There is no greater time for us to open and begin to trust in the Higher Plan and Divine Order. There is so much occurring in the world right now. It is a time of great chaos and fear. We are guided at this time to look above and beyond what is occurring, not in ignorance but in the knowledge and trust that light and order will prevail. It may not seem like this right now but there will be a return to order and balance.
It feels almost as if everything has been heightened to a state of electrified chaos, all coming to some sort of crescendo, everything on Red Alert. We are seeing, and at times, so brutally so, how man’s distorted beliefs and limitation in consciousness are creating havoc and discord on a global scale. This rigidity can only play out so far, round and round like a Hamster in a wheel, as there is nowhere else for it to go when existing from such conscious limitation. It can only feed and come back upon itself, there is no way out, not when living from such a separated identity.
It is our part to assist in the raising of consciousness not only for ourselves but to assist in lighting the way for others. Most of what is occurring right now is all from the carnal structures and primordial ways of man in his eagerness for power and control. This cannot continue. The only path that this is heading on is a path of destruction. We cannot feed into this. All that is wrong in the world today is of man-made origin and rigid belief structures. This cannot be denied. Love, light, peace, equilibrium and harmony must be our guide and the way forward, as our path of true enlightenment. We must ascend up and out of the current rigid structures. This is a limitation in vibration and allowing the light in feeds, nourishes, purifies and raises consciousness. Aligning us with the divine will and ordered state of the One True Vibration – Source.
The light will be shone in the darkest of places and we can do this, each as lightworkers, individually and collectively by just connecting in and sending healing and prayers/gestures of light to all situations, or collectively asking the light to spring forth and neutralize and bring equilibrium. Whole Earth healing is also something we can all be involved in. Sending love and light to the grids surrounding the Earth. Helping to unify and strengthen the “neural pathways” of Mother Earth.
The unified light can assist in building and strengthening the light on this planet. Hope springs eternal. And not to sound too cliché as words don’t really cut it right now but we can all do our part, in sending healing love and light throughout the Universe. Things are changing and altering even if we cannot see this as yet. This limitation in mind-set cannot and will not be carried forth, and all this chaos may just be the very turning point that is required for the grand shift.

There is always a fastening/hastening in vibration when something is coming to an end or something is shifting, chaos ensues and there is magnified panic and fear. Events after events, turmoil and confusion. We are in the midst of experiencing something that will soon make sense, on a higher level. We are guided not to buy into this fear but to be firm and stand fast in the light resolution.   
Of course there is a higher plan and order at play regardless of what is occurring on the Earth right now from a human perspective. In the rising of our consciousness there will be brighter days. It is as if the last playing out of the carnal mind is happening right now, as the rewiring has simply gone haywire! But brighter days are coming and we are guided to trust in the higher order and divine light evolution. From an ending comes magnificent new beginnings.


In the stillness I am at peace. In the silence I am as one. Unified with eternal light. Communicating with the Creator life -force. Let light permeate every part of my being so that I become that light flowing as free as the breeze. Every part of my vessel dissolving into eternity. Release, transformation, Alignment, Resurrection. Eternal Soul, Eternal Light, Eternal unity, Eternal Love  - I am that….I am…….As one with the All. Flowing freely on the waves of the divine. Beyond Form, into the Aether, where the planets and stars dwell. Where the Creator beckons me to the freedom, beyond limitation. I am divine soul, I am divine Light, I am divine love”

So you are being brought into a new crystallined make-up/energy formation. You are asked at this time to trust in this process although you may feel very alone at times as the emotional, physical and mental bodies are and will pull against this evolutionary process as they work strongly to hold on to the control and the separated conscious beliefs that mankind has built up for himself, that has become his foundation.

Your consciousness is being expanded so that you will be able to access higher vibrations and for these vibrations to be brought down and held within the physical form/vessel/body. This work has been ongoing for many lifetimes and mankind finds itself now in a time of great transition as the lightbody moves into the final stages of the crystallined energy formation. This will link it more closely with the energy grids around the Earth and within the Universe and make way for greater connection, greater energy, greater consciousness, greater synchronicity, greater alignment with One Source frequencies.

You are guided to trust, those of you that are consciously working with this process and are feeling it. There is much occurring within your physical form and you are guided to live beyond this old way of being/old dimension of reality. You are being lifted up and out of the self into a new dimension that does very much exist, that and greater, higher levels of being within your dimensional/vibrational state.

Let yourself be reminded at this time to take time out of the doing allowing a time of just being so that you can embrace the light that is shining upon and within you. Allow the mind to be still, allowing the heart to beat forth its eternal light and infinite knowledge. Let the beat remind you of your unity with the One and that you are born of the light of divinity.

The simpler you are in thought, the clearer the mind, more living from the heart space and being more in this very moment rather than projection to tomorrow, a time that has not yet come to you and is not yours to concern yourself with or worry over, or worrying over the past, bringing back passed events which are just that, past. Whatever that event may have been, whatever the vibration of that event.

You are guided to be in this present moment as greater connection and movement is felt in this “zone of purity”. The here, the now, this moment, which is your gift of creation. You cannot create from the past or create for the future but to focus now on the miraculous essence of this very moment. Great healing can occur for mankind within the mind and thought process if he brings himself into the full now moment. Many burdens will be instantaneously released and a greater connection felt.

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Let your burdens and troubles release now;
As you bathe in the pure bliss of light;
Let all of the turmoil dissolve now;
As like day you become one with the night;
Let the glory of love shine upon you;
Allowing the mind to be still;
Knowing you are part of the Cosmos;
Divine love, Divine light, Divine will;
Let your Heart’s expansion embrace you;
As the light fills your vessel with Glee;
Knowing that you united;
Unified as One eternally;
Let not your fears deter you;
Or the mind play its tricks and divide;
For nothing outside of the truth now;
Within your vessel, so pure, can reside;
Much vibrational work undertaken;
Aligning your vessel with light;
Divine love and Purity igniting;
As your vessel begins to take flight;
Up into the arms of the Cosmo;
Into the light and the Swirl;
Embracing the truth eternal;
For you are One with the All



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