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Welcome to the latest edition of Green Wall News. 

This month we have a smorgasbord of stories about green walls, green architecture and green design approaches. Speaking of design approaches, people often confuse biominicry with biophilia (AgroSci’s Aerogation™ Green Walls, the most powerful air-purifying living wall technology on the market, incorporates elements of both). We have an excellent article explaining the difference. 

We also have a BBC piece on the importance of introducing nature into the world’s increasingly congested cities and a Newsweek article about the growing problem of contaminated air both at work and home. In addition, we feature articles on an Italian villa covered entirely in green walls, renovation of an historic New York City skyscraper that includes green walls and living walls as a future food source in the U.K.

We continue to work on a wide variety of interesting projects here at AgroSci. We attended the American Association of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting and Expo in October. Meanwhile, our green wall at the Berkshire Botanical Garden continues to thrive. 

Business opportunity! AgroSci is looking for distribution partners both in the United States and overseas. We’d prefer green industry companies in the green roof, landscape and other green businesses that can provide service, installation, design and maintenance. If interested, contact us at

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Biominicry vs. Biophilia:
What’s the Difference? 

Biomimicry vs. biophilia: A primerYou know you’ve crossed a special threshold in sustainable design when one of your biggest pet peeves is people confusing biophilia and biomimicry. I’m going to put my greeny geekiness on full display by dedicating a whole blog post to straightening out this common confusion. Read the full article

Newsweek: Office and Home
Air Pollution is Killing You 

YOUR OFFICE AIR IS KILLING YOUAn invisible killer had infiltrated Sto-Rox High School. When workers installed a cell tower on top of the school outside Pittsburgh, no one realized the exhaust spewed by its diesel generator was being sucked into the building’s ventilation system and inhaled by everyone inside. This is stuff you really do not want in your teen’s homeroom: Diesel fumes contain particulate matter and chemicals like benzene and arsenic, which in the long term increase the risk of lung cancer and in the short term cause breathing problems and dull the mind. Read the full article

BBC Says Bringing Nature
Back into Cities Vital 

BBC Says Bringing Nature Back into Cities VitalThere is an optimistic view of the unprecedented migration we are witnessing from rural to urban areas, and it’s that cities could offer the biggest hope for the survival of other species and ecosystems in the Anthropocene. Cities are entirely shaped and created by humans to protect and separate them from the natural world, allowing selected bits in and banishing others. If humans – and their landscapes of concrete and glass, and their industrial sprawl – are kept within the confines of a megacity, the rest of the planet should be free to rewild, to revert to a more natural state. Read the full article

Italian Villa Entirely Encased in Green Walls 

Rural Italian home clad in lush greenery blends into its idyllic surroundingsIt would be safe to say that Italian firm Zanon Architetti Associati really loves nature. The firm recently renovated a country home in Treviso, Italy by not only adding a new glass and steel extension to the home, but by covering its exterior walls almost entirely with lush vegetation. Read the full article

Renovated Landmark NYC
Building to Include Living Walls 

Learning From Plans To Retrofit One Of America’s Oldest SkyscrapersWhen it was built in Manhattan in 1913, the Woolworth Building–at the time, the tallest building in the world and one of the most technologically advanced–used the early 20th-century version of healthy office design. Every office was within 10 feet of a window for natural light, and a unique air circulation system brought cool air up and hot air down to keep the spaces comfortable. Inside an office on the 24th floor, one new tenant now plans to design a healthy space that is state of the art for the new millennium. Read the full article

Green Walls May Help Feed Britain One Day 

Living walls "could contribute to the UK's future food supply"The contribution that living walls could make to the UK's future food supply was the topic of the latest meeting of the Kent-based Rural Focus Press Group. Meeting at Hadlow College, the group - comprising academics, environmentalists and rural representatives - discussed how living walls could create new career opportunities for the UK’s horticulture industry. UK Grower Awards judge and fruit industry veteran John Guest who runs The English Apple Man website suggested that vertical walls could be used to help lower the temperature of farm buildings or to house companion plants that could ward off pests, adding: "As we get a greater understanding of how these things fit in to the circle of life there will be greater opportunities – things you wouldn’t have thought of." Read the full article

AgroSci News

In October, we traveled to the West Coast for the American Association of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting and Expo. Greetings to all those we met at the event. It was a pleasure to talk to you, and we encourage you to contact us for more information about our products. 

The green wall that we installed at the Berkshire Botanical Garden is looking fantastic and is proving highly popular. Check out this recent photo:

AgroSci is seeking local distributors and partners! If you are interested in joining the AgroSci team, contact us at

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The AgroSci Team

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