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This is your pastor!


You’ve probably heard this on the news by now, but today, Monday, our governor clamped down even further by asking everyone to stay at home, effective midnight tonight. We have investigated it thoroughly and have a good grip on how it affects our ministry function here. We’re are reducing our “onsite” staff in compliance. Thankfully we are VERY blessed to have excellent equipment and a master communication system. In simpler words, most of our key personnel can efficiently work from home and still keep everything going strong. 
For those who are assisting me with the production of the video shoots and live telecasts, and for those who will be working in our offices, it is an extremely closed environment. There will be no gathering. Everyone working in the offices will be working in their own environment, inside their own office. The public will not be permitted in any of the buildings. 
Let’s not panic!
Since the governor made her announcement today, many questions have come to me and the staff because of some people’s over-interpretation about what she said. We’re Christians! We are the Church! First of all, we’re not going to get the virus. Secondly, the virus is not going to “get us!” The world that has no god is afraid to breathe the air or stick their head out their door. But according to her mandate today, you can still leave your home to buy groceries, get medicine and medical help, fuel your car, etc. She mentioned that you can even go for a walk or ride a bike and do things in your yard. This means you are NOT a prisoner in your own house, and you’re NOT going to catch the virus if you open your door!


Church Services
We will continue to provide our live-streamed church services at the scheduled times we have been—Sundays at 10 AM and 6 PM, and Thursdays at 7 PM. Preservice prayer will also be streamed Sundays at 9:45 AM and 5:45 PM, and Thursdays at 6:45 PM.
Communication from Me
I will continue to use One Call Now, e-mail, and any other means I can to communicate to you. Please be aware that I am not announcing “everything” from the pulpit, so it is more important now than ever that you read your bulletin! If you have never given us your e-mail address, do it NOW. Though we are still mailing, we don’t know how long that will continue to be an option, and we are already experiencing delays due to limited staff on both ends.
Communication w/ Staff & Leadership
You can reach us by calling any of our cell numbers or the ministry number. Though we will not be staffed onsite as heavily as normal, the phones will be manned—whether from the office, or remotely. You can continue to contact the prayer line, the elders, and the church leaders. Staying close through proper communication, keeping the faith, and doing all I’ve taught you for all these years is going to bring you through this successfully. 
Those Without Internet Access
We are making some things available to you for “self-serve” in the outer entryway of our current administrative building, which will be unlocked during office hours from 9 AM until 4:30 PM, including the lunch hour from 12-1 PM.
  • Offering envelopes
  • Paper bulletins
  • Items for which you have been contacted to pick up (in place of our “pass-out” mail system at the Information Center).
Social Media 
I’m also presenting a live social media and live stream tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 24, at 7 PM ETI’ll get to talk to you then, as well as our church services. I just won’t get to see you, at least for now. I’m praying that by the time this is over, you will all miss me so much that your church attendance will be impeccable for the rest of the year! 


First of all, the entire team here, including Vickie and me, have you at the top of our list, believing God that if you are laid off, it will be with pay or your employer or company will find a way to take care of you. We know that God will ultimately take care of us because He is our ultimate source. In Jesus’ name, we will stay strong and continue going forward by the same God who can still make manna and send quail.
Ministry Money
As we all do our best to walk by faith and not by fear, we believe we will be able to maintain our level of ministry to other people. We have pruned back some activities and are operating at a level by which we can survive and still be a church and remain financially strong. All of the options we’ve made available to you for giving will remain the same, including the lockbox on the front of the administrative building. Let’s agree and pray and confess together that our tithes and offerings will be enough to support our church and that the enemy will NOT shut us down, in Jesus’ name!


“New” Tithing Profession for Streaming
Lord, I am standing with Pastor under Your name and Your authority, and nothing by any means shall hurt me. We curse this virus and this plague. I am presenting my tithe and offering to you now, and I will use any means available to me to make sure that I am covered by the tithing profession and the tithing rules. I will continue to sow in Your name to keep Your church alive. No enemy will be able to hurt us whatsoever. Please receive my tithes and offerings now, and bless me accordingly, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


10 AM
Morning Worship Service
(Pre-service prayer - 9:45)

6 PM
Evening Worship Service
(Pre-service prayer - 5:45)
7 PM
Thursday Night Worship Service
(Pre-service prayer - 6:45)
If you need help getting the stream working, chat with us on our Live Stream page or give us a call at 989-923-8034.


  • You can give by text. Text LWCGIVE to 77977 to get started.
  • Use the Donate tab on our website:
  • If you prefer Cash App: $markbarclaymin
  • If you prefer PayPal: 
  • Call the financial department at 989-832-7547 to give over the phone.
  • Mail it to 2010 N Stark Rd, Midland, MI 48642.
  • Drop it off at the church office: 
    For those who cannot tithe or give electronically, we have placed a secure lockbox at the entrance of the current administrative building. Use this box to present your tithes and offerings, submit prayer requests, or to communicate directly to me.
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