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Memorial Stones 
In Joshua 4, after leading the Israelites through the Jordan River, God instructs Joshua to lead them in going back to pick up 12 stones to be used to catch the attention of those that would come behind them so that they would be inclined to ask, "What do these stones mean?".  That would give opportunity then for the story to be retold and never forgotten of the Lord's miraculous work in their midst and of His might and power on display. 
That is what we want this publication to serve as in our lives and in yours.  That through this we can pick up the experiences of our lives and hopefully place them in such a way that others will see the Lord's work, might and power.  We also want to remember and preserve for future generations to know of the Lord's great work and faithfulness.
Memorial Stones
In January 5 ladies traveled from Pleasant View Missionary Church, Greenville, OH on a Hope for Home Ministry team. 
We were blessed to share years together at Pleasant View with several of these ladies and were thankful for opportunity to spend some time with them during their week here.  Together we worked to prepare La Escuelita for a new school year as well as hand out the school supplies that each child had earned through their attendance and other achievements during the past year!  And besides that we simply enjoyed great fellowship and opportunity to make new memories together!   
Pictured in front: Diane Kress and Katie Riley.  2nd row: Chris Nealeigh, Gloria Blume, Taryn Fulp.  3rd row: Cheryl Thornhill (holding Benjamin Caal), Kristin Beyer, Wanda Fulp, Alyssa Beyer Barrundia.  4th row: Dale Beyer, Andi Brubaker, Joel Caal, Daryl Fulp, Brittney Fulp Caal (holding Christopher Caal) Krishaunna Fulp Brubaker, Stevie Chapin.
5th row: Kathlyn Beyer Chan, Noe Chan.

We had the blessing of hosting a Pleasant View Missionary Church reunion!  Each person in this picture either attended PVMC at sometime or another or is married to or offspring of someone that did.   One Sunday morning, years ago, sitting in the congregation at PVMC we listened as Pastor Vic shared in the service of a vision that the Lord had given him.  He that one day all corners of the earth would be ministered to through the body of PVMC!  This gathering serves as a small piece of the fulfillment of that vision and together we remembered and celebrated.........
Great is His faithfulness!!!

Dale's surgery

Dale's surgery to remove the goiter is now behind us and was a success.  The surgeon, skilled and experienced in this type of surgery, was able to  remove the goiter and leave 1/2 of the thryoid intact!  Now, 3 weeks post-op, Dale is almost fully recovered and feeling great.  The only lingering effect is that he cannot sing.  We are hopeful that his nerves simply need more time to recuperate.  Thank you so much for your prayers, calls and notes! 

We are again amazed at the provision of the Lord and marvel at how He worked out all the details to provide for this.  The condition was first diagnosed 30 years ago when it was only noticeable to a Doctor's examination.  Over time it was monitored and growing to where it was noticeable by all.  About 15 years ago, when surgery was first recommended, the surgeon that Dale met with said that he would need to take the whole thyroid and that Dale would then need medication for the rest of his life.  Who would have thought that waiting would mean that the Lord would provide an expert to do the surgery in a developing country and that the outcome would be so much better than first expected!

  Great is His faithfulness!

La Escuelita

Kristin stepped her toe into a new "Jordan" this year - and is now teaching these five 7th graders taking the ministry of La Escuelita from "after-school" to real school!  The Lord led her through how to legally carry this out as well as through each step of gathering and submitting paperwork,  led sponsors to give sacrificially to pay the enrollment and curriculum fees, and is daily giving the grace and mercy sufficient for every need.  We pray that the impact will be visible in these young lives for generations to come.  Great is His faithfulness!

Upcoming events

Kathlyn and Noé celebrated their first anniversary and we all are anticipating the celebration of the birth of their first child in June!
Great is His faithfulness!

Great is His faithfulness!  As you read this Dale and Anita are in route to attend the Growing Families Leader's Summit in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  The material from Growing Families International is a huge memorial stone in the story of our family and has been and continues to play a large part in our story and ministry! 
We are so grateful!!!

Over the course of the next 10 days we will also take opportunities to make new acquaintances, meet with old friends and family as well as take some time to focus on one another!  Please pray for our travels, that we will learn much, that we will be refreshed and renewed and for Kristin as she carries on without our assistance during this time!
  Great is His faithfulness! 

We are so grateful for the many precious lives that God has placed in our path.  How fun it was to have those that have been part of our lives for many years walk beside us and with those from the present for a few days last month!  
Our lives are full to overflowing............may the overflow bless those within our sphere of influence!!!  Thank you for your prayers, friendship and support!
Great is His faithfulness!

By His grace and for His glory,
Dale, Anita and Kristin
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