Archangel Metatron reminds us that it in order to be in our true vibrational alignment we must begin to live from stillness of mind, letting go of the constant thought process. Over the past few months many have been feeling an endless influx of energy within their minds/thoughts. Almost as if there is system overload - unable to hold any more information, stress/anxiety/fear and an overwhelming feeling of "just too much going on". This is a due to a very magical and great shift within our consciousness. We are no longer Beings that are required to rely on our thoughts to create our reality, rather we are urged to begin to let go and trust the divine order and plan that is laid before us, trusting in this process, allowing ourselves just to be, rather than doing....can you trust fully expand and open into this new conscious reality, where you just all just is...... - this light programming in our mental state is now complete. You are guided to play with this! Let go, trust, send out your wishes, heart's desires, manifest, create, just be.....just allow the universe to open up before you, as it will. Your part in this is to trust enough.........and you will be shown the greatest gift........The cogs have been shifted within our cognition - the wheels are now turning with revised that we are now able to "freewheel", gliding along on the wave of the divine. Metatron guides us further to trust in this, to play and enjoy living, freewheeling, gliding and just to know that we are part of a higher plan and divine order. Our vibration is being shifted so that we can fully embrace this new way, our light evolution is well under way, our part is to be conscious of these divine processes.


To link fully in with the new cognition/freeflow vibration - We are guided to:

Not over analyse

Trust with divine flow

Let go and alllow ourselves to just "freewheel"

Release from constant thought process

Release from trying to fathom/work out

Create the space where there is Nothingness - this allows the light codings to fully integrate

Just to be


"When the mind is still  - the space that is created, therein lies the gateway to the Divine".

We feel energy as electromagnetic pulses. We can control our electrical magnetic vibration within ourselves through thoughts, emotions, actions/doing/physical aspects of ourselves. It all mirrors the vibration we are carrying/living/being from. But we must also awaken to the reality that our biochemistry is altering and our vibration is rising, and so our physical awareness of our own consciousness must also rise to match this divine frequency/divine vibration. This we do through exercising silence and stillness of mind - some term this Zero Point. Source brings in the divine light frequencies/calibrations that work behind the scenes to upgrade the physical codings within the human form/vessel. This is a constant ongoing process until the vessel reaches a point of what you may call Optimum Light Synchronization. When all begins to work in unison with the divine plan and ordered Universe. Mankind is currently undergoing the "downloading", imbedding, implementation and unification of the light codings that are necessary for Light Evolution.

"Once the Human Vessel has experienced the full spectrum quantum light of the One there is no turning back. This light is the elixir of all life, all forms. When our vessel experiences this wave/divine light - it ignites the flame of the soul. We are complete. We are reborn into the divine light waves of the One. Awakening to our divine eternal form. Feeling the full vibration of the eternal. Metatronia vibration is divine source quantum vibration. The light of the divine. Assisting mankind in his light evolutionary process. We assist you in feeling and living as your true divine form. A Being of divine light. Once the light is "consciously" ignited the journey truly begins".

"Ease your internal environment. Your vessel is not designed to harbour "hostile" frequency. Your vessel is design to vibrate from a specific frequency. That of love. The more hostile the environment there is risk of disease and disharmony. The heart cannot hold lower frequency. The sacred rhythm of the vessel (body) becomes misaligned and out of sync. Ease your internal rhythm. The sacred symphony bestowed unto you from the divine. It's rather akin to putting the wrong fuel in a vehicle. Your fuel is love. Divine love. Self love. Self honouring, divine devotion. Awakening, alignment, awareness. Know thy self in all its glory and sacred divinity".

“Those who manifest the wisdom of the Light will continue to evolve into the thrones and dominions of light and no longer wander in the profane consciousness of the Earth”.
J.J. Hurtak - Keys of Enoch - Pg 435-24


"We are a living organism that is directly linked to universal energy and so in our human evolutionary process we are altering greatly and especially within our consciousness. The light feeds and nourishes us and above all assists in the process of our divine evolutionary awakening. This evolutionary process is working deep down even into our DNA/Genetic/Biochemical within the Human Vessel. The key for mankind is to awaken to his own transformational process and behold the ascending vibrations that are working within him to assist in the evolutionary process into the dawning of man of light “.

"Metatronia vibration is beyond limitation. It acts as a divine conduit, uniting you with your Soul Signature/True Core vibrational reality. It moves the human vessel (body/Form) Above and Beyond restrictions that may be in place through existing conditioning/behaviours/patterning/programming etc. The Sacred Geometric codings are light forms that are universal and non-restricted. That is, they are every altering in line with divine light evolution".

"You were created from the vastness and omnipresent light
Therein lies no boundaries, limitations or controls
In your divine design you are without limit
You are beyond form
You are created from, live, and return as light
You are omnipresent divine Beings
Dancing in the eternal Sun
In your living so you are "


"As you view sacred geometric patterning such as Metatron's Cube, you are immediately transported to a place beyond the beyond. Some call this ‘Zero Point”. A  place that is neutral, above positive, above negative, a place of complete Neutrality. So that we begin to flow in divine order and without restriction within the aether/the patterning of all universal life forms. We become One with all that is, through vibrational alignment. Metatronia Therapy light codings serve this purpose and beyond this, transporting us to a vibrational place that aligns us to SOURCE".


“All things keep on in everlasting motion,

Out of the infinite come the particles,

Speeding above, below, in endless dance."

Titus Lucretius Carus - 99BC - c. 55BC



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Next MT Free Practitioner training gathering webinar 1st September 2016 -8-9pm BST UK/Leeds Time. A Free webinar gathering for all Metatronia Therapy Practitioners and Lightworkers, and for those who just want to join in and find out more about Metatronia Vibration (Source). This webinar is a gathering for discussion, guidance, healing and connection to Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth (The Trilogy Masters). Feel free to join the webinar. Recordings are available after the event. There will be Q&A session and healing/connection/Light Meditation (Transmission of Source light). Hosted by: Tammy Majchrzak, Margery Bambrick and Valorie Farber.

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14th JULY 2016 – 7pm to 7.45pm BST UK Time
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Understanding Crystals & The Human Vessel
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21st August 2016 – 10-4pm

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1st September 2016
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Glenthorne Quaker Centre
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30th March 2017 - £130 per person

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8th April 2017
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"Take time to find the divine gateway within - where the key lies in stillness and silence, bringing harmony and alignment, raising of your frequency in line with the eternal.  Stilling the mind and thought process opens a pathway where you begin to live more in line with the ordered Universe - the realms of the One. Trust, believe and be open to receive, in your divine surrender. This cannot be learned. This is a journey of self discovery, opening you to the greatest gift of all that lies within, the magnificent and divine creation that you are. Be still and know, allowing the silence to unveil truth within, where there lies no boundaries. Still the inner thoughts that become your external reality, just open yourself up to the vastness of silence and the simplicity of being, where lies the greatest gift of all, unification, release from separation, releasing identity, as you become one with the All". 

With love



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