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 The Amanda West Newsletter | NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist
| June 2020

Dear Ones, 

How are you holding up these days?

Do you feel the way life moves in waves?

Sometimes gentle ones tickling your feet, sometimes rip tides pulling you under, sometimes cresting, receding again, returning again. There is a bigger rhythm to it, directed by gravity, the earth, sun & moon, and yes, by us, the humans.   

There are some powerful tides turning right now. What a time to be alive! Hope and fear all rolled into one incredible knot of witness and action.

I have a little more to say on that, so I hope you'll keep reading.

I'm also personally inviting you to join me on Saturday June 20th for a Summer Solstice Community Ritual and Sing (ONLINE, which means you can come, regardless of where you live, and I've intentionalIy made it accessible in time zones across the U.S. and for my European & UK friends.)

Let me help remind you where you stand in the rhythms of the earth and the cycles of your breath... I know, I know, the idea of gathering and singing online might sound weird, but I promise that if you bring your candle and your tea, your intentions and your tender perfect voice, and it WILL be magic, truly.

I'm also leading a 5 week Womb Song course, our first time bringing it ONLINE and worldwide! Please spread the word to all those interested in learning the art and science of singing into motherhood. More details below....

Friends, let's remember to drink water, and get some sleep when we can.
And of course, keep on singing.

with love & solidarity, 
your mama musician
~ Amanda


Upcoming Events ~ 

~ Summer Solstice
Community Ritual & Sing ~
* { online & accessible to all } * 

Saturday June 20th 
@ 10am CA | 1pm NY | 6pm UK

An invitation to connect into the cycles of the seasons,
celebrating through song, the light within and without


Bring a candle, a cup of tea, an open heart and your precious, tender voice to this morning gathering, meditation and singing time.

In a community zoom gathering, open to all, I will guide us through ~


* Opening meditation & vocal toning

* Simple songs to inspire and nurture your relationship with the energy of the summer solstice, taught call & response style

* Brief sharing and listening to our collective visions

* All held within a safe, contemplative, uplifting and nurturing space


You are welcome to simply listen (you won’t be able to hear the others singing, just me), and there is no requirement to participate in the group share if you would rather let this morning meditation be an internal experience for you.

ALL are welcome, and households are encouraged to attend together if you prefer.

$ sliding scale $0 - $50 



~ Womb Song Summer Series 2020 ~

* { online & accessible to all } * 

5 Saturdays: June 27th - July 25th

@ 10am CA | 1pm NY | 6pm UK

A 5 week interactive series introducing the power of singing into motherhood - through pregnancy, birth & post partum 


Expectant mothers have more anxiety and less support these days than ever before, and Womb Song is here to help. I co-founded this organization more than half a decade ago and I'm excited to be bringing Womb Song  ONLINE and world-wide!

Singing is a simple and accessible tool, scientifically demonstrated to reduce stress, elevate endorphins and strengthen the bond between mother and child.


Each hour and half weekly session (through Zoom) will include ~

- Opening guided meditation

- Vocal toning

- Community building through group check-ins and brief shares

- Learning simple songs, chants and lullabies from around the world, taught call and response style

- Insight, wisdom and inspiration for the path of motherhood


Participants will walk away feeling more connected and empowered in their pregnancy, birth, and motherhood journey. Each registration includes one free download of the Womb Song album.


sliding scale, because all mamas need this
$40 - $150 for 5 weeks



Offering of the Month ~ 

Friends, I wish I had a song for you, for me, for all of us, that was just the right medicine for right now. I know they're out there, but I haven't written or recorded one yet. 

Instead I can share some words borrowed from my amazing friend Molly:
For hundreds of years, black people and other people of color have been facing pervasive, systemic racism supported by power structures at every level. Racism is not getting worse, it's getting filmed. And I'm so glad more white people right now are being called to pay attention.

Police brutality is unacceptable and has not occurred in a vacuum. All white people benefit from the privileges built into the system. As a white person, I hold responsibility to fight injustice and also to educate myself without requiring the emotional labor of my friends and family of color.

Here are some resources I'm finding helpful. There are so many out there, I'd love to hear your favorites:



Actions to take:
75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice  

~  U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S  ~

June 20th | Saturday @ 10-11:30am *
---> Summer Solstice Community Ritual & Sing
* this gathering is virtual, through Zoom, and accessible in many time zones
An invitation to connect into the cycles of the seasons, celebrating through song, the light within and without. Learn more & register HERE

June 27th - July 25th | Saturdays @ 10-11:30am *
---> Summer Womb Song Series 2020
* these gathering are virtual, through Zoom, and accessible in many time zones
I'll be leading this 5-week interactive online series, guiding pregnant mothers and interested birth workers through the art and science of singing into motherhood. Learn more & register HERE
August 7th - 9th
--> Sisters in Harmony Summer Retreat ~ RESCHEDULED TO 2021 
An online event, open to all, will happen that weekend in its place -  see
HERE for more details, and I'll let you know soon. 

September 2020 
-->Release of the album"Truth, Love & Understanding Remixed"  
Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of this original album, with the songs remixed for the 2020's! Stay tuned for details...

December 20th | Saturday @ 4-6pm
-->Women's Winter Solstice Circle
With Debbie Nargi Brown. Save the date!

ONGOING --> private lessons in voice, guitar & songwriting

I've been living life in Zoomland a lot... This is a screen shot from our 300+ zoom gathering of the Song Village Sampler in May.

Amazing how much energy can be built and connection found, even through a screen. We humans are so adaptable, and our imaginations and our hearts are capable of doing and holding so much!  

How are you growing and learning and changing these days?

~ ~ ~

write me, I always love to hear from you
xoxo Amanda
Copyright  © 2020 Amanda West Music

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