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Being colour-blind to diversity



Working on human rights and non-discrimination, I always recall those great sessions I have with four-year-olds at schools. When you ask a small child to draw a person and colour her/him, they can easily colour them black, white, but also purple and green. They are still too young to be concerned with issues as the colour of one’s skin. Unfortunately, if you go back to the same children when they are eight, they will easily show some type of discriminatory behaviour. It is in those formative years that society's stereotypes sink in the children’s permeable mind and instruct their behaviour. Unfortunately, they will continue, throughout their life, to be subjected to misconceptions, generalisations and bigotry.

Thirty years later, some of these children are in leading positions in companies/ organisations and their own stereotypes will come back to haunt them in their decisions. There is a reason why on the 21st of March we still commemorate an International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We need it. Every day people are discriminated because of the colour of their skin, subjected to racial profiling and hatred speech. Every day, people are prevented from accessing jobs because of that. That is why Stone Soup has joined other likeminded organisations in signing and promoting the Diversity Charter. We accept people from all religions, colours, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, economic status, etc.

As a B Corp, promoting diversity is part of our mission and we bear it in mind in all our activities, be it our Stone Soup Academy or our internal recruitment and selection processes. We have been fortunate enough to work with amazing organisations and social entrepreneurs that erode the horrible mask of racism and discrimination, one chip at a time. Let us all do our part in creating inclusive and non-discriminatory environments, promoting equality of rights and dignity, by being colour-blind to diversity. As four year olds do.

Cláudia  Pedra
Managing Partner, Stone Soup Consulting


The Stone Soup Academy

Ready for high quality training?  

We are very happy to announce the launch of the Stone Soup Academy, a high quality training offer delivered at different locations to those who want to deepen their knowledge on critical issues that enhance the performance and social impact of initiatives and organisations. Book now your place for our next trainings on "Strategic partnerships and alliances with impact" and "The power of collaboration and networking" in Lisbon!


Generating change through employment
Sophie Robin, Stone Soup's founding partner, has co-authored the study "Employment with social impact: the Momentum Project case" with Alfred Vernis. This work published by ESADE's Institute for Social Innovation reflects on the value of social companies in terms of job creation in the context of the Momentum Project case.

Diversifying funding sources
Associação Capulana is an organisation that promotes children’s education and the end of malnutrition in the village of Ndivinduane, Mozambique. We're currently working with Capulana in helping them diversify their sources of funding and increasing their long term financial sustainability. Want to read more about their education and heath related projects? 

REN Agir Award 2017 

Our website is once again hosting applications to the Agir Award 2017 in Portugal. On this occasion, the award will support three projects focused on the job inclusion of people with disabilities. This year too, Stone Soup will work on the selection process of applications.

Interested in capacity building?

If that's the case and you're based in Portugal, this will be of your interest. The European Social Fund recently opened applications for funds dedicated to capacity building in Portugal. The period to apply for the "Programa de Capacitação para o Investimento Social" will remain open until June 19th.

Stone Soup on the media
"Ser ou não ser empresa B Corp: eis a questão" on Portal Ver
"Mas ser uma empresa ética e responsável não é algo isento de desafios. Tivemos que definir objectivos de impacto social e ambiental, melhorar os nossos métodos de medição, criar instrumentos que promovessem a transparência e responsabilização e garantir que todos os nossos consultores percebiam o nosso enfoque na capacitação das organizações (...). Read more. Original article published on Portal Ver by Cláudia Pedra.  
"Stone Soup Consulting, nuevo miembro del universo B Corp" on Corresponsables

"Sin duda, ser reconocidos por B Corp supone una gran oportunidad. No se trata de un simple sello de calidad, sino que se trata de un proceso de mejora a nivel organizacional. La transparencia y la rendición de cuentas, así como la mejora continua son elementos centrales de esta red y refuerzan nuestro compromiso por continuar avanzando hacia el cambio social(...)" Read more. Original article published on by Clara de Bienassis. 

"Measuring our social impact has led to a new fundraising strategy" on ESocial Hub
"Measuring has provided us, I would say, with a hallmark of quality which has given us the strength and confidence to change our image, on the one hand, and our way of approaching our meetings with possible donors on the other. Since 2011 we can speak with propriety about the results obtained when we meet with new funders such as the Obra Social La Caixa or the Spanish health authorities (...)". Read more. Original article published on ESocial Hub by Pilar Balet and Susan Balet.  
Next trainings and events
Stone Soup Academy / Strategic partnerships and alliances with impact  
Watch now the short presentation of the Stone Soup Academy's next training "Strategic partnerships and alliances with impact"  that will take place on April 27th in Lisbon. This training delivered by our founding partner Rosa Matos explores the benefits, skills, best practices, conditions and successful case studies in managing highly effective partnerships and alliances. Register now!
Social Value Matters 2017 / Evaluating the evaluator

Stone Soup will attend Social Value Matters on 10-11 April in Istanbul. Consultant Susan Balet will be a speaker at the Social Performance roundtable under the theme "Evaluating the evaluator, what about the theory of change". Her words will reflect on how professionals working in the field of impact measurement and management integrate impact measures to improve their practices, and in doing so, how they involve their stakeholders. We look forward to seeing you there!

Diversity Charter / I Diversity National Forum

Lisbon will host on May 22nd the I Fórum Nacional para a Diversidade, an event that aims at promoting a culture of diversity in Portuguese organisations. The forum is organised by the Portuguese Diversity Charter, a group of organisations that is committed to the value of diversity. All the members signed a document that outlines the measures they will undertake to promote diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, regardless of race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability and religion. 

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