Where have you been lately?



At Stone Soup, we have been traveling all year round.

No, no, we have not been on planes or trains most of our time.  As the traveller in the stone soup legend that inspires us, we have been “making stone soup” by gathering special ingredients for unique recipes that increase social impact.

In fact, this journey started in September 2008. It has been ever since an intense eight year travel that reached 2016 with many challenges:

  • To celebrate this accomplishment, and share and learn from our success and failures (yes, we also had them!), we have published this year our first Honesty Report. A report that shows the impact of our work with the people and organisations that we have worked with.
  • This 2016 has also been the year we have decided to take our journey a bit further up. As we expand, we want to accelerate our learning and effort to improve our social and environmental performance, public transparency and accountability. That is why Stone Soup is now a certified B Corporation and we have just joined the B Corp global movement. We are very proud to have reached this level in our travel!
  • Of course, we are not alone on our way. We seek to engage in a broader collective effort and join those who share our vision and values. We are also proud we have started this year a partnership with GEIR, the Grantee Experience and Insight Review, an innovative evaluation protocol aiming at generating honest and successful relationships between grantmakers and grantees.

Last but not least, this journey could not have gone so far without our consultants. Our consultants's community has grown to 40 professionals located in different countries in four continents, who share a strong motivation and commitment to social impact. 
As we look further up and away and seize the many challenges ahead, we would like to invite you to join our efforts and stay tuned to our work and learning. There is so much to do and so much we can accomplish together.
This is our resolution for 2017:


Open doors to the impact of our work 

Our Honesty Report saw the light on September 29th, a milestone in our story as it opened the doors to the impact of our work on the organisations and the people that we have worked with since 2008. We are honest with all our impact: the positive one, which of course everyone loves to show, but also with the lack of it or even with the impact that we did not track.

"When we were thinking of an Honesty Report we wanted it to be truthful and sincere, free of deceit", Cláudia Pedra, Managing Partner. 

Partnering with Innovation 

Stone Soup Consulting partnered in 2016 with the Grantee Experiencie and Insight Review (GEIR). This unique data-gathering methodology provides grantees with the opportunity to confidentially and safely provide honest feedback on their funders, giving grantees a voice on issues they are normally silent on. An innovative evaluation methodology that Stone Soup’s team of consultants manages now in France, Spain and Portugal. If you want to learn more about GEIR, watch our webinar here.

Why a B Corp?

Becoming a B Corp came as a natural step in our development. It's been a long certification process, but it has enabled us to learn from other companies that want to do things better. We know we can only increase our impact on people and the environment if we engage in a broader collective effort, and especially together with those that share our vision and values and whose experience can be of inspiration to our continuous improvement. 

The community, our key to success

Stone Soup's community of consultants is growing every day and there're now 40 members located in ten countries around the world. We have Daniela based in China, Matthew in France or Gabriel in Colombia; all spread out along thousands of kilometers but sharing the values and experience that make Stone Soup what it is, a social consultancy that helps organisations reach their social impact potential. We're always looking for new members to join our international network, if you're interested and think you have the right profile, please visit our website!

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