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Hey, it’s Pastor with what is beginning to seem like your daily update!
First, I want to remind you about our new “temporary” church service schedule:


Please note revised “live” streamed special pre-service prayer times with Pastor and some of the ministers!
At this time, we will be live-streaming only and no longer holding church services inside our sanctuary. These streamed services will be live (not pre-recorded) and very much as if you are here attending our normal church services. You will see our worship team, certain key leaders and security personnel, and possibly media team and others needed to run the service. We will continue to provide approved announcements from the pulpit, and you will continue to receive an e-mail version of the bulletin; so please make sure you review that and stay current with what’s happening. (We will not be printing hard copies until further notice.)


9:45-10 AM
Pre-service prayer
Join us by live stream.
10 AM
Worship / Tithes & Offerings / Preaching / Second Offering
Join us by live stream.
5:45-6 PM
Pre-service prayer
Join us by live stream.
6 PM
Worship / Tithes & Offerings / Preaching / Second Offering
Join us by live stream.


6:45-7 PM
Pre-service prayer
Join us by live stream.
7 PM
Worship / Tithes & Offerings / Preaching / Second Offering
Join us by live stream.
We will continue all events and activities under 50 people until further notice. If the maximum number is lowered to under 50 people, we will have to adjust this, so please continue to watch for updates.


We’re trying to make it as easy as possible, with every avenue possible, for you to protect yourself by presenting your tithe and offerings. 
  • You can give by e-check or credit/debit card. Text LWCGIVE to 77977 to get started.
  • Call the financial department to give by debit card.
  • Use the Donate tab on our website. 
  • Mail it.
  • Drop it off at the church office: 
    For those who cannot tithe or give electronically, we have placed a secure lockbox at the entrance of the current administrative building. Use this box to present your tithes and offerings, submit prayer requests, or to communicate directly to me.
When you do tithe and give, whether it’s while streaming, before you mail it or call it in or give any other way, please remember to make your tithing profession:

Tithing Profession

Lord, I have come to THIS HOUSE, Your house, to honor You and worship You with YOUR TITHE and my offering.

I have removed the SACRED TITHE from MY HOUSE and am presenting it to You now, according to Your Word.

I was once in bondage to sin, satan, poverty, and the curse; but now, thanks to You, Lord, I am free!

I realize that my tithe and offerings will be used to build Your kingdom, our church, and reach the unreached and tell the untold.

Now, I pray that you would bless me and my family to be debt free, disease free, sin free, and struggle free, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  1. I want to remind you that we walk by faith and not by sight and not by fear.
  2. Please do not base your actions and decisions according to all the rumors by those who say they heard something from someone who supposedly knows a secret about something.
  3. Do not live by conspiracy theories.
  4. Let’s remember that Jesus said there is enough evil to deal with today and not to be overly concerned about tomorrow (Eccl. 11). Let’s take this a day at a time.
  5. Be aware that our president and others are offering “suggestions” and “recommendations.” Follow them if you choose to; however, there is a major difference between that and when something is defined as a “ban” or “mandatory,” which would mean we are breaking the law if we do not comply. That is the balancing act I’m using to run our ministry globally.
  6. I want to remind you that we must do the following:
    • Pray for the wisdom or God for those in leadership, whether they serve God or not.
    • Curse COVID-19.
    • Curse the demon that is trying to tear our country apart financially.
    • We must continue to serve God.
    • I call you to prayer.
    • Confess life, not death.

Pastor Mark
Yesterday evening, I addressed our online community through Facebook and Instagram with a message of hope and clarity. You can watch the full replay on Facebook by clicking on the image below. 
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