, there is universal plan and order;
Throughout your heart and mine, there has been much chaos and disorder;
As the surrendering begins and there is releasing to the All;
You will find within your very being, the greatest gift of ALL".


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Next MT Free Practitioner training gathering webinar 1st September 2016 -8-9pm BST UK/Leeds Time. A Free webinar gathering for all Metatronia Therapy Practitioners and Lightworkers, and for those who just want to join in and find out more about Metatronia Vibration (Source). This webinar is a gathering for discussion, guidance, healing and connection to Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth (The Trilogy Masters). Feel free to join the webinar. Recordings are available after the event. There will be Q&A session and healing/connection/Light Meditation (Transmission of Source light). Hosted by: Tammy Majchrzak, Margery Bambrick and Valorie Farber.

GoToWebinar Registration Link:

14th JULY 2016 – 7pm to 7.45pm BST UK Time
£5.00 per person
Eventbrite Purchase Link:
GoToWebinar Registration Link:

Understanding Crystals & The Human Vessel
Certificate issued after event
2nd August 2016 7pm-8.30pm BST - £25 per person

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(Main USA Training Event 2016)
21st August 2016 – 10-4pm

(Master Attunement can be taken if already at Active Practitioner Level)
$144 per person
Hosted by Valorie Farber & Tammy Majchrzak

Eventbrite Purchase Link

1st September 2016
8pm-9pm -  BST UK Time
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Glenthorne Quaker Centre
Easedale Road,Grasmere
United Kingdom

30th March 2017 - £130 per person

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8th April 2017
Hinsley Hall
62 Headingley Lane
LS6 2BX Leeds
United Kingdom

£130 per person

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By Danny Picard


Enjoy this beautiful deep meditation by Danny. It is so soothing; his voice is like red hot liquid magma! That’s the best way I can describe!  Danny guides us: -   
The key is to listen every day for 10 days as a repetitive thought becomes a new belief. This is a hypnosis session and you should be laying down, uninterrupted, not operating any machinery when listening to this!”




I am now doing regular Metatation webinars. For approximately 40 minutes - experiencing bathing in the blissful light of Source. Metatronia Metatation brings us to a point of inner stillness as we are transported to the higher light realms. We are moving into working in Silence with Source and these Metatations open us up to a whole new level of being. The light codings will stay with you, enhancing, awakening, aligning and uplifting, assisting the Light Evolutionary Process. A whole new level to Meditation. Feeling is believing. Taking you beyond the beyond. I am sharing the first Metatation recording here:,gh9j7vfmscug5jj/shared



THE 3 S’s

“Take time to appreciate the simple things in life. Take time to slow down enough to just be, listen to your heart beat, the rhythm of the divine. Let yourself be. These are all keys, simplicity in being. Release the mind/thoughts and allow that internal silence to erupt, your soul sound igniting every cell within your vessel. In the stillness and silence there is much peace to be found, and a greater connection to the all. The human mind is an amazing thing, but there is above and beyond this, beyond the carnal structures. Your key is to just be, and to find that eternal being-ness within, and this lies within in Simplicity, Stillness and Surrender”. This guidance goes very deep into the very core of your being, for it is all about vibrational alignment and for this, as we ascend and evolve into more light, we are guided more and more to trust in the 3Ss. For this creates space, great peace and alignment in our vibration where Source opens us up to our eternal essence. Trust in this simple guidance. The difficulty can often be when the human mind wants more, needs more, needs to be fed, needs external verification. The key lies in our surrendering. Allowing divine grace, the vibration of pure source to become our very being. You have all you will ever need already "programmed" within the heart of your Vessel. Your part in this is to trust and allow what already is, to evolutionize within/naturally, divinely emerge".


“Let Love replace all that is in your heart”
With love



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