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 The Amanda West Newsletter | NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist
| May 2020

Dear Ones, 

Last weekend was to be my big “Songs from the Motherhood” show. This was the first step in a vision I’ve had for years to bring together musician mothers to sing the story of motherhood.

And now here we are in the time of Coronavirus.
I considered moving it online, but my intuition has been telling me this time in life is for taking pause, and for doing something different (see last newsletter
HERE). So this dream now rests again, ready to be unfurled once more when the time is right. I did however still feel moved to honor it in some way, so see below for the email re-imagining of this show.
Also, I’ve got a
Song of the Month for you, related to motherhood/parenthood (of course!), and to the impermanence of time.

In other news, my Earth Day New Moon Community sing was wonderful. Thank you so much to all who attended! My favorite part was an in-the-moment vocal improvisation we created together, weaving our dreams and prayers for the earth and humanity and the future. If Pete & I can ever find an extra hour or two, we’ll edit it into a song to share with you!

Looking ahead, Song Village, which of course also had to be cancelled, has been moved to online event. I will be songleading along with many other incredible musicians, on Sunday May 17th 2-5pm.  Please do join us and tune in. You must register in advance 

My private lessons online are full and busy and I’m so grateful we’ve been able to keep that connection going. Summer remains full of questions marks. I don’t know if I’ll be able to teach the camps I had lined up. Whether I do or don’t, I’m also visioning some special virtual events and/or series. If there is something in particular you’d like to see offered, let me know!
This is the time for dreaming!

Wherever you find yourself these days, I am sending you love and light and strength. What an opportunity to practice grief, letting go, gratitude, and taking life one breath at a time.


with love & solidarity, 
your mama musician
~ Amanda

Events Re-imagined ~ 

~ Songs from The Motherhood Show ~

{the email version} 


Cancelled due to coronavirus, this show was the first step in a vision I've had for years to bring together musician mothers to sing the story of motherhood. I was SO excited to introduce you to the two women with whom I was going to share this show, so I've decided to to it here. Both are local creatives who have inspired me and supported me so much in my own journey of mama musicianhood. 

SONG NELSON is a creative genius. She has long been a dancer and only more recently began songwriting with focus, but the work she is turning out is absolutely brilliant. Song was one of the first mother artists I ever met (or was aware of meeting), and I had the honor of being in a multi-media show she produced in 2015 about art and motherhood. That work gave me words for the first time for all I had been experiencing since becoming a mother. Recently she has been giving voice to the experience of life in these times of Coronavirus. Here are two of her recent songs ~
ANNE SIBLEY is currently based out of Monterey. She has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered. Just being in her presence is like being in a love bath! She does a lot of musical collaborations with her husband Pete (yes, we both have husbands named Pete.) They recently did a “14 Day Remote Tour” from their living room and will soon be releasing an album compiled from those performances, called “Songs of Healing.” I am a patron of theirs on Patreon, and I highly recommend checking them out – you can listen to a lot of the music and videos without being a patron, but if you end up falling in love with them as I have, I’m sure you’ll want to join as a patron as well.
Listen HERE

And when we can all come together again, we will do so!
Or perhaps before then, virtually, when the time is right. Stay tuned...


~ Virtual Song Village Sampler  ~


featuring many of the song leaders
from the 2020 Song Village line-up including
Lisa Littlebird
Heather Houston
Debbie Nargi Brown
Amanda West
& more....

Sunday May 17th  | 2-5pm

more details & tickets  HERE


Song of the Month ~ 


This time of coronavirus amplifies everything that already was. It heightens the senses, sharpens the outlines, increases the saturation. If motherhood was a powerful test before coronavirus, it is the ultimate ultimate one now. If we loved our children, if they drove us mad…. all of it is all the more intense and powerful now.
The act of surrender that parenthood asks of us each day is such fertile training ground for all of life. In this time in the world, the time of Coronavirus, as in motherhood, we are reminded that we are in control of very little, and must surrender to very much. As in motherhood, the past slips away each night, each morning the future day stretches before us full of question marks. Each day happens only once. And if we’re lucky, tomorrow comes again. But it is not with the same child, and you are not the same parent.

For this we grieve, AND, we give thanks.
To say "hello" and "goodbye", again and again again.
Filmed a short walk away from my home, in Henry Cowell Sate Park, the child on my hip was not planned, but a result of a toddler’s clingy-ness, and yet… it is his presence that ends up defining the story in this video. A collaboration with the un-planned, an improvisation that turns into simply what IS.



I'm dreaming up summer ONLINE offerings.

Write & tell me what you want. I'm listening.
Copyright  © 2020 Amanda West Music

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