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END OF 2019

Dear Ones, 

I just had to write you one more note this year.

I had this little medicine song come to me and I felt moved to share it with you, along with a solstice & new year ritual. It's a quick and dirty recording, but it's really a song for singing, not for listening, so go listen, and then SING it yourself! {look below}

Also, if you haven't gotten your tickets to the Women's Winter Solstice Circle & Sing, you should do that HERE (um, it's tomorrow!)

Also, I've got a couple spaces opening up for private lessons {empowerment for girls through singing, songwriting, guitar & ukulele, that's what I do!} Write me ASAP if you want a spot, they'll go fast.


I don't know about you, but this is a hard season for me. My wise Buddhist self has been noticing how my suffering often comes from my attachments to how I think things are SUPPOSED to be, my dreams of how they will be, and then the difference in how reality plays out.

So I'm working on it. Letting go of those old dreams. Welcoming in what IS, here and now.

I could spend all day counting my blessings,
and you, my dear community, are certainly many of them! So THANK YOU.

Happy solstice, happy new year, happy holidays,

with love & song always,

your mama musician, 
~ Amanda

Upcoming Events ~ 

~ Women's Winter Solstice Circle ~
with Amanda West & Debbie Nargi Brown

Saturday December 21st

Pacific Cultural Center | 1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz

$25 in advance *
$30 at the door


An afternoon celebrating the energies of the Winter Solstice

Through meditation, song and simple ritual we will drop into the deeper parts of ourselves and align with the season while nourishing our hearts and spirits

All women, women-identified, and gender non-binary people are welcome. To help maintain the quiet and contemplative ritual space, this is for adults and babes-in-arms only.


* This event sold out last year & advanced tickets are highly encouraged! *



P l e a s e   N o t e :


+ Private Lessons now available
contact me


New Song & Ritual Invitation ~ 

Winter Solstice Medicine Song

Letting go of all I've had
Letting go of all I've been

I release these dreams

All I am I am now
All there is there is now


This song came to me in a precious sacred moment of solitude just a week ago. It's the kind of song I call a "medicine song". When it arrived,  I sang it for an hour straight. And then in the last few days I felt the creative urge to offer it out into the world. Lighting a candle, setting my phone to record a video, while I sat behind it and sang with my guitar, seemed like the quickest and easiest way to get this into your hands, ears, voice and  heart.

Letting go is a constant and necessary process, and it doesn't come easily. It takes work. It takes intention. It takes practice. Winter is the best time for it.

So  along with this song, here is my invitation to you ~



Find a quiet place and light a candle.
Settle down, feel the ground beneath you.
Bring your mind into your breath, and your breath into your belly.
Allow your heaviness to drop, letting yourself be held by the earth.

Watch the light of the candle.
Let it encompass all that you have been and seen and experienced in this past year.

As your nervous system settles, through the slowing of your breath,
bring your attention into the deep inner parts of yourself that you usually rush past.
See what is there, what is no longer needed, what is ready to be released into the darkness and the depths of winter.

Let it go. With a sigh, with a song, with a cry, with breath, or with silence.
Blow out the candle.

Now, be in the space of what is left.
Breathe that in.

And notice what is there and ready to grow.
Light the candle again.
See the light returning.
Feel your wholeness, perfect as you are.



Listen, Learn & Sing with me  HERE

The Amanda West Music Calendar ~ 
DECEMBER 2019 --->

12/21/2019 SATURDAY @ 2pm
-->Women's Winter Solstice Circle ~
with Debbie Nargi Brown
@ The Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz. GET TICKETS HERE

ONGOING --> private lessons in voice, guitar & songwriting

2020 SAVE THE DATES! --->

SUNDAY @ 9am
--> Center for Spiritual Enlightenment ~
Inspirational music for morning services, San Jose

2/15/2020 SATURDAY @ 6pm
--> Valentine's Day Songwriter Show ~
With Dan & Laurel @ the Alba Schoolhouse in Ben Lomond

5/3/2020 SUNDAY @ 2pm
--> Songs from The Motherhood ~
an afternoon of original songs with Amanda West,  Anne Sibley and Song Nelson @ The Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz

May 14th - 17th 
--> Song Village ~
a gathering of people who love to sing

August 7th - 9th
--> Sisters in Harmony Summer Retreat ~
a weekend of song, yoga, saunas and nature in the Santa Cruz Mountains with Amanda West, Heather Houston, Debbie Nargi Brown, MaMuse, Kaitie Ty and Becky Reardon! Registration opens in January. Stay tuned...

+ more in the works! ... Womb Song, Summer Camps, Family Music... stay tuned!
Sending love from my messy kitchen full of wild and adorable children.

THANK YOU for sharing this journey.

What a ride it continues to be.
2020 here we come!

Wishing you health, rest, courage and love
through the holidays and beyond.

May we sing together soon!

with love & song & gratitude,
your mama musician,
~ Amanda
Copyright  © 2019 Amanda West Music

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