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 The Amanda West Newsletter | NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist
| December 2021  * (part 2)

Dear Ones,  

How do you do it?  - move through the darkest days?

This is the question Debbie & I will be focusing our womxn's winter solstice circle around this coming Sunday the 19th. {Join us here!}

It is a powerful and dare I say, anti-capitalist, suggestion that the darkness is not to be avoided but in fact offers essential jewels of wisdom. We don't actually have to shop and consume ourselves to distraction. The depths are simply the pause at the bottom of the exhale, the moment before the next inhale, essential, and like all things, temporary. 

The beautiful nature of the cycle is what has been forgotten in the linear systems of capitalism we have all been born into. Remembering how to cycle - to let go as much as we take in - is a foundational piece of moving from extractive to regenerative systems, and sustaining life here on planet earth.*

What does this mean exactly?
A song of course! 
It's time for a new song.

And so, here it is for you: A new song for your deep winter meditations. Just released publicly on Youtube. Patrons got it first with a special thanks to them for helping bring it to life! And now, it is for all of you. May it fill you with a remembering of your essential wholeness and connection to the greater Oneness. 

Thank you for helping weave a new world with me for all of us.
Sending you strength, and gratitude for being here.


With dedication & much love always,

Your Mama Musician,

~ Amanda

* Yes, I have been studying the climate crises, and yes I'd love to share more of the hope I have learned. May I also suggest you register for this amazing course starting in the new year. I have nothing personally to gain from you doing it except a better chance of survival for my children and grandchildren: thegamechangerintensive
EVENT of the month ~

~ Annual Womxn's Winter Solstice
Circle & Sing ~

with Debbie Nargi Brown + Amanda West

SUNDAY December 19th
globally accessible
@ 4:30 - 6pm (pacific time)

Join us in a loving, supportive circle of womxn for an early evening celebration of the Winter Solstice. Through meditation, song and simple ritual we will drop into the deeper parts of ourselves and align with the season while nourishing our hearts and spirits.

Bring a candle to light in your own home and an item to add to our virtual collective altar if you so desire. 

Sliding Scale Donation: $30 - $10
no one turned away for lack of funds


{ You will be emailed the zoom link the day before the event begins as well as the morning of the event. We are so excited to sing & be with you!}

MUSIC of the month ~

"The Four Lights" 

A New Winter Song

by Amanda West


In searching for new ways to connect with and honor the winter solstice season that do not include rituals tied to capitalism, I found the Waldorf/Steiner tradition of the celebration of the four weeks of Advent.

In this practice, each of the four weeks leading up to the Solstice/Christmas, honors one of the "four kingdoms" ~ mineral, plant, animal and human. {What about the fungus kingdom you ask? Yes, I wonder that too. Maybe we need 5 lights? In any case...}

I learned about this tradition through our Waldorf-inspired homeschooling journey, and I have been deeply moved by this practice. For me it invites a very spiritually fulfilling focal point to the winter season.

Some of the words are pulled from quotes attributed to Rudolf Steiner I have found circulating in Waldorf communities during the winter time. Some of them I wrote after some research into the deeper essence of this Advent practice. Some of them came from my own heart. The music came through my harp with a feeling of being a gift from the other realms. 

I offer it here to you, with a wish that it may bring you the same heartfelt peace it brings me every I time I sing it.


Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can be undisturbed for a little while. Put on a pair of headphones to catch the full spectrum of sound, close your eyes, and listen.

With each verse, allow yourself to give thanks for that aspect of our world. Feel those qualities resonate within your deepest Self. Feel your wholeness as you remember your connection to each of these realms.

Allow yourself to experience the spiral inward, in which you find at your center, your inner light, returning like the sun of the Winter Solstice.

And so it is. 



Open Invitation to My Inner Circle ~

Patreon is a special place where I regularly share my heart & soul ~ new songs, sketches, musings, celebrations, and insights into the world of a conscious, creative, artist parent.

For as little as $3 a month you can join my inner circle here, help a hard working mama musician and her family, and receive new musical inspiration delivered regularly to your inbox.

Thank you, I love you
Upcoming Events   ~ 

~  U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S  ~

Regular releases on Patreon

DECEMBER 19th | Sunday
4:30 -6pm
(pacific time)
Annual Womxn's Winter Solstice Circle & Sing 
ONLINE with Debbie Nargi Brown

Returning:  January  17th  | Monday
7 - 8:30pm (pacific time)
Womb Song Prenatal Singing Circles 
1st & 3rd MONDAYS @ The Circle Family Center

Private lessons 
Voice, Guitar, Ukulele & Songwriting
online + in person

Hooray! You made it to the end of the newsletter!

 In thanks, here is a peek at my cute family
that I don't share on social media -
they are definitely some of the lights that keep me going
through the darkness
and connected to the beautiful cycles of life!

sending blessed holiday greetings from all of us
to you & yours!

Copyright  © 2021 Amanda West Music

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