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e16plus - January 2017 edition

Dear <<First Name>>

Welcome to the IMA's January e16+ newsletter.  We hope that this newsletter will inspire you not only to see the beauty and usefulness of mathematics, but also to give you ideas about what a career in mathematics could look like.
In a slight change to the format of the newsletter, we are going to be sending out six slightly shorter issues per year instead of three.  We hope you like the changes!
In particular make sure you enter our new e16+ Prize Puzzle competition to win an exclusive IMA/mathscareers mug filled with chocolate.


Career Profile of the month


If you are wondering what maths students do once they graduate then look no further than the career profile section of the mathscareers website. Here you will find hundreds of examples of people who have gone on to work in a huge range of different sectors. In each edition of this newsletter we will showcase one of these profiles:

Harsimrat Kaur, Marketing & Customer Insight Specialist, Morrisons Supermarkets

After completing a Masters degree in Mathematics, Harsimrat is now using her skills at Morrison’s head office in Bradford - using mathematics to gain insights into customer behaviour. 
Read Harsimrat’s full profile here

Maths in the Real World

When people say that maths is everywhere they aren’t exaggerating. Here are a couple of articles which show that maths underpins most of what we do!

Search Algorithms - Helping Tesco’s online customers find what they're looking for
Have you ever wondered about the maths behind online shopping?  Read about how data scientists at Tesco are using the latest mathematical techniques to help their customers shop online. 
Advancing medical imaging with the help of mathematics
Mathematics has a vital role to play in modern medicine.  Recently researchers have been developing software which can produce 3D images of the body which are breathtaking in quality.  If you want to find out more, then read this article.

The Beauty of Mathematics

Most people who pursue a career in mathematics start out by first appreciating its beauty. Here are a couple of articles to inspire and amuse you!

 Mathematical Knitting

Pat Ashworth and Steve Plummer are what are known as mathekniticians, combining mathematics with the craft of knitting. If you have a spare moment to take a look at their website, you will be amazed at the beautiful creations which they make – you can also purchase patterns to make your own!


Mathematical Mr.Men
Who would have thought that mathematics and Mr.Men could go together? Who would have believed that Mr. Enneadecagon could be so cute?  (He has 19 sides by the way!) Take a look at this blog which features a wide range of mathematical Mr.Men. 


Featured Videos

Why not take a few minutes out from your revision to watch these mathematical videos.

Beauty of Mathematics

A two minute video showing the beautiful connection between our everyday world and the equations which lie beneath. 

Random Walks - the Mathematics of the Ashmolean Musuem

Oxford Mathematics and the Ashmolean Museum have joined forces to demonstrate the history of mathematics and the mathematics of history. Over the three films, Oxford mathematicians roam the Museum, stopping to take in the mathematics which they find.

Watch all three videos 

Maths in the news

World’s longest pub crawl – Maths team plots route between 25,000 pubs

A Canadian team of mathematicians have plotted the shortest possible route between 25,000 of Britain’s pubs. Why not take a look to see which route was taken in your neighbourhood! 

While this might seem like a frivolous task for the mathematicians, it is actually an example of the travelling salesman problem which has many applications such as improving delivery routes for drivers. 

Competitions and Puzzles

The IMA Maths Careers website runs two main competitions a year, giving out fantastic prizes, including ipods, android tablets, and cameras. Check the website regularly so that you don't miss your chance to take part!
Our most recent 'Everyday Maths' Poster Competition closed on the 12th January and winners will be announced soon.  The next IMA Maths Careers competition will be announced in the Spring.
In the meantime why not enter our new e-16+ newsletter mini competition…

e-16+ Newsletter Prize Puzzle January 2017

Win an exclusive IMA / MathsCareers mug filled with chocolate.
You can’t buy these anywhere else you will have to win one!

Solve the following puzzle and send us your answer, providing your name and school/college/university. Just send your answer, we don’t need your proofs this time round. If you win we will ask you for a postal address. 
A winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers and announced in the next edition of the e16+ newsletter. There is no age limit for entry but you must currently be resident in the UK and studying at a school/college/university in order to enter. (Postgrads and Masters students can enter too!)
A circle of unit radius intersects a square of side two units as in the diagram above.  A sloping red line is drawn from the bottom corner of the square to the top of the square and just grazes the circle. What is the length of the red line? 

Email the answer – Deadline 24th February 2017

Other Competitions

If you are a budding songwriter then why not enter this mathematical song competition which has been launched by MoMath, the museum of mathematics in New York.
Deadline February 15th 2017.

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Useful Links
A great collection of problems to solve and revision resources.
GeoGebra is a free mathematics software package which can be used to bring many different mathematical concepts to life. There is now a huge library of GeoGebra files which are ready to use on GeoGebratube. Either browse through the files or search for something specific such as transformation of functions.
Chalkdust Magazine
Chalkdust Magazine is a new online mathematics magazine run by students in the department of mathematics at UCL. Chalkdust contains an interesting mix of articles, puzzles and interviews and biographies. 
Hegarty Maths
Site with lots of revision videos for A level.
Plus magazine: Plus is an internet magazine which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.
A great site designed to help bridge the gap from school to university study. Video tutorials, with diagnostics, summary text and exercises, take you through more than eighty topics in the way you choose.
Who employs mathematicians? – A sample list of companies who employ mathematicians.
Maths at University – Download a free guide to studying maths at university.

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